Property in gated communities in Bulgaria

Buying real estate in Bulgaria in a closed-type complex with good infrastructure is an amazing opportunity for citizens of Israel, Germany, and other European countries. The territory is well-groomed, there are a lot of entertainment, restaurants, and additional services. Studio apartments in complexes are available for retirees and youth. One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are available for families with children. Penthouses are a perfect choice for businessmen and people who prefer premium real estate. Apart Estate agency offers real estate in gated communities by the sea and in the mountains for every taste. Our catalog contains resale properties and offers from developers. 

Why can you be a potential buyer of property in a closed community

Property in gated communities in BulgariaClose your eyes and imagine – you are in a wonderful garden, getting pleasure under the warm southern sun. Lie down on a sun lounger next to the crystal pool. Just right near you, there is a bar with wonderful drinks and ice cream. Kids splash in a pool, slide down the water slide, play on a playground or have fun with the animators. All this is just near your apartment.  You can cook lunch or dinner yourself or order it from a restaurant, which is located right there in the complex. All this is about an apartment in a gated community. 

If you still doubt, Apart Estate specialists would like to emphasize who may be especially interested in buying real estate in closed complexes: 

  • Families with children. The territory of communities is safe, calm, and cozy. There is no need to be afraid of anything. Security and helpful staff will assure comfort and safety. Try to visit the Fort Noks group communities (located in Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Elenite), Marina Cape (Aheloy), Green Life (Sozopol), or Sunny Island in Chernomorets. Dozens of children from different countries play together all day, participate in volleyball, football tournaments, and slide the water slides. Isn’t it a dream summer vacation today? 
  • Pensioners from Europe, Israel, Canada, and other countries. It is very calm year-round in complexes. Still, there is always something to do and a lot of places to walk. In summer, senior people can enjoy time with their grandchildren and not worry about them. Those who constantly live in closed communities know each other very well, communicate daily, walk together, arrange holidays and drink tea in the morning. 
  • Businessmen and investors. Many people buy apartments to rent them out. This allows receiving a stable income that quickly enough covers the cost of buying an apartment and its maintenance. Buying one apartment, in the same complex, they then buy the second and the third one and build a nice small business.

Advantages of property in gated communities

real rstate in gated complexes in BulgariaBuying an apartment in the complex has many advantages. One of them is a fenced, guarded territory, where strangers can’t enter. Pools, parks, playgrounds and sports grounds, restaurants and parking can only be used by apartment owners and their guests. This ensures anti-theft and unscrupulous visitors’ protection. 

But there are more advantages, and probably some of them will surprise you. 

When buying an apartment by the sea, you, of course, dream of breathing fresh air and going to the beach every day. But one day you get bored with it. The summer heat makes you so slow and lazy that you do not want to go anywhere. All you need is an opportunity to relax at home. Having an apartment in a gated community, you can afford it and at the same time enjoy the infrastructure of the complex. 

Usually it includes: 

  • Swimming pool, including a section for children. Many have a Jacuzzi, water slides, and other entertainment. Privilege Fort Beach, for instance, has a lazy river ride. In a number of complexes, there are several swimming pools. Among them, there is Emerald, Green Life Resort, Fort Noks, Harmony Suits, Garden of Eden. 
  • SPA-center. Many complexes have a bath, hammam, and Jacuzzi. In Elite 4 in Sunny Beach, Jacuzzi and a solarium are arranged on the roof of a residential building. Why not relax and enjoy the wonderful views of the sea, mountains, and town? 
  • Children's entertainment. These are recreation areas, swings, slides. More and more complexes invite animators for summer. They organize workshops, discos and parties. 
  • Everything for sports. Many gated communities have exercise equipment, fitness, football, tennis, and volleyball courts. Tournaments are held among vacationers. 
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes for every taste. In some communities, there are several restaurants, each offering something special –Bulgarian, Italian, and European cuisine dishes. There are fish restaurants and snack bars. 
  • Management companies provide apartment rental services. You can live in some other country, work on your business, and at the same time receive income from your property. If you bought an apartment and do not live in it permanently, company representatives regularly monitor it and inform you if something is wrong. 
  • Many gated communities are united into one network. By buying property in one of them, you automatically become a member of the club and can visit infrastructure facilities located in other complexes for free. For instance, apartment owners of Sweet Homes 2 can use the SPA center at Sweet Homes 7. 

Few people think about it, but the management companies in the closed-type complexes do a lot of stuff. They take care of the state of the living buildings, elevators’ operation, and even the replacement of light bulbs. The staff cleans the pools, does landscaping, ensures the beauty and coziness of the courtyard. Buying an apartment in the gated community, you can be sure that everything on its territory will work in accordance with the terms of the contract. You do not need to spend your time changing the bulbs in the staircase or call service to repair the elevator. 

Prices for apartments in closed communities in Bulgaria

Apartments in closed complexes are usually cheaper than in usual residential buildings. The main reason is an annual maintenance fee, which many property owners do not pay or do not want to pay. However, they forget that payments are not just taking money for some unclear purpose. This charge covers operation of the pool, elevators, sports facilities, cleaning, and landscaping. The maintenance charge includes the costs of video monitoring, security, parking, i.e. many things that make life comfortable and safe. 

Real estate prices in gated complexes depend on several factors: 

  • Proximity to the sea and location in general. Despite the huge territory and a great infrastructure, apartments in Fort Noks in Sunny Beach will always cost less than apartments in Admiral Plaza. The difference can be so considerable that for the price of a studio apartment in Admiral (26-30 thousand euros) you can buy a one-bedroom apartment in the Holiday Fort Golf Club. 
  • Infrastructure. The more services the complex offers, and the better they are, the higher the prices. The green well-groomed area and park area are highly valued by property buyers. 
  • High-quality construction. Such gated communities as Sweet Homes, Harmony Suites are distinguished by style, grace, and beauty. People always feel like the best and respected guests here, they can rest, relax and enjoy life. These complexes are perfect for permanent residence and summer vacations. 
  • Apartment condition and furnishing. This factor depends mainly on the property owners. However, in many complexes, it is staff designers who work on apartment interior decoration and furnishing. They selected furniture, ceramic tiles, and interior doors. For instance, visit Diamond Beach in Sarafovo – elegance, beauty, style is felt in every flat.

Apart Estate invites you to buy property in a gated community in Bulgaria. This is a wonderful chance to become the owner of the perfect apartment for vacation, rental and permanent residence.