Property in Tsarevo

Anyone would be happy to buy property in Tsarevo, who has ever been to this beautiful Bulgarian town. A calm rhythm of life, several beaches, supermarkets, a school, and pharmacies allow you to live here year-round. Thanks to the clean air, beautiful nature and gentle sea, pensioners from Europe, Russia feel comfortable here. They buy cheap houses in Tsarevo. People suffering from breathing diseases, as well as families with children also often decide to buy a cottage in Tsarevo. Apart Estate agency offers high-quality real estate near the sea in Tsarevo for permanent living, vacations, and rental. 

Why buy real estate in Tsarevo

Carevo, BulgariaAll the cities and towns near the sea in Bulgaria are unique. They have power to attract people from all over the world. Tsarevo is not an exclusion. Pensioners from the Netherlands, England, Russia, Ukraine, as well as residents of the northern regions of Bulgaria, Serbia, and Israelis move here for year-round living. If you walk around the village of Izgrev (one day it will surely become a part of the town) you will meet the Dutch, French, Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Germans.

The main advantage is an incredible nature. The town is located at the foot of the Strandja mountains. The Black Sea is right here, the coast is split by cliffs into several natural sandy and pebble beaches. The most famous are Central, Nestinarka, Vasiliko, Pontona (Gypsy), Araprya.

Tsarevo has all the conditions for permanent living. Supermarkets, fruits and vegetable shops, several restaurants are open all year round. A kindergarten, two schools, arts’ and sport’ clubs welcome children in any season. Municipal organizations and private companies assure working places.

In your free time, you can walk in the Marine park or the alley that is spread along the coast and connect the center with Vasiliko – an old district that used to be populated by Greeks. The park is a nice place to hold yoga classes. You can see parents playing huge chess with their kids. As in any other city, local people gather in numerous cafes for a cup of coffee, tasty banitsas, and simply enjoy life. 

Thousands of tourists come in summer. The convenient location along the coast allows everyone to find a place to relax, so there is no feeling that the town is overcrowded. Numerous visitors live in the downtown, living complexes near Arapya and Nestinarka beaches. They enjoy restaurants, beach bars, windsurfing and water sports. 

Participation in different festivals is a special summer pleasure. They are devoted to wines, rare Strandja honey (Manov honey), literature and the ancient tradition of dancing on coals – Nestinarstvo. 

In mid-September, when life in other Black Sea resorts calms down, Tsarevo meets fishermen. They come from all over Europe to catch garfish. This fish is delicious and is highly valued by gourmets. 

What property to buy in Tsarevo

Like in any other Bulgarian Black Sea resort, you can buy an apartment in Tsarevo in residential buildings, complexes, cottages, villas. 

Usual residential buildings are located in downtown and in the Vasiliko district. In the center, there are houses built during the reign of the Communist Party. Some are split into different flats and owned by different people. Others are sold as they are. These houses consist of 2-3 floors, several rooms, a balcony, a small kitchen, and one (two) bathrooms. Nearby, there is always a garden where local people in summer make barbeque and cook sweet pepper in autumn. You can purchase an apartment in such a house at 260 Euros/ sq. m. 

Modern living buildings have been erected next to the old houses. Flats have a comfortable layout, spacious rooms, high ceilings. Studio, one, two-bedroom apartments are offered for sale on the first sea line and in the center. The one-bedroom apartment costs 42-65 thousand Euros. Studios near the beach are sold at 19-22 thousand Euro.

Inexpensive property in Tsarevo is offered for sale in residential complexes. The most famous are Vris, Nestinarka. Residents can use swimming pools, walking, and relaxation
areas. The beach is just several steps away. The average price is 500-600 Euros/ sq. m. 

You also can buy real estate in small cozy complexes. Well-groomed gardens, apartments with courtyards are a great option for retirees or families with children. Even the smallest complexes have playgrounds. 

There are great villas and cottages in Trasevo. Interesting options are offered in Izgrev (a settlement 5 km away) surrounded by the Strandja mountains and a beautiful forest. A house in Vasiliko costs 765 Euros/ sq. m, near the Arapya beach – from 915 Euros. Izgrev property prices are 700-1,000 Euros per a square meter. They depend on the size of the plot, the building quality, furniture, heating.

Apart Estate specialists recommend buying real estate in Tsarevo – apartments, houses, cottages for permanent living and summer vacations. Apartments near the sea are an excellent investment. They are inexpensive and well-demanded by the tourists in the summer.