Property in Bulgaria for people with disabilities

Bulgaria is one of those European countries that are ideal for permanent living of people with disabilities and chronic diseases. Everything here, from a pleasant climate and clean air to the availability of underground passages with elevators and ramps in multi-storey buildings, creates good conditions for a comfortable life. The decision to buy property in Bulgaria to move or spend vacations is a wonderful opportunity for people with disabilities. Apart Estate agency will help to make the best choice. 

Why Bulgaria is the best option for permanent living

One can argue a lot about the level of social and economic development of Bulgaria, to compare the country with Greece, Italy, or Spain. One thing is true – slowly but surely the Bulgarian government and the people themselves create a friendly environment for people suffering from all kinds of chronic diseases.

Property in Bulgaria for people with disabilitiesA lot has changed over the past few years:

  • An installation of elevators in underground passages’ program has been launched. The elevators are being installed also in schools and universities. 
  • Ramps for easy entrance to multi-storey buildings with a high first floor are installed. 
  • Special ramps are arranged on guarded beaches and by entrances to pharmacies and hospitals. 
  • Job and University education opportunities are provided.
  • Fundraising events are being held to attract attention to people suffering from serious illnesses. Moreover, in many cities one can attend special dancing, yoga, or exercise therapy. Programs are organized by parents of children with disabilities. 
  • Swimming pools and gyms are being constructed.
  • A tolerant attitude to children and adults with disabilities is encouraged. Every child goes to school or has a special teacher assigned to him. Classes are held in the classroom, or if necessary – on an individual basis. 
  • Property is cheap.
  • One always has an opportunity to buy organic farm products, fresh fruits and vegetables. 

All this is in addition to the natural wealth of the country. As the old legend says, when God distributed land to countries, no free corner was left to give to Bulgaria. So, he gave Bulgarians a piece of paradise. Beautiful clean sea, fresh mountain air, mineral sources, salt lakes and curative mud – all this is available on the Bulgarian land. Many balneological resorts and sanatoriums help to treat diseases of joints, nervous, urinary, and cardiovascular systems. Special programs of gynecological and respiratory rehabilitation have been developed. 

What property to buy in Bulgaria for people with disabilities

Each person decides where to live, and this wish is based on interests, preferences, budget. Someone, moving to Bulgaria for permanent living, chooses Sofia, others – Burgas, Varna. Someone likes Sozopol, Sunny Beach, Ravda, or small villages hidden in the mountains, near rivers and lakes. 
Real estate in towns and villages spread along the sea coast will perfectly fit people with disabilities. Modern living complexes, multi-storey residential buildings, townhouses and cottages are being built near endless beaches, coastal alleys, hundreds of shops and cafes. 

An apartment on the first floor with a separate exit to a garden will suit people with mobility issues ideally. 
Apartments are sold in usual multi-storey buildings, residential complexes. One can just open the door to get to a yard and to find himself in the fresh air. This gives an opportunity to really enjoy life. Such apartments are offered in Pomorie, Ravda, Nessebar, Sozopol. They are very popular in Burgas – property in Sarafovo district is in high demand.

Unique opportunities for owners of apartments with a courtyard are offered in residential complexes of St. Vlas and Sunny beach. Anyone who chose property in a living complex can just go out of the flat and enjoy a pool, a recreation area or a wonderful park.

Prices of apartments with their own courtyard depend on the location. In Sarafovo, a one-bedroom apartment cost 35,000 Euros and more. Similar options in usual residential buildings in Ravda, Nessebar can be bought for 28,000 Euros. Real estate in complexes costs less.

Townhouses and small cottages perfectly suit the needs of people with disabilities. When buying a townhouse in the construction phase, one can agree on the installation of a small elevator. There is a possibility to install a swimming pool or to arrange convenient paths in the yard near the cottage. The average price of a townhouse without furniture and repair is 650-700 Euros/ sq. m.

The Apart Estate agency offers property for people with disabilities in Bulgaria. You can buy an apartment or a house near the sea or in the mountains. This will give you a chance not to be locked in four walls but to live a full life – to move, to breathe fresh air, to feel the warmth and flavors of the sea.