The village of Kamenar will become a district of Pomorie in 2022

In the beginning of 2022, news that can be interesting for those who want to buy a house or villa near the sea in Bulgaria was published. The Public Council of Pomorie approved joining the village of Kamenar to the town. In the near future, the project will be sent for consideration to the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria. So, within 6 months, the still independent village will turn into a district of the town. What does this mean for the residents of the village, among whom there are many citizens of Russia, Germany, England, as well as for future buyers of real estate in Kamenar? Read the comments of the Apart Estate agency specialists.The idea of ​​joining Kamenar to Pomorie arose 7 years ago. Signatures were collected, and a principal approval from all the involved parties was received. The village of Kamenar will become a district of Pomorie in 2022

However, the final approval of the project was suspended until infrastructure issues were resolved. In particular, municipal authorities waited for the construction of the road between two settlements to be completed. Just a few years ago, 6 km of the road was broken and had plenty of pits. Today, the town and the village are connected by an excellent asphalt road, with a bike path built along and lighting installed. 

Joining Kamenar to Pomorie looks like a logical project:

  • The distance between the village and the town is only 6 km. Kamenar will become a remote district of Pomorie, similar to Kraimorie, Sarafovo, Meden Rudnik or Vetren in Burgas. By the way, the distance from these districts to the regional center is from 3 to 10 km, and real estate there is in great demand. 
  • Today, a bus runs between Pomorie and Kamenar. Upon joining the village to the city, bus services will become municipal. It will make it possible to adjust ticket prices and discount policies, which is especially important for pensioners and families with children. 
  • Thanks to the amalgamation of two settlements, schoolchildren and people working in Pomorie and living in Kamenar will have easier access to schools and workplaces. 
  • Common financing will lead to the competent development of the village. Development of plans to turn Kamenar into a modern district has been started. It is suggested to build a new kindergarten, and park with a Ferris wheel and a barbecue area. The park is planned to be the largest in the municipality. It is also proposed to carry out the reconstruction of communal networks and streets. 
  • Given the upcoming changes, Kamenar may end up in the modern villa zone of Pomorie, where the property demand will increase several times. Even now, it is called the Pomorie Beverly Hills. 

However, there are people who oppose the idea of ​​turning the village into a district of Pomorye. The owners of houses in Kamenar are worried that property taxes, utility costs, and real estate sale fees will increase. 

Indeed, there is a high risk of increasing taxes and fees – Pomorie is a resort town with a higher tax base. Local authorities, however, are confident that the increase will be insignificant. 

Prices of property in Kamenar in 2022

Купете къща в Каменара близо до БургасEven before the resumption o

f the idea of amalgamation of Kamenar to Pomorie, property prices in the village increased considerably. This happened due to the commissioning of the road between the two settlements. Today, buyers of houses and cottages in Kamenar can count on the following prices: 

  • A three-storey house under construction with a sea view in a gated complex without a maintenance fee costs about 369 euros / sq. m. The area of ​​the cottage is 176 sq. m. The price includes a 300 sq. m plot. 
  • A budget cottage under construction in Kamenar with an area of ​​126 sq. m with a 250 sq. m yard costs about 297 euros / sq. m. 
  • The average price of totally renovated houses (windows, heating and waterproof insulation is replaced, cosmetic repairs are complete) is 1000 euros / sq. m. Depending on the area of ​​​​the house and the plot, you will have to pay from 100 to 192 thousand euros for a cottage. 
  • New villas in Kamenar cost about 800 euros/sq. m on average. The cheapest options are offered at a price of 111,000 euros. Modern cottages with a luxurious park area, stylish inside design, and designer furniture cost more than 200,000 euros. 
  • Houses for demolition are also currently being sold in Kamener. A small house with a 1,000 sq. m plot can be bought for 50 thousand euros. 

According to the Apart Estate agency specialists, prices of property in Kamenar will only increase in the near future. A cottage in the villa zone of Pomorie with a developed infrastructure is a tasty piece for investors who are focused on renting out real estate by the sea. 

This option is also interesting for pensioners and families with children. Near each house there is a plot of land where you can grow a garden, arrange a playground, a swimming pool and a play area. Fruits and vegetables, freedom to play, to meet friends and to do a favorite hobby - isn't this the dream of many property buyers from Israel, EU countries, and Great Britain? 

In the Apart Estate catalog you will find great offers for houses and cottages in Kamenar. 

If you are still in doubt about where to buy a property, call us, we will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of buying a house near the sea in Bulgaria.


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