Property for sale in balneological resorts in Bulgaria

Real estate in balneo resorts in Bulgaria is a great investment. You can buy studio, one-, two-bedroom apartments, and houses near balneological resorts in Pomorie, Burgas, Bansko, Pamporovo. This property is good for permanent living, vacations, and rental. Mineral waters and therapeutic mud help to treat all kinds of diseases, recovering health that has suffered from a crazy rhythm and habits of modern city life. A well-developed infrastructure, amazingly beautiful nature, opportunities for study and business attract entrepreneurs, families with children, pensioners. Apart Estate is always ready to offer excellent apartments at attractive prices. 

Balneo tourism in Bulgaria

Balneotherapy in Bulgaria has been very demanded and popular for years. The country is rich with mineral springs and therapeutic mud. Good ecology, pure air, mountains, and the sea increase opportunities for cure, recovery, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Spa and balneo resorts in BulgariaBalneo resorts offer a wide range of services. Depending on the location, you can find:

  • Treatment of internal organs’ diseases. In case of gastritis, ulcers, diseases, inflammation of the genitourinary system and diabetes it is recommended to drink mineral water on a regular basis. This can be done daily providing you choose to live and rest in Burgas, Bansko, Pamporovo, or Velingrad. 
  • Taking a bath or a shower, swimming in a pool filled with mineral water, and applying mud therapy is effective for joints diseases, arthritis, osteoporosis, skin diseases, problems with the nervous system and gynecology. To get the proper treatment, we would advise carefully considering Pomorie, Burgas, Albena, Balchik, and Velingrad.
  • In case of respiratory diseases, you can improve health in mountainous districts, in SPA-centers of Rila, Rhodope, and the Balcan mountains. Inhalation, throat rinsing procedures are carried out with mineral waters by highly qualified specialists with rich experience.


One of the most famous Bulgarian SPA-and balneological centers is Pomorie. The small town is located on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. On one side, there is a sea, on the other – the salty Pomorie lake. For centuries, local people have used the richest resources of this land:

  • The healing mud from the lake bottom is rich in calcium, magnesium, hydrogen sulfide, sodium, and iron. It has an anesthetic effect, accelerates metabolic processes.
  • Lake water is used for therapeutic baths. 
  • Salts have powerful anti-flammatory effects.
  • Salty mineral waters are used for SPA-procedures.

Drinking water from the source in the St. George monastery has healing power and is recommended for internal strength and energy recovery.

Thanks to the diversity of natural healing resources, Pomorie has become a city where the property is in great demand. Every year, new living buildings and luxurious complexes are being erected here. The most popular request is one-and two-bedroom apartments located in downtown and near the hotel Grand Pomorie. It is here, where there is a wonderful balneological center. One can get help in case of nervous, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and reproductive systems pathologies as well as skin and metabolic problems. 

Recently, townhouses and cottages near Pomorie, in the Majestic and Victoria Residence complexes, have become very popular. Foreigners have a vivid interest in buying houses in neighboring villages – Kamenar and Laka. 
Life and infrastructure in Pomorie is adapted for a comfortable permanent residence; there are schools, kindergartens, banks, notaries, supermarkets, restaurants, walking alleys, places for recreation and relaxation. The city is especially popular among pensioners from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, as well as among families with children. The proximity to Burgas, opportunities for business development, and low prices for real estate in Pomorie attract young and initiative people.


Solnitsy BurgasThe regional center, the fourth largest city in Bulgaria with great potential, a seaport, a paradise for ornithologists – all this is about Burgas. The city has excellent opportunities for balneotherapy as well. 

In Burgas, in the Vetren district, there is a Burgaski Mineralni Bani complex. The city residents can take free mineral water to care for digestive and genitourinary systems’ pathologies. It is efficient for musculoskeletal and nervous diseases. A local sanatorium offers ways to improve health in hydrothermal pools, undergo recovery procedures in a hospital building.

Near the balneological complex in Vetren and in the neighboring district of Banevo, you can buy a house with a yard and a garden, a modern cottage, or a townhouse. A city bus connects districts with the downtown every 20-30 minutes (depending on the day and the time). Housing is very popular among residents of Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain.

Balneotherapy in Vetren is available all year round, while in Solnitsy the health can be recovered only in summer. Solnitsy is a place where salt is mined and special areas for mud therapy and bathing in salty water are arranged. The natural SPA-resort is located approximately halfway between the Sea Garden (near the districts Lazur, Zornitsa) and the Sarafovo district. Those who plan to buy property in Burgas in these districts consider it as an advantage. They can choose studios, one-, two-bedroom apartments, townhouses, and luxurious cottages. Real estate in living complexes Diamond Beach, Burgas Beach Resort, and Perla is also very popular. 


The small town of Bansko is located in the Pirin Mountains. This is a modern downhill ski resort. However, among people who want to buy real estate in Bansko there are not only active lifestyle enthusiasts, travelers, and those enjoying entertainment. Pensioners and people suffering from skin, musculoskeletal, digestive, nervous, genitourinary systems’ diseases are interested in housing here as well  
5-6 km southeast of Bansko, there is Dobrinishte – a town famous with 17 mineral water springs. The temperature varies from 38,4 to 40,3° С. Water has neither specific color nor odor. It is good for drinking. One of the most popular springs is Srebyrni. The water contains silver ions with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Traveling in the other direction, 5 km north-east from Bansko, there is the Banya village. The settlement is famous for mineral springs, where water is 55-71° C. It is used in outdoor pools, baths for curing cardiovascular, gynecological diseases, digestive, musculoskeletal systems’ pathologies. 
Prices for Bansko property start from 305 Euro/ sq. m. Luxurious apartments can be bought for 625 Euro/ sq. m.


One more Bulgarian downhill ski center is Pamporovo. The town infrastructure is adapted for winter recreation, but the splendor of nature, shops, amazingly pure air, and, most importantly, a good neighborhood with mineral springs make it a place where you can come to recover and treat various diseases.
If you like the mountains, hiking and traveling all the year-round, or have an apartment for rental during the winter, but prefer living in it during the rest of the year, we recommend buying a property in Pamporovo. There is a large choice of spacious cheap apartments in living complexes with pools, restaurants, as well as in residential buildings. Many are located in a pine forest with incredible coniferous aroma and amazingly fresh air. In the mornings, birds sing, graceful chamois that are not afraid of people at all run along unknown paths.  

About 45 km to the north of Pamporovo, there is a village Narechensky Bany. There are three mineral springs here: Soleno Izvorche (Salty Spring), Ochno Izvorche (Eye Spring), and Bansky Izvor. Water helps to cope with diabetes, endocrine, metabolism disease, nervous pathologies. According to the legend, the Eye Spring helps to treat conjunctivitis and allergies. 

If you go west from Pamporovo, then 35 km away you can see the small town of Devin. The mineral water has temperatures from 16 to 70°С. It has a beneficial effect on all body systems.
Real estate in SPA and balneological resorts in Bulgaria is popular among pensioners, people suffering from various diseases, families with children, and investors. Apartments, houses, and townhouses suit recreation, permanent residence, and rental. 

Apart Estate agency offers property in the balneological resorts in Bulgaria at cheap prices.