Property in Ravda

There is a wonderful opportunity to live near the sea, enjoy walks along the beach and fully relax. This opportunity comes when you buy property in Ravda, Bulgaria. The small village is located just 28 km from the international airport Burgas and is so close to the ancient town Nessebar, so one can hardly find the borders between two settlements. Ravda is growing rapidly. Every year new residential buildings and luxury beach resorts are being built here. More and more people choose real estate near the sea in Ravda for year-round residence, summer vacations, business development.

Ravda real estate market development history 

The fishing village of Ravda appeared at the beginning of the XX century when refugees from Northern Macedonia found a new home here. Before the communist regime fell, just a few people knew about this small village on the seashore. However soon after the regime change, Ravda turned into a popular tourist destination.

As the resort became more and more popular, prices of the property near the sea began to grow. The village started developing quickly to meet the growing demand. Small houses of the fishers got lost first among two-story and then multi-stored buildings. Restaurants, bars, night clubs, a huge aqua park appeared on recently deserted places. The once-quite village today has turned into a well-developed and popular Black Sea resort.

Why to buy property in Ravda Bulgaria?

Ravda is an excellent option for those who plan to buy an apartment, commercial, administrative property or a cottage near the beach. It will suit for a summer vacation and business. The village is located not far from Burgas, close to Nessebar and Sunny Beach.

In just a few minutes one can reach entertainment centers, large shops with excellent shopping, nightclubs with noisy parties, historical sights. Still having an apartment near Sunny Beach, people who live in Ravda will fell comfort of living in a quitter and calmer place. 

There are two wonderful beaches in Ravda – the Southern beach and the Central beach. They are united by a coastal alley where one can walk in any time of the year and enjoy romantic adventures. In the northern part of Ravda there is an Olympic beach famous for the cleanest fine sand, a sunken ship, café and summer bars.

Despite the large numbers of tourists, many restaurants, shops, life here is calm and slow. Perhaps it is due to the fact that many people live in Ravda year-round, and, thus, set the pace of life for the whole village. 
There are shops, supermarkets, pharmacies in Ravda. Unlike many resorts they continue to work in winter. Children go to a local school. There is a kindergarten, a stadium, arts and dances clubs for kids. All this makes Ravda to be the place well suitable for permanent residence.

There are not many jobs in the village outside the tourist season. Therefore, it is mostly retirees who buy apartments in Ravda for year-round living. Property here is also popular among families with children. 
The settlement is connected with Burgas and Nessebar with a regular bus service, this expands the possibilities to travelling, study and job search.

Review of property in Ravda

Ravda ElitoniaAnyone can buy an apartment in Ravda. In the local real estate market one can find unique offers for luxury property near the sea as well as modest options at some distance from the beach.

There are many regular residential buildings in Ravda. Apartments in three-four-story buildings fit for year-round use perfectly. Such real estate is usually located in the center of the village or close to the main facilities.

There are studios, one, two bedroom apartments available for sale in the living buildings. The market of resale and new real estate offers different options. Property on the resale market has standard layout and modest size. Meanwhile, one can find more convenient layouts in new living buildings. There is no maintenance fee in such houses, or it is minimal and covers the costs of cleaning the common areas, maintenance of the elevator.

You can buy property in numerous resort complexes. Their number is growing every year, and that is them who make the village change quickly. There are small closed living complexes with clean green yards, swimming pools (or without twem), playgrounds for children, barbeque areas. Property owners can enjoy the offered facilities and pay only 250 Euro per year maintenance fee. 

Near the beach there are luxury resorts with a sea view. Each is built in its own style, has a unique design. Owners of the private apartments in Emerald, Ravda, other complexes may use multiple swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, recreational areas, barbeque, tennis, football fields. Those who want to buy an apartment in Ravda can choose spacious studios near the beach with a view to the sea or a yard. They are good for living and renting.

There are huge luxury apartments in beach resorts as well. One can enjoy comfortable living rooms, one or several cozy bedrooms. The number and size of bathrooms, balconies, varies and depends on the flat size. The annual fee for maintaining infrastructure in such complexes is 8-12 Euro per square meter. In some cases the fee is fixed and for example is equal to 500 Euro. The same amount is paid by the owners of the studios and big flats.

One should not forget about commercial property as well. Seasonal shops, workshops, clubs are very popular among the tourists and bring a good income. 
High quality of construction, availability of year-round maintenance, good infrastructure and low prices are the main factors why many families choose to live in resort complexes all around the year.

Prices for property in Ravda in 2022

For the last few years the dream to buy property in Ravda, Bulgaria, has become feasible for many people. The market offers inexpensive apartments which can be bought by both pensioners and people with low income. 

The average price of studios in Ravda is about 500-550 Euro/m2. One can find cheaper options in living complexes with a high maintenance fee. The price of such apartments varies from 400 to 450 Euro per square meter, and includes high quality repair, excellent furniture. A square meter of studios on the first line of the sea can cost up to 800 Euro. Despite rather high prices, the sale of such apartments in Ravda begins yet at the construction stage. By the end of construction all flats are usually already sold. 

Apartments with several rooms might have the same price difference. Inexpensive property on the second line of the sea cost just 520 Euro/m2. Luxury apartments near sea in Ravda cost up to 800 Euro/m2. The investment in such property quickly returns as they suit for renting during summer.

The market for family houses and cottages in Ravda is rather limited. The price of modern cottages with a yard reaches 900 Euro/ sq. m. Land is also available for sale. The price is about 22-35 Euro/ m2.

Property in Ravda is a unique chance to live by the sea. The apartments are inexpensive, can be bought in elite resorts or regular living buildings. There are also nice beautiful cottages near the sea in Ravda. 

A developed infrastructure, excellent leisure opportunities and a quick return on investment contribute to a high demand for property in Ravda from pensioners, investors and those who seek to live here permanently. 

The data base of the Apart Estate agency includes a big choice of real estate in Ravda. Just call or write to us, and we will offer you options which perfectly correspond to your requests.