Дата публикации: 20.03.2023
Is it worth buying an apartment in Bulgaria in 2023? The advantages of buying Bulgarian property for foreigners

Potential real estate buyers and those who just think about buying a Bulgarian property often wonder what the advantages of buying an apartment in Bulgaria are. If you keep on asking yourself the same question or if you doubt whether it makes sense to invest in Bulgarian property, Apart Estate experts will help you determine advantages of buying an apartment or a house in Bulgaria.

Here are just a few key benefits.

Дата публикации: 20.03.2023
How to determine the price of the property in Bulgaria: tips for sellers

When trying to sell the property in Bulgaria, the real estate owners often use a random price and then wonder why the apartment does not get sold. Or they feel very disappointed when they realize that they sold their property too cheaply. The most reliable way to get the right sales price is to contact the Apart Estate agency – our experts have a great experience in the Bulgarian real estate market.

Дата публикации: 05.03.2023
How to sell an apartment in Bulgaria if one of the spouses died

You need to know the legal issues and the specifics of each situation to sell property in Bulgaria if one of the spouses has died. Assistance from Apart Estate will make the process of selling an apartment easier and safer.

Дата публикации: 18.02.2023
Property in Cholakova Cheshma, Kosharitsa – houses not far from the sea in Bulgaria

The area of Cholakova Cheshma is situated very close to Sunny Beach, which is the famous Bulgarian resort, and began to be used for living construction relatively recently – just about 25 years ago. Today, this small cozy village located near Kosharitsa can boast of residential complexes, cottages and townhouses located quite close to the sea. It is always cozy, nice, and quiet here. According to Apart Estate expertise, prices for the property in the area of Cholakova Cheshma have been constantly growing. Real estate here attracts the attention of many Bulgarians and foreigners.

Дата публикации: 16.02.2023
Real estate in Bulgaria for Ukrainians

One of the most frequent requests to Bulgarian real estate agencies in 2022-2023 was whether it is possible for a Ukrainian to buy an apartment in Bulgaria and what to pay attention to. Apart Estate agency offers professional assistance in the selection and purchase of real estate in Bulgaria for citizens of Ukraine.

Дата публикации: 07.12.2022
How to sell share of property in Bulgaria

An apartment or a house in Bulgaria is often owned by several people or legal entities. Each of them has a share in this property, can sell it, donate it or transfer it by inheritance. The share sales process is different from a usual transaction. Apart Estate agency will help you sell a share of an apartment in Bulgaria, taking into account all the legal nuances and issues. 

Дата публикации: 01.12.2022
How to sell an apartment with mortgage in Bulgaria

So-called mortgage apartments appear on the Bulgarian real estate market quite often. These are studio-, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments that were bought with a mortgage, but for a number of reasons, their owners are no longer interested in keeping them and are putting them up for sale. Apart Estate will be happy to assist you to sell mortgage real estate in Bulgaria. We will also help you make a well-thought decision if you plan purchasing an apartment with a mortgage profitably.

Дата публикации: 27.11.2022
Buying a top floor apartment in Bulgaria – risks and benefits

Apartments on the top floor in Bulgaria – some buyers dream of such property, others run away from them like fire, despite lower prices and charming sea or mountain views from the window. We would like to offer you to get acquainted with all the pros and cons of buying apartments on the top floor in Bulgaria, as well as get an answer to the question of whether such property is always cheaper from the Apart Estate experts. 

Дата публикации: 26.11.2022
What is the condominium ownership management

All property owners want to have an apartment in Bulgaria in a beautiful living building, the yard around it to be cozy and clean, and the maintenance fee to be as little as possible. Recently, more and more people started talking about condominium ownership as a way to reduce costs of maintaining residential buildings and living complexes. As of now, however, there are more questions related to condominium ownership management in Bulgaria than answers. Apart Estate agency invites you to clarify what this type of property management is as well

Дата публикации: 25.11.2022
Apartment without repair in Bulgaria – is it worth buying?

People looking for property often consider buying an apartment in Bulgaria without repair or renovation. If you are one of them, you can find such a flat from a developer or an owner. The real estate can be new or resale. The latest option probably had been repaired a long time ago, so there is no identification left that it has ever been beautiful or stylish.