Property in Sinemorets

If you are dreaming of an apartment in Bulgaria near the sea in a beautiful place, Apart Estate recommends you to buy property in Sinemorets. Not many tourists come here, and you can feel the coziness and comfort of this small sea village, really relax and have an incredible time.

Sinemorets is located almost in the very south of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where nature takes on the colors and nuances of the Mediterranean Sea and at the same time preserves the beauty of the Black Sea coast. Every year more and more residential complexes and cottages are being built in Sinemorets and they are perfect for recreation and living.
The village is characterized mainly by low-rise buildings. Old fishermen's houses are giving way to villas by the sea and small guest houses. Recently, construction of modern gated communities has been started in Sinemorets. They have swimming pools, playgrounds, and barbecue areas. 
It is not so often you can see that property in Sinemorets is offered for sale. There are several proposals for apartments in gated communities, but if you dream of a house with its own courtyard and sea views, your desire may remain unfulfilled. Local residents prefer not to sell their cottages; instead, they rent them out in summer and get an additional income. The construction of new properties is constrained by the restrictions in force on the territory of the Strandzha Nature Park.

In Sinemorets you can buy:

  • Small studio apartments overlooking the sea or the village. They are located in complexes, for example, in Apolonia Palace. Such apartments go on sale very rarely. They are bought mainly by investors who rent them out in summer.
  • One-bedroom apartments are sold both in closed complexes and in ordinary residential buildings. Usually these are spacious flats, consisting of a living room and a bedroom. There is a bathroom and a corridor. The balconies are large enough to accommodate outdoor furniture. In some cases, you can buy an apartment with its own courtyard.
  • Recently, there has been a noticeable revival in the two-bedroom apartments’ market in Sinemorets. Flats  with two bedrooms, huge living rooms and a balcony overlooking the sea is a real dream for families with children and those who can appreciate the exquisite combination of sea panorama and luxury of living in a large apartment.
  • You can find sales proposals for two-story maisonettes with sea views. These apartments are huge and light. They are filled with freedom and the desire to live. From the large balconies you can enjoy the sunrise and the bright colors of the sunset.
  • Plots for house construction are also for sale in Sinemorets. These may be plots with already obtained permission to connect electricity, water, sewerage or land for which you have yet to apply to the municipality for permission to connect to utilities.

Prices for real estate in Sinemorets

Property in SinemoretsApartments and houses in Sinemorets are expensive. The apartment will be cheap only if the total area with a balcony is huge, and the living area is small. In such a situation, real estate can cost from 800 euros / sq. m. An example of such an apartment is a 175 sq. m maisonette with two balconies that costs about 150 thousand euros. 

On average, the price per square meter in Sinemorets is 1,200 euros.

An analysis of real estate prices in Sinemorets in 2023 prepared by Apart Estate specialists shows the following picture:

  • One-bedroom apartments cost about 1,385 euros / sq. m. The price of the cheapest flat currently offered is 68 thousand euros. Luxury apartments with incredible sea views and unique interior design cost about 2,200 euros/sq. m.
  • The average price per square meter of a two-bedroom apartment is 1,020 euros. Real estate of this type can be bought for 120-190 thousand euros. Unlike other resorts, prices for apartments in complexes and residential buildings are almost the same. There are not many gated complexes in Sinemorets, so real estate with a swimming pool, a park area, and security is highly valued.
  • Cottages cost an average of 1,300 euros per sq. m. At the same time, houses under construction are valued higher than those already built and used.

Real estate in Sinemorets is a great investment opportunity. Apartments near the sea are very expensive, and they are very easy to rent out – in the summer it is almost impossible to rent a house or a flat in the village. Apart Estate recommends apartments in Sinemorets to pensioners, freelancers, investors and all those who dream of spending their holidays in a uniquely beautiful place on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

Sinemorets is piece of paradise

A place of incredible beauty, where nature still holds back rampant urban development and gives people luxurious views, peace, comfort and tranquility – all this is a small village of Sinemorets, located 82 km from Burgas and 11 km from the border with Turkey.

From the north and the south, Sinemorets is surrounded by two rivers – Veleka and Butamyata. Each of them carries its waters to the Black Sea, and the places where they enter the sea are of incredible beauty and majesty. Every year, thousands of people come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery, relaxing on the cleanest beaches, diving and fishing. On the beach you can do yoga, sunbathe, watch birds and dolphins and even play chess.

The beach at the mouth of the Veleka River is incredibly beautiful. A long sandy spit separates the river from the sea, and while the sea is raging, trying to swallow a strip of sand, the river calmly carries its waters and does not even seem to feel the sea waves. In the river you can windsurf and have fun with your kids. Swimming in the sea can be dangerous for children – it is very deep.

The mouth of the Veleka River belongs to the protected area. Here you can see rare birds and plants, for example, a delicate sand lily blooming right on the beach in August.

South beach of Sinemorets is Butamyata. The name comes from the Greek language and literally means "river". The sea here is calm and deep, but the river can bring trouble to swimmers. In summer, however, it is shallow, so you can easily cross it.

To the south of Sinemorets, there are the beaches of Lipite, Listi and Silistar. These stunningly beautiful places are hard to reach. However, this does not stop vacationers, and every year tourists come here to relax on the soft golden sand and swim in the crystal clear bays.

In addition to a beach holiday in Sinemorets, you can visit archaeological excavations, go hiking, boating and kayaking on the river. Veleka. Sinemorets is located on the territory of the Strandzha Nature Park, which is famous for its huge number of natural attractions.
In the village itself there are cafes and restaurants where you can taste dishes made of fresh fish and delicious local vegetables, as well as fruit desserts. The shop is open all year round. A bus runs twice a day from the bus station to the neighboring cities of Ahtopol and Tsarevo, from where you can get to Burgas all-year round, and in the summer to Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv.

There are many really interesting people among the residents and vacationers in Sinemorets. Scientists, artists and university professors come here. Thanks to this, interesting meetings and exhibitions are often held here in the summer.