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Cookies. What is this?

Cookies will be downloaded to your pc, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. These are files with short texts stored in a browser. They collect data about the users who visited the Company’s website pages. As a rule, these files have unique numbers, website name, a storage period. They are installed upon your agreement only.

Data collected through statistics cookies:

  • IP address;
  • Device type - PC, telephone, tablet;
  • Operation system;
  • Browser type;
  • Pages visited;
  • Duration of each visit.

How cookies help us

We want you to enjoy our website. It is excellent if you find it useful as well. Cookies help us achieve it, as using them we get an information about user interests and preferences’ data, traffic.

What cooking we use

There are several types of cookies we use for our website:

  • Analytical. Designed to track site visits and traffic, they help us get information about frequency of opening our site, pages visited, duration of stay. All this allows us to understand market trends, adjust work. Data storage time is 12 months. Personal information is not disclosed, but is taken into account in a generalized form.
  • Third-party interaction cookies. They help us use advantages offered by other companies and projects. Some are connected with gathering statistical information. Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics assist us in achieving this purpose. Others assure interaction with social networks - they give you a possibility to share articles, express your mood, put likes or dislikes.
  • Advertising. This type of cookies is designed to analyze the visitors’ behavior. The information helps make advertisements’ recommendations which can be interesting for users.

How to manage cookies

There is a possibility to delete cookies anytime, and you can use it. Just open your browser, go to the settings and disable them in a special menu. Specific instructions for each browser can be found here:

There is also another way to reject cookies. Go to the site. If you do not mind cookies usage, click “accept”. If you are against them, press "refuse".

Cookies can be easily to decline or accept. Just choose one of two suggested options. Just remember that refusal can be followed with limited functionality and less convenience. 

Detailed information

There is more you can read on The source provides answers to frequent questions.

Policy changes

All the updates or changes to the cookie policy are officially published on the Company’s website.
All changes take effect at the time of publication.