Property in Primorsko, Bulgaria: apartments, houses, cottages

Buying a property in Primorsko, Bulgaria, be it an apartment near the sea, a villa, or a house, means to make an excellent investment. The real estate market offers inexpensive flats from developers and owners, luxury villas with pools at a good price. The small resort town is famous for the clean sea, beautiful beaches, and good infrastructure. It proposes great permanent living and summer holiday conditions . No wonder the former leader of Bulgaria, Todor Zhivkov, chose this place to build a summer residence. Apart Estate real estate agency offers to buy an apartment in Primorsko near the sea, to choose a house with a garden, or a villa in a cozy closed complex. Local property is an excellent investment that allows you to get an additional income. It is also a perfect option for permanent residence. 


Real estate in Primorsko, BulgariaThe small town of Primorsko surrounded by a beautiful oak forest is hidden 50 km south of Burgas. Until recently, there was a fishing village here, but in the second half of the XX century, it, like a magnet, began to attract Bulgarians and foreigners as a resort place. There are several reasons – clean air, a beautiful coast with fine and delicate sand, cultural and historical attractions. There is no industry here, vegetables and fruits are grown on ecologically clean ground, while freshly caught fish is served in local restaurants.

In the town and near it, there are 5 beaches, of which Perla is maybe the most famous. Todor Zhivkov and his guests used to come here to spend a day or two resting. A wide sandy strip gently goes into the sea. The conditions are especially convenient for families with children. 
Stamopoulou, Southern, Northern, and Central beaches offer a wide range of entertainment and sports in summer. They are separated by cliffs that create a charming atmosphere. In winter, it is a great place to walk. 

Fast development, attention to infrastructure development created good terms for permanent residence. Children can go to a school and a kindergarten. Adults can find a suitable job, especially in summer. The specificity gives great business development opportunities. Pensioners can spend their time taking care of themselves, do sports, and meet friends.

The town is interesting in terms of history and architecture. The ancient Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash is located a few kilometers away. Once upon a time, it was a place where religious rites took place. Today, huge rocks replace the sanctuary and reveal ancient knowledge to everyone interested. Less known, but no less interesting is the Church of St. Paraskeva, the Burkham fortress, Valchanovo kale.

Wildlife enthusiasts will hardly forget hiking in the Ropotamo nature reserve and boating along the river of the same name. During the walk, you can see many birds and wild animals. 

Apartments in Primorsko

Real estate in Primorsko is proposed for any taste. There are a small studio and one-bedroom flats, luxury property. The price depends on the proximity to the sea, infrastructure. Interestingly, a square meter in residential buildings without a maintenance fee and in small living complexes cost about the same. An exception is the luxurious Green Paradise residential complex. Here, in the beautiful and well-maintained territory, you will find several swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, underground parking, a restaurant, and relaxation and recreation areas. The complex itself is located in a fabulous oak grove a few steps from a coast. 

The studio apartment in a usual complex or in a living building without a service charge costs 620 €/ sq. m. The price in Green Paradise is about € 800. People buy property in this complex for year-round living, summer holidays, and rental. Thanks to the great location, excellent infrastructure and high-quality construction, apartments in Green Paradise, are in high demand among vacationers. Investors often acquire several flats in Green Paradise, rent them out and receive a source of a stable income.

One-bedroom flats cost from 34,500 to 125,000 Euro with one square meter price varying from 480 to 1,000 Euro. The cheapest real house can be bought in buildings that are in a process of construction or located at a distance of 600 m or more from the beaches. The most expensive property is sold on the first sea line where panoramic windows and spacious balconies unveil gorgeous panorama, and stylish furniture and elegant design create a cozy atmosphere. 

Flats with two and many bedrooms are offered for an average price of € 675/ sq.m.  You can buy an apartment by the beach with an area of 90 sq. m only for 60.000 euro. There are great large options in Green Paradise for € 515/ sq. m as well.

Houses in Primorsko

The most fashionable direction to purchase cottages is Uzundzhata villa settlement. It is located 2 km from the town and the Northern beach. Here, on a hilly area, surrounded by oak groves, you can buy a modern villa with a yard and a garden for 380 to 425 Euro/ sq.m.

Cottages are offered in a small villa complex. One-story and two-story houses with a convenient layout, mountain and sea views are located in a fenced area with a pool, sunbeds, a walking area and security. Prices start at 80 thousand. They are very popular in summer as a rental option. 

Cottages are available in the town itself. A square meter in old or unfinished buildings costs € 360 on average. There is a chance to acquire luxurious cottages with gorgeous views near the beach at 970 Euro. 

One more nice place to purchase a cottage in Bulgaria is the village of Pismenovo located 7 km away. Cozy, renovated houses for pensioners cost about 70 thousand Euro. 

Apart Estate offers to buy real estate in Primorsko for vacations and year-round living for families with children and pensioners. Our catalog contains many proposals of apartments and houses both in the town itself and in its surroundings.