Property in Bulgaria for owners of pets

In this website section, Apart Estate offers property in Bulgaria that is suitable for spending holidays and living with pets.

Are you planning a vacation in Bulgaria with a dog or a cat or are you thinking of moving to Bulgaria for permanent living with your pet and need a property to buy or rent? Then this article is for you. We will tell you where you can live in Bulgaria near the sea and where it is better to buy an apartment. Be sure – you will get the best real estate options.

Requirements for travelling to Bulgaria with pets

Requirements for travelling to Bulgaria with petsIt is not easy to leave your pet for a long time while you are travelling to a resort. You can board it in a special pets’ hotel, but can’t be sure that it gets proper care. So, if you do not want to separate from your four-legged friend during a vacation in Bulgaria and want to take it with you, then you should prepare for the trip in advance. The same is valid if you plan to move for permanent residence. 

Travelling with pets to Bulgaria – key requirements

Travelling with your four-legged friend, you need to have a pet passport with an identification number, distinctive signs (color, size, microchip ID, etc.), as well as vaccination data and the information about antiparasitic and anthelmintic measures.

An up-to-date certificate from a licensed veterinarian. This certificate is to confirm the absence of clinical signs of diseases at the examination time.

Dog-Friendly Bulgaria: Real estate in Bulgaria for dog (cat) owners

So, you’ve come to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, but now the question is where you can live with your cat/ dog? Accommodation with animals in hotels in Bulgaria is not such an easy task, as it seems.

ourists can live in over 19,000 hotels in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, but only 8% of them allow accommodation with pets. Albena is the only resort that has an official policy of attracting tourists with four-legged friends. International dog shows are held in Albena, St. Constantine and Helena, Kavarna.

Many hotels have restrictions on the animal’s weight – up to 10 kg only. If your dog is large, it is an issue to find a hotel. The dog’s owner has to pay an additional 5-10 leva per day. Fees for large breeds are higher – from 30 leva to 50% of the price per person per night. Some hotels may ask for a deposit equal to 100-200 leva. It will be returned at the check-out time. 

Even if you accept these terms, there might be different issues – the hotel does not fit your comfort, room size, location requirements, or other tourists live too close.

Most people, who come to Bulgaria for a vacation every summer, prefer to buy property here. It can be a studio apartment, flat, house, or townhouse.

If you plan to buy a studio apartment or have already bought one, it is better to think of a small dog, cat, aquarium fish or a bird. A spacious one- or two-bedroom apartment can be good for living with a medium-size breed. But the ideal option for those who love pets is a townhouse or a cottage. Buying an apartment with a courtyard is also a good idea. Your friend will feel more freedom here and will be able to enjoy fresh air for a longer time. Real estate prices depend on location, proximity to the sea, area and the general state.

If you live in your own house, townhouse or an apartment with a courtyard, your pet does not bother other people. In addition, a private exit makes it simpler to go out for a walk. Townhouses are available in Victoria Lakes (Pomorie), Sarafovo (Burgas), St. Vlas. Apartments with yards are offered in Scarabey Park in Sarafovo and Green Life Sozopol. Houses are sold in Kosharitsa, Pomorie, Varna, Burgas.

If you prefer closed living complexes, we can offer you real estate in Magic Dreams, Paradise Dreams in Sveti Vlas, Apollon 5 in Ravda. An important factor is that in the reception, there are kind and understanding people.

A dog on the beach in Bulgaria

Property in Bulgaria for owners of petsDogs are not allowed on most of the Bulgarian beaches. Therefore, if you decide to go to the sea with your four-legged friend, choose one of the wild beaches without guards. It will be able to run freely along the coast or swim in the water.

Best Pet Friendly Beaches in Bulgaria where you can relax with a dog: Balchik, Kavarna, a coast between Kranevo and Albena, Durankulak, Baltata, Tyulenevo, Shkorpilovtsi and Kamchia, Karadere (Byala), Irakli (except for the private Vaya beach), Listi close to Sinemorets. 

Infrastructure of resorts and cities 

It is not enough to buy a property in Bulgaria for carefree and comfortable living with a pet. A special dog-friendly infrastructure is required which allows walking, having fun and communicating with a four-legged friend. In most Bulgarian towns, there are dedicated dog walk places. Pet owners living in the Burgas districts of Lazur, Izgrev, Zornitsa, Sarafovo are especially lucky. Fenced areas of different sizes are available here. They are equipped with benches, training equipment. Here, dogs can walk, run, and be trained. Mandatory requirements – everyone should clean the area from excrements and respect each other. By the way, containers where one must put dog excrement are installed in crowded places.

Most seaside towns have veterinary clinics, pharmacies and shops. 

If you have just moved to Bulgaria from Europe, Israel or any other country, have bought real estate by the sea and are now looking for a four-legged family member, contact clubs, pet shops or shelters. There are always puppies, kittens, pigeons and parrots looking for home. Most animals are vaccinated.

What is prohibited 

A dog on the beach in BulgariaGood opportunities for animal lovers come along with a number of restrictions. The purpose is to have people living in the country feel comfortable and good. The information about restrictions is available on special signs and rule boards.

You cannot walk dogs in the following areas:

  • Guarded beaches. On almost every beach, you will see a prohibited sign. In summer, when thousands of people take baths on the seashore, you will be fined for visiting the beach with a four-legged friend. However, outside the season and in summer evenings, many residents of Burgas, Ravda and other seaside towns and resorts walk free along the coast with their pets. The restriction does not apply to wild beaches. 
  • Areas near living buildings. Many owners of real estate in Bulgaria arrange flower beds and gardens near the living buildings where they live. Pets should not be allowed in these areas even if they are not privately owned. 
  • Living complexes. The management companies of some living complexes in Sunny Beach and Sveti Vlas prohibit walking animals on the territory. When buying an apartment in the complex, read the rules.
  • Playgrounds, sports fields, school and kindergarten territories. Even if you came to pick up your child from the kindergarten, you will be asked to leave your pet outside. 
  • Ecological paths. Restrictions for walking dogs also apply for some hiking trails, especially those used by children. One of the reasons is that small kids can be scared.

People living in Burgas and Varna are incredibly lucky. In these cities, there are large sea parks where you can walk all day. Please note that in crowded places, dogs can be walked only on a leash. There are special rules that regulate the leashes’ length.

Pet owners can buy real estate in Bulgaria in usual living buildings, residential complexes. In large cities, there are excellent places where dogs can be walked, clubs, and veterinary clinics.

Apart Estate agency will help you choose the best apartment, house, where you will live with comfort and relax.