New-build properties in Bulgaria – apartments from developers

New-build properties in Bulgaria – apartments from developersNew-build apartment in Bulgaria is a great opportunity for a successful investment. Apart Estate will help you to buy property in Bulgaria from a developer at an affordable price. Our database contains proposals for real estate at the construction stage as well as finished objects.
You can buy an apartment of your dreams in a new building in Bulgaria. It will have spacious rooms, a corridor, large bathroom, comfortable layout, and high-quality finishing. The new-built properties have European construction quality. The interior gives room for the embodiment of unique design ideas. 

It is possible to buy a cheap apartment from a developer in Bulgaria even if you do not have the entire necessary amount on hand at once. Most development companies provide payment terms. Those buyers, who have a stable legal source of income, can get a bank loan at low interest rates in Bulgaria.

In the current situation, the real estate market in Bulgaria offers apartments in new residential buildings and living complexes cheaper than resale properties. The ready real estate will cost 1.5 times more. 

Advantages of buying an apartment from a developer

  • The documents for real estate have no legal issues, since the buyer is the first owner.
  • Fresh finishing in the apartment, new elevators, sparklingly clean common areas of the building.
  • Well-developed infrastructure. By the most new living buildings, parking is available. In complexes, there are good swimming pools, gyms, etc.
  • Convenient location. 

At the time pay attention to some features of the new-build properties in Bulgaria which can cause issues. Do not disregard them, if you consider cheap options:

  • There are two ways to indicate the apartment area. It can be total and living. Sellers of new-build flats indicate a total area. Note that it includes a balcony along the outer contour, the thickness of the outer walls and half the thickness of the inner walls that open into the common corridor. The living area can be 20% less. Therefore, considering a 100 sq. m two-bedroom apartment, you will see that in reality it is only 80 sq. m or even smaller. The difference between the total and living areas is especially obvious in the living complexes.
  • In many new residential buildings, one or two walls have a semicircular form or are built not at right angles. Looking from the outside, you will see it is beautiful and unusual. However, you will face issues when you start furnishing the flat. All the furniture will have to be purchased based on an individual order. 
  • Many new buildings have huge panoramic windows. They create a beautiful appearance and an atmosphere. If there are no other buildings in front of yours, they give an opportunity to admire the sea, mountains, or the city. Another advantage is that in winter, if the windows face the sun, it gets warm inside, and you do not need to turn on the heating. 
  • On the territory adjoining to new living buildings, developers provide parking lots. Sometimes, there are underground garages as well. Parking lots and garages are sold separately from apartments.

Apartments from developers – layout features

  • As a rule, there are no kitchens in new-build flats in Bulgaria. A flat with one room is a studio apartment, i.e. it consists of a large room with a separated kitchen area, and a bathroom. Not always it has a balcony and a corridor. A one-bedroom apartment consists of a bedroom and a living room with a kitchen zone. A two-bedroom flat has a living room and two bedrooms. Depending on the area and the number of rooms, there can be one or more bathrooms and balconies. 
  •  When buying a cheap apartment, don't expect all the rooms to be spacious, even if the living area impresses. The living room is usually large, while the bedrooms are just 9-10 sq. m. 
  • Apartments in Bulgaria have a bathroom designed for installation of a shower or a shower cabin and a toilet bowl. Bathtubs are rare. 
  • Very rarely new buildings have basements. Bicycles and strollers are stored mainly in common corridors. In large apartments, small storage rooms are provided. Usually they are used as wardrobes or premises for drying clothes or installing washing machines. 

How to choose an apartment from a developer in Bulgaria that can be quickly sold

How to choose an apartment from a developer in Bulgaria that can be quickly soldWhen buying an apartment from a developer, use the help of a reputable broker. The assistance of Apart Estate specialists will save you from buying property from unscrupulous developers. You will avoid low-quality real estate that will be difficult to resell, as well as badly located flats. 

If you like the residential building, its location, and the construction quality, but there is no property you like, consider the option of combining two apartments. A great one-bedroom flat can be designed of two studio apartments. A studio and a one-bedroom apartment can turn into a spacious two-bedroom apartment. 

What document issues may arise for a new property in Bulgaria

One of the main risks that buyers of real estate in Bulgaria face is that the residential building will be completed, but Act 16 will not be received or will be received late. Until the document is received, the construction is considered unfinished. Still, people move to such property and start living in it. 

Possible issues if you consider real estate without Act 16:

  • The apartment will be difficult to resell. 
  • In most cases, you will have to pay for the electricity and water at industrial rates that are higher than those for individuals. 

Terms of sales of new-build properties

Apartments in Bulgaria from the developer are sold turnkey or unfinished. Still, in compliance with the Bulgarian National Standard (BDS), even in an unfinished flat, the walls and the floor must be leveled, and the entrance doors must be installed. There are many options for buying a flat turnkey. In rare cases, apartments in new buildings are sold furnished. 

Buying a new-build apartment from a developer is an exciting process, which is often accompanied with resolving documentary issues and looking for a reliable developer. Working with our agency will allow you to avoid pitfalls in purchasing new real estate. You will surely find a property from a developer that will meet your wishes in full.