Bulgarian property hot offers. Urgent sales of apartments and houses

Urgent sale of secondary property from owners is a special segment of the Bulgarian real estate market. Real estate hot offers do not come to the market too often, but for those who plan to buy an apartment or a house without a hurry, it is an excellent opportunity to acquire high-quality cheap real estate in Bulgaria. 

Apart Estate agency offers a new section of the website where you can find everything about urgent sales of secondary apartments and houses in Burgas, Bansko, Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach and other unique places in Bulgaria. With us you can buy real estate in Bulgaria at a low price.

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How to search hot offers for real estate in Bulgaria

Urgent saleFrom time to time, very cheap real property appears on the market, and we publish it in our catalogue immediately. Compared to the rest of the options, the price seems low, and many clients ignore these proposals, being convinced of a mistake. Others believe that the low price hides problems, for instance, leaking roofs, poor repairs, or lack of documents. Indeed, it happens, but in these cases our agency tells about these issues directly. Reputation is the foundation of our work and your trust. We will not sacrifice relationships with clients for the sake of momentary profit.

Therefore, we carefully check each urgent offer, and offer high-quality cheap apartments with ready documents. These are excellent options that come to the market because owners want to sell the property quickly. And they are really good for clients who have money for a purchase and who want to buy an apartment by the sea.

The reasons why a good profitable secondary property comes to the market

  • The owner urgently needs money for education of children and grandchildren or for medical purposes;
  • The owner sells property because of moving for permanent residence to another country, and any delay will lead to a greater loss of money than selling a flat with a discount.
  • Upon divorce, the property is to be divided. Former spouses do not need an apartment by the sea, but do need money.
  • It was planned to come on vacation to Bulgaria, but due to changes in plans, the real estate turned out to be unneeded. 
  • Property was bought for rental, but due to lack of time and wish, the owner cannot organize the process.
  • Most people overestimate their abilities when they buy a house; so eventually they cannot maintain it.
  • The owner loses work or the ability to work and the maintenance fee in a living complex with a swimming pool in a new reality turns out to be overwhelming. 
  • The owner came to Bulgaria for a short time and wants to sell property quickly.

In addition to inexpensive apartments from owners, in the section for those who want to buy real estate cheap, we offer property in new buildings at various stages of construction. In this case the price is low, because the purchase took place at an early stage, and the investor wants to return money fast.

Urgent sale advantages

Many people are confused when they see urgent offers. The price is good, the documents are ready. Just go and buy the apartment. Still, there is an issue. To take advantage of this option, you need to have cash and a wish to buy property in a country with an excellent climate. For those who are happy with these terms, we propose to consider all our hot offers and act quickly.

Among the main advantages of urgent offers:

  • It is an opportunity to buy cheap property by the sea which is not just a usual or poor-quality flat. It can be a great apartment in a luxury complex in Sunny Beach or in a living complex without maintenance fee in Burgas. When we say cheap, this means that the price difference between standard and hot offers is at least 10%. Sometimes the discount reaches 40%!
  • Get the opportunity to make a profitable investment and not to lose money due to inflation. Real estate in Bulgaria is not just a chance to have wonderful vacations and live by the sea. This is an opportunity to earn money by renting out an apartment. In summer, you can get income by renting out studio, one-, two-bedroom apartments in Sveti Vlas, Pomorie, Sunny Beach. In winter, rental business flourishes in Bansko – a town famous for excellent downhill skiing.
  • The chance to buy your dream house or a flat. Studio, one-, two-bedroom apartments, townhouses, new cottages and villas with pools are offered for quick sales. 
  • Fast registration of the transaction. As a rule, documents for such property are ready. You come, see the real estate and agree the transaction date. In principle, you do not even need to come; you can request an online inspection and prepare a power of attorney for our agency specialist who will represent your interests in the transaction, when registering property.

How not to miss an urgent property in Bulgaria sales offer

Apart Estate specialists have developed instructions on how not to miss a proposal for a quick sale of profitable real estate in Bulgaria and use it in the best possible way:

  • Determine your requirements and wishes. You need to decide where you want to buy an apartment, how large it should be and whether it can be without renovation. Do you prefer property in a living complex or in a regular residential building? An important issue is to clarify the purpose of the purchase – is it an investment, permanent residence or vacation property? Another issue is budget.
  • Leave your request or contact your manager. We will answer all your questions and inform you about all the current options that meet your requirements.
  • Regularly follow the offers, which are published in the urgent sales section and keep an eye on our publications in social networks.
  • When new offers are published, be ready to immediately travel for a visit or schedule an online inspection.
  • Discuss issues related to documentation and payments in advance. If you cannot come, we would propose to issue a power of attorney for our specialists. This will allow you to keep on doing your own business at the time when the transaction will be closed. You will receive a Notary Act confirming the ownership, and then can visit your new apartment whenever you want.

Property urgent sales are ideal for those buyers who know what they want to have. For such clients, Apart Estate offers hot offers at low prices and the ability to close the deal fast.