Real estate in Panitsovo, Bulgaria

Many pensioners and families dream about buying a cheap house in a Bulgarian village close to the sea. Among other requirements, there is a well-developed infrastructure, beautiful nature and friendly neighbors. Panitsovo village located in Burgas region responds to all these points. Here you can buy property for permanent living and summer vacation. 

The small village of Panitsovo is located on an old road connecting Burgas and Varna. This very picturesque place is hidden among hills with beautiful forests. Virgin nature and fresh air create incredible terms for a peaceful life away from the city bustle, noise, and crowd.

The settlement belongs to the Nesebar community of Burgas oblast. The Burgas international airport is 50 km away while the distance to the famous resort Sunny Beach is 32 km. Splendid views are open to Obzor, a town located 17 km away on a Black sea coast. In Obzor there are pharmacies, shops, medical centers, restaurants and ATMs.

Advantages of buying a property in Panitsovo

Low price is the main advantage of purchasing real estate in Panitsovo. The ready to live house costs 300 Euro/ sq. m.
There are many other advantages as well which attract property buyers from England, Germany, Israel and other countries:

  • Beautiful nature. Living in your cottage you can enjoy walking in the forest, gathering mushrooms, and travelling every day.
  • Possibility to grow organic vegetables and fruits. People can do gardening, breed pets, or cook. Many people raise chickens, geese, and cows and sell eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables to restaurants and markets of Sunny Beach, Nesebar, or Obzor. Others deliver ready meals, frozen and marinated products to tourists and city residents. There is a possibility to buy agricultural land in the village.
  • Historical value. Panitsovo is located in an area of an old Bysantian road close to ancient settlement remnants. Archaeologists still find fragments of ancient Greek ceramics. All this gives a possibility to develop tourism.

To buy a house in Panitsovo

The tiny village of Panitsovo grants a wonderful opportunity to invest money in real estate. You can purchase a large cottage built using modern insulation technologies, solar panels, floor heating and boilers. Such property is perfect for the permanent living of pensioners from Europe, Israel, and England. It suits families with children. Spacious comfortable cottages with furniture are offered at 367 Euro/ sq. m. Cottages sold on turnkey terms cost cheaper. The price includes a yard where there is enough place to arrange a barbeque area, a swimming pool with a leisure zone, or a playground. There is enough place to build a sauna or a garage.

Small houses built in traditional Bulgarian style are also offered for sale. They are cheap and cost 310 Euro/ sq. m. Such property requires renovation and furniture replacement. The advantage of this real estate – you can move there straight after the deal and gradually renovate it and replace furniture as well as housing appliances. This is a real opportunity to convert an ordinary house to a dream cottage.

Houses requiring demolishing are also available in Panitsovo. An old construction will be used for temporal living and as a storage area. At the same time, you can start building a new villa in an available place. Prices of tiny houses with yards start from Euro 15,000.
There is a high demand for land in Bulgarian villages among European citizens. See options for plots of land in Panitsovo – they are sold with fruit trees, water, and electricity. It will take about a year to build a villa, stylish house, or a small summer cottage.

Apart Estate specialists will be happy to help you choose and buy real estate in a Bulgarian village Panitsovo. This place is perfect to have a villa with a garden not far from the sea.