Sales of property in the countryside in Bulgaria: your home in a village or a suburb

To buy a good cheap property in a Bulgarian village is a difficult task. You will need to dig a lot of offers from owners and real estate agencies to find a cheap country house with a garden, a cottage in suburbs with a discount, or a villa in a Bulgarian Black sea coast for an urgent sale. Many issues arise in a process of choosing and signing a deal. The specialists of the Apart Estate agency, however, are ready to help you with every question. So, the main thing left is to find a place where you feel at home and to choose a villa with a large plot where you can enjoy life. The website of the Apart Estate agency presents the best countryside property in Bulgaria for permanent living and vacations.

House in a Bulgarian village – looking for the perfect place

Sales of property in the countryside in Bulgaria: your home in a village or a suburbMany of our clients from Europe and Israel come to a decision to buy property in Bulgaria for year-round living and consider options in the countryside. We receive many requests regarding purchasing cheap houses for pensioners by the sea. 

Before buying something, we always tell our clients that there are many villages in Bulgaria. Some are large, others are small. Some are located near the sea, others are hidden in the mountains, by the river, lake, or in the forest. It is worth traveling around several villages to see how different they are and to choose the most comfortable. And indeed, in some of the places, the cheapest houses in Bulgaria cost from 10,000 Euro. At the same time, one must understand that this option will be far from the beach, large cities and all the necessary infrastructure. The prices of cottages in the countryside near the beach start from 40,000 Euro. 

There are many issues related to real estate, so, before taking a car or purchasing bus tickets we recommend you to make a list of questions – what you would like to acquire and where.
A few points to think of:

  • Maximum distance to the nearest city, airports. The distance from Burgas to Marinka is 6 km, to Kamenar – 16, to Laka – 12, Medovo – 25, to Kosharitsa and Goritsa – 35 km. The property near cities is more expensive, but people have the possibility to use a municipal infrastructure. They can go to the city every day to work or study, and at the same time do gardening, sell vegetables and fruits that they have taken care of in municipal markets, hotels and restaurants. A good option is to buy a cottage in city remote areas. They are like small villages, but have a municipal infrastructure including transportation, shops and pharmacies. Such districts In Burgas are Dolno and Gorno Ezerovo, Sarafovo, Kraymorie.  
  • Distance to the sea. Kosharitsa, Marinka, Kamenar are 5-6 km away from the sea and sandy beaches. You can buy a house 20-30 km from the beaches (in Panitsovo, Dulevo). These options are cheaper. If someone wants to live in the mountains, it is worth considering property near Bansko.
  • Town size. This factor is a clue in an infrastructure issue, where there is a school, kindergarten, doctor, pharmacy, and café around. All this is important for families with children and pensioners. We offer houses in villages with a well-developed infrastructure – here you can find everything necessary to live comfortably. However, per the client’s request, we help to search for housing in a small settlement. Here, fresh air, silence and a special rhythm create an unrepeatable atmosphere.
  • Neighbors. More than half of residents in the Bulgarian countryside by the sea are foreigners. Citizens of Germany, Austria, Israel, Russia, England and other countries purchase villas and cottages near beaches, settle down, communicate and start a business.

Old, cheap houses with a yard, garden, and a vineyard are most often offered in small villages. In the larger settlements located closer to the city, you can find modern cottages and villas with swimming pools, a stylish patio, and relaxing area. Many have a heating system, solar panels, warm floors, and air conditioning. 

What to pay attention to when buying a countryside property?

There are several points you need to pay attention to when purchasing real estate. They are related to the condition of the house, completeness of documents. Apart Estate specialists have sufficient experience in pointing out the pros and cons of each option to the potential buyers of housing in Bulgaria. 

The main issues are following:

  • Availability of a complete set of documents. Every house must have a Notary Act (a document confirming title) and a cadastral scheme. A mandatory requirement for modern living buildings is the Commissioning Act (Act 16).
  • Land documents. The plot where the cottage is built and located must be owned or rented. If buyers are foreign citizens who came to the country based on a visa or a residence permit, they must purchase the land in the name of a legal entity. Apart Estate specialists will give you a piece of advice on how to do it and consult regarding opening a company. 
  • Condition. Sometimes houses, even those built several years ago, need renovation. The roof, insulation, and cellar require special attention. If you have any questions to real estate, we will invite specialists who can provide expertise and a repair cost estimation in case there are issues.
  • Plot. If you plan to buy a cottage in Bulgaria to have comfortable permanent living, it is enough if the plot has an asphalt area, a garage, a barbeque, a patio, and a garden. If you are interested in gardening, make sure, there is a well in the yard.
  • The area around. Recently, many houses in Bulgaria are offered in villa areas. If you like this option, you need to specify whether there is a maintenance fee and any common services that all the cottage owners can use.

Experienced employees from the Apart Estate agency will help you choose and buy a house in Bulgaria near the sea, in the mountains. We provide consultations regarding the documents required. Our catalog will offer you cheap property, luxurious cottages and stylish villas for permanent living and vacations.