Property in Sunny Beach

To buy an apartment in Sunny Beach is an excellent investment. The resort is close to the sea, there are many restaurants, cafes, entertainments. These factors attract tourists from all over the world. Studios, one, two bedroom apartments fit permanent and seasonal use, renting. Commercial property is also in great demand. Supermarkets, cafes, souvenir shops, fast food eateries quickly return the investments.

Advantages of buying property in Sunny Beach 

A wide beach stretches from Nessebar to Sveti Vlas for several kilometers. In some places it is 150 m wide. This makes the place perfect for vacations, year round living. The pace of real estate sales matches the pace of construction. Apartments in new buildings, on resale market are highly demanded, while prices are low.
The well-known resort popularity is easy explainable:

  • The sea is crystal clear. Every year the beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag symbolizing the clean water, friendly environment. It is here where the famous Cacao Beach is.
  • Fine golden sand without pebbles suits leisure, beach sports.
  • Water sports, outdoor, indoor tennis courts, sports grounds, a golf course attract attention of outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The choice of entertainment is the largest on the Bulgarian Black Sea shore. It includes restaurants, cafés, bars, night clubs, and casinos.
  • Fun for children. The resort is rich with playgrounds, water slides. Animators organize exiting parties. In the large, beautiful water park families spend unforgettable days full of fun.
  • Food shops, supermarkets provide products, vegetables, fruits, clothes, shoes, souvenirs.
  • Bus services connect the resort with Burgas, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar, Pomorie. The bus runs along the main street, helps residents, vacationers get to the right destination. In summer sightseeing buses, miniature trains take travelers around. 
  • A choice of sightseeing routes helps to visit the historical, cultural centers in Bulgaria. Festivals, concerts show national traditions. 
  • SPA centers, massage, beauty salons, medical centers, drugstores. Urgent assistance is available 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Safety. The region is safe. A police, road police watches the order. 

In summer Sunny Beach does not sleep, it is full with vacationers. The touristic season lasts 3-4 months. During this time the real estate owners earn enough to rest in winter, get prepared before the next season starts. Businessmen acquire profit owning restaurants, shops.

Despite the seasonality, people buy apartments in Sunny Beach for permanent living. It is popular among pensioners, freelancers, business owners.

 To choose the right apartment 

Before deciding to buy an apartment in Sunny Beach, identify the purpose of the acquisition. This place is nice to live. Due to the excellent leisure infrastructure, it is profitable to rent flats to tourists. People come to the resort for the whole summer to get rid of routine, enjoy the sea, food, high-quality service.

The area is divided by the main street into eastern and western parts. The eastern part is near the sea, property prices are high.
The resort is represented by several districts.The most demanded real estate is in the downtown where the boutiques, entertainment centers, supermarkets are concentrated. Inexpensive apartments located here bring a good income.

Fort Noks complexes deserve special attention.They are 800 m far from the sea, but there is everything for an unforgettable vacation: pools, water entertainments, a golf club, tennis court, restaurants, supermarkets, and playgrounds. Kids run, jump, and have fun from sunrise to sunset.The complexes are safe, offer great leisure opportunities.

The real estate is represented with apartments in living complexes. They are distinguished by a closed territory with a play area, barbeque, and other entertaining facilities. Managing companies carry responsibility for maintaining entire infrastructure, safety.

The resort complexes vary in size, maintenance fee amount, services. Tiny complexes consist of a living building, small area around. Big ones have several living buildings, shops, restaurants, swimming pools, beauty salons. The territory around is green, well groomed. 

Studios, one, two bedroom apartments are available for sale. Layouts are standard. The studios rarely exceed 40 sq. m. They consist of a room, bathroom, and a balcony.The standard one bedroom flat is 50-60 sq. m. It has a dining room, bedroom, bathroom and a balcony. Options on the ground floor have a separate exit to the yard. 

Rooms, studios, flats with several bedrooms without service charge are the unique offers. 

What to check when buying property in Sunny Beach? 

The high demand for the real estate in the resort causes active and quick development. It is here where you need to be especially careful when choosing housing. 

  • Act 16 availability. Some residential buildings have Act 15. Such buildings might have been built, commissioned long time ago. People already live there. The pools, cafes, shops work. However the residents pay electricity bills at higher rates. They might have tax, property categorization issues crucial for rental business. 
  • Maintenance fee. The majority of complexes have an annual service charge. The amount is determined by a managing company. The fee includes the pool, elevator, territory maintenance costs. When acquiring an apartment, check the charge amount, payment terms, sign a maintenance agreement. Prior to signing confirm what services are to be provided.  

Before buying the apartment for permanent living we recommend clarifying which side the windows face. If they are directed north, it will likely be cold, damp in winter inside. Choose the southern, western direction. The vacation property requirements are not so strict. 

Check whether elevators work, managing company representatives are available irrespective to the season!

How much does real estate cost?

The main factor which impacts the price is proximity to the beach.

Property near the sea is not cheap. The square meter costs up to 800-850 Euros. The luxury apartments in VIP complexes price is over 950 Euro/m2. Sea views increase it. 

There is an inexpensive property on the western side. You can purchase living premises for 450-550 Euro/ m2. The 40 sq. m. studio price would be 18 000 – 21 000 Euro. Inexpensive apartments are available at 24 000-26 000 Euro.

Excellent infrastructure allows renting apartments in Sunny Beach each season, get good profit. Residential buildings are built per modern technologies of high-quality materials. European construction standards are met. Real estate suits seasonal, year round use.