To buy property in Lozenets, Bulgaria: apartments, studio apartments, houses

Lozenets is a small resort town in the south of Bulgarian Black Sea. The place is getting more and more popular – it attracts attention of many people who want to buy an apartment near the sea in Bulgaria. Among those who plan to purchase property here there are artists, businessmen, pensioners, families with children. Still, it is possible to buy a cheap apartment near the sea in Lozents. The choice is rich; it includes modest studios, elite apartments, houses with land.

Why is property in Lozenets so popular

At first glance, Lozenets is a usual Black Sea resort. Apartments can be bought in living complexes, regular residential buildings. Around the village there are many cottages. A big number of shops, restaurants and play grounds complete the resort standard picture.
But get acquainted with this small town, and you will see features which make the resort different from others. 

  • From one side Lozenets is surrounded with Strandja mountains. One of its highest pikes, Papiya, is a few kilometers away. From another side there is a beautiful sea surrounded with cliffs and strips of crystal clear golden sand. 
  • Several beaches. The village has 6 different beaches where it is so nice to enjoy sun and water. Each of them is beautiful and unrepeatable. The most famous is the Oasis beach awarder the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and environmental friendliness. In addition to a beach holiday you can do surfing and kite surfing.
  • Many restaurants, café with national and European cuisine. Meals are prepared of freshly caught seafood and fish. Salads are made of fresh vegetables grown on clean land which is not poisoned with industry. Tourists will remember sweet deserts and flavored coffee yet a long time after coming back home. The people who acquired property for permanent living in Lozenets can enjoy these nice specialties every day.
  • Unique natural and historic values. The village is located close to the Nature Park Strandja and ancient Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash. Owners of the apartment in Lozenets will never be bored. They can go hiking, cycling, boating, fishing, hunting and learning something new
  • Good ecology. The sea and the air are especially clean here. There are is no harmful industries, factories. Perfect combination of mountains and the sea creates special microclimate which helps recover from respiratory diseases. All the streets and squares are clean and accurate irrespective of the season.

Thanks to these factors, Lozenets has become a resort attractive for intelligence, thriving businessmen, wealthy people, pensioners with stable income.

How to choose an apartment in Lozenets 

There is property for any budget in Lozenets. In the downtown there are regular living buildings where you can buy cheap studios, one, two-bedroom apartments without maintenance fee. Housing is suitable for year-round living and rental. There are offers from developers and resellers. The average apartment price in Lozenets is Euro 500/ sq. m. These options suit well for pensioners and investors. 
In all other resorts property complexes costs less than in city buildings. However, in Lozenets the situation is vice versa – prices of apartments in closed complexes are higher. The average price of the sea property is Euro 700/ sq. m. Luxurious apartments cost Euro 800 and above per one square meter. There are strong reasons for these prices. The territory of the complexes is clean, safe and comfortable. There are shops, play grounds, swimming pools, parking areas, beauty shops. Many living complexes are located right near the beach. Luxurious apartments open incredible views at the sea.

Buying a house in Lozenets is one more possibility to live and rest near the sea. The villas’ prices are Euro 1000-2100/ sq. m. Townhouses are cheaper. They are perfect for families with children. Pieces of land are suitable for playgrounds, swimming pools, barbeque. Prices per a square meter start from Euro 600.

Exquisite beautiful property in Lozenets is a possibility for anyone to live and rest in a beautiful sea resort. The Apart Estate specialists will help you choose the best apartment where you will feel comfortable.