Properties in Bulgaria near a beach resort

The seaside resort property in Bulgaria is perfect for those who love summer entertainment. It is preferred by investors – people who buy apartments to give them out for rent and receive additional income. Nowadays, however, many buyers choose another excellent option. It is to buy a property near a seaside resort in Bulgaria at a low price. Real estate near Bulgarian beach resorts perfectly suits permanent residence, quiet and calm rhythm of life. Apart Estate is happy to offer property near the seaside resorts in Bulgaria. 

Advantages of properties near seaside resorts  

Many buyers from Israel, Europe and various Bulgarian cities buy real estate near the beach in Bulgaria. However, recently more and more people started looking for apartments and houses at some distance from the sea. At any time they can quickly and easily get to the beach by car, bus, bicycle or foot and enjoy the comfort and quiet living.Properties in Bulgaria near a beach resort
There are several reasons for such a choice: 

  • You can buy real estate in towns and villages by the seaside resort for any taste. This can be a modest house in a Bulgarian village, modern villa or a luxurious apartment from the Dinevi Resort developers. 
  • Usually, real estate near sea resorts is 2-3 times cheaper. This applies to apartments in complexes, houses in Bulgarian villages of Kamenar, Goritsa, Lyka, Medovo.
  • It is quiet and safe in small towns and villages. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, meet friends, or organize nice parties. There is no risk that on a summer night you will wake up from the screams of cheerful companies. 
  • The infrastructure is well-developed. Although the town is 10-20 km from the sea and there are not hundreds of supermarkets, restaurants, bars, you can always find a shop where you can buy everything needed. There are cafes, sports grounds, schools and kindergartens. No parking issues. 
  • Most of the houses offer beautiful views of the fields, forests, and the sea. You will forget about how you once lived in apartments with your windows looking into the windows of the neighbors. As a rule, construction near the seaside resorts is not so dense. You can drink coffee, enjoy the sunset in a calm atmosphere, just relax watching the colorful spring herbs and flowers, serene winter and autumn landscapes. 
  • If you decide to purchase a house in a Bulgarian village 5-15 km from the sea, you can devote your free time to growing flowers, vegetables and fruits. Many people take care of chickens and pets. As a result, there are always delicious, fresh products on the table and the opportunity to sell them to city restaurants and restaurant owners. 

Rural tourism has been gaining popularity lately. Houses in a Bulgarian village are in demand among families with children and the senior people. Many tourists come for the whole summer looking for a break from the hustle and bustle and at the same time enjoy living next to the sea. 

Where to buy real estate near the seaside resort 

You shouldn't think that buying a property near a seaside resort means only moving to a village. By the way, there is nothing boring about it, especially considering that recently more and more citizens of Germany, Russia, and Great Britain are choosing real estate in Medovo, Goritsa, Panitsovo, or Alexandrovo. Many have found ideal houses or plots in Kamenar and Lyka. 
In Bulgaria, there are many unique places where you can buy luxury real estate near the seaside resorts, and the level of living will comply with the highest demands.

The villa complex Victoria Residence is one of them. The distance to the sea is 2 km. The nearest towns are the famous balneological resort Pomorie and Burgas, quarter of Sarafovo. The complex consists of separate modern cottages and townhouses. Luxurious layouts, lawns, patios and vineyards make it possible to fill boring city life with bright emotions and a real experience. Such a life is shown in the movies, and people feel jealous about it. Now you yourself can enjoy a unique combination of living in a beautiful place and modern construction technologies. 

It should be noted that the complex has a swimming pool, playgrounds, sports ground, restaurant, and a shop. 
Another excellent option is The Vineyards Resort – a complex located near Pomorie and Aheloy. Luxurious vineyards, restaurants with exquisite wines, SPA-center, excellent quality of building, and great layouts will impress even the most discerning real estate buyers. 
One more fashionable gated community, the Venid Eco Village, is now being constructed at the foot of the Balkan Mountains near Sveti Vlas. Apartments and villas are designed in the best possible way. Whichever luxury property you choose, it will be distinguished by high quality construction, first-class design, style and luxury.

Apart Estate offers excellent studio, one-, two-bedroom apartments and villas in Kosharitsa. This small village is located just 4 km from the world-famous resort of Sunny Beach. Sandy beaches with all kinds of water activities, restaurants, and bars can be reached by bike, car, and on foot. For many residents living in Kosharitsa, this route has become a daily walk which allows exercising and enjoying beautiful landscapes. 
An economical but wonderful option for those who want to buy a property near the seaside resort is Tynkovo. The Sunny Beach resort is 5 km away. Here, you can find residential complexes with swimming pools, cottages, and houses. 

Prices of property near seaside resorts

Apartments and houses near seaside resorts are quite cheap. The exception is the Victoria hills and Venid Eco Village gated communities. In Victoria hills, prices per square meter start from 1,000 Euros, while in the luxury complex near Sveti Vlas – from 2,000 Euros. 
Small studio apartments in Tynkovo ​​cost from 8,000 Euros, one-bedroom apartments are available at 20,000 Euros. A two-bedroom apartment can be found for 31,000 Euros. 
In Kosharitsa, property prices are more or less the same. Here, in this village, you can find a pleasant surprise – an opportunity to buy a two-bedroom townhouse with furniture for only 60 thousand. In this case, a square meter will cost 410 euros. 

Prices for houses in the Bulgarian villages of Panitsovo or Goritsa start from 300 Euros /sq. m. Modern cottages in Kamenar, Bata, Kableshkovo cost from 500 euros/ sq. m. 

The range of prices for real estate near sea resorts, as well as the choice of apartments, villas and cottages is huge. Apart Estate specialists are always ready to help you choose the best property option, answer all questions, help buying real estate as well as registering it.