Real estate in Burgas, Bulgaria

One of the quickest developing cities in Bulgaria is Burgas. New living buildings are being built, business opportunities are opening up, life standards are increasing. All this attracts foreigners and residents from other areas of the country. Looking for a comfortable life, they buy property in Burgas for permanent living, vacations and investments. Young families, mature people, pensioners search apartments, houses. There are many wonderful studios, flats with one or two bedrooms, townhouses, cottages.  There are also good opportunities to buy cheap commercial property: beauty salons, shops, hotels, gas and car washing stations, land and even vineyards.

Burgas is a perfect city for year-round living

Real estate in Burgas, BulgariaThe town offers lots of opportunities for comfortable living. Highly populated districts with multi-story buildings are adjacent to remote areas where life is quiet and calm. Each has grocery and hardware goods shops. The town has several large shopping centers. The most famous is Mall Galleria. Not less interesting is Burgas Plaza.

The town is famous with schools, Universities, kindergartens, libraries, sports academies. Business is well-developed. Many private companies, state enterprises offer job opportunities. International and Bulgarian banks provide mortgages and loans for buying real estate. 

There are many clinics, hospitals, drugstores here, which is especially important for families with small kids and pensioners. To buy an apartment in Burgas gives an opportunity for a comfortable life.

The local administration focuses on a healthy lifestyle and sports. Burgas is encircled with bicycle roads;. It is known with many sports centers. The huge Sea Garden offers paths for jogging, roller skating, skateboarding, walking. Special areas for yoga, gymnastics, chess, table tennis are arranged. Tennis courts and horseback riding arenas are available for city residents and visitors. Water sport centers attract kite and windsurfing enthusiasts.

Many cafes, pubs, night clubs invite to spend pleasant time with friends. Restaurants work year-round and offer Bulgarian, Mediterranean, American, Chinese, Japanese cuisine.
The transportation facilities are represented an international airport, harbor, two bus stations which serve local and international routes. One can get to almost any town in Bulgaria or Europe. Municipal transport includes buses and trolleys. In the Sea Garden in summer there is a touristic electric bus. Almost all the families have cars, so when buying property in Burgas, one should consider parking opportunities. New living buildings have parking lots and underground garages. Paid and free parking is arranged in densely populated areas, near municipal institutions, large shops.

Burgas property options

Planning to buy property in Burgas, one would choose among studios, flats with one or two bedrooms. From 1950s to 2000s mostly many-store panel buildings were erected. Currently, based on the European renovation program, they are renovated. In the beginning of 2000s developers switched to four-five-store brick residential buildings. This tendency is kept up to now. There is no maintenance fee in such apartments. Some amounts are being paid by owners on a regular basis; they cover elevator maintenance, lighting, territory and common premises cleaning. 

Burgas at nightThere is a new tendency to buy to buy property in living complexes. The majority of complexes are built in the coastal district Sarafovo. Recently, they were built in other areas. Perla is being built in Zornitsa., Sunny Life – in Meden Rudnik. Such complexes have swimming pools, sport grounds, fitness, restaurants and cafes. An annual maintenance fee depends on the services offered to the tenants and can be fixed – Euro 100-130, or variable. In the last case it varies from 7 to 12 Euro/ sq. m. 

Those people who want to buy a house near the sea can also find good opportunities. Small cottage villages are built in Sarafovo. One can purchase family cottages or townhouses here. New projects include private swimming pools construction. 

Townhouses are sold in other districts as well. Several mini-complexes were built in Zornitsa. People buying townhouses or cottages get a piece of land where one can make a lawn, arrange barbecue or a place for leisure. Parking places are also available. 

Those who plan to buy a house in Burgas with a piece of land for a garden choose Vetren, Banevo, Gorno Ezerovo, Dolno Ezerovo. These districts have schools, kindergartens, bus stops. 
Property in Burgas is an excellent investment

The town is situated in a unique place. Several districts have been built in Burgas bay, encircled with incredible sandy beaches: Lazur, Sarafovo, Kraimorie. Zornitsa and Izgrev are by the salty Lake of Atanasovsko. Near the largest freshwater Bulgarian lake, Vaya, there is Meden Rudnik, Gorno and Dolno Ezerovo.

The unique location gives local and foreign people a possibility for new discoveries, active vacations, sports and even treatment. Near the Lake of Atanasovsko there are so called “solnitsy” – salt-marshes where one can take salt and mud baths. Banevo is famous with mineral springs. One can either get water for drinking free or pass treatment course in a sanatorium.

The city has many museums, theaters, cultural centers. Exhibitions, national outdoor festivals are organized on a regular basis. In summer, there are wine, food, honey fests, open air movie and theater shows.
Good infrastructure, traveling, education opportunities – this is what makes property in Burgas an good opportunity for living and investments. One can buy an apartment in Burgas for rental.  Unlike many resorts, rental is popular any time.

Property in Burgas, prices dependency on city areas

That time when prices for apartments in Burgas were not high, and real estate could have been bought for nothing, has passed away. Today, they are high and keep on growing. Location, quality and year of construction, floor, elevator, storeroom availability, and many other factors influence how much it will cost to buy real estate. 

The housing in old panel buildings in Meden Rudnik, Slaveykov districts can be bought at Euro 580/ sq. m. Prices for property in downtown, Vazrazhdane, Lazur have long crossed the mark of Euro 1000 per square meter. Still, if you compare how much property in Burgas costs with prices in coastal cities in other countries, you will see that they are more profitable.