Property in Medovo, Bulgaria

Apart Estate offers property in the Medovo village, Pomorie municipality, Burgas region, Bulgaria: houses, cottages and land. To those who dream of buying a house in a Bulgarian village not far from the sea, we would advise considering property in Medovo. Thanks to the beautiful nature, unique possibilities for living, traveling, SPA treatment, the real estate attracts people from all over the world. Comfort and coziness suit the permanent living of pensioners and families with children well. You can buy a cottage with a garden or a modest village house in Medovo, Bulgaria. Land is also offered for sale. Possibilities to develop profitable businesses increase the attention of investors and businessmen.

Why are real estate buyers interested in Medovo

село МедовоColorful Bulgarian villages located among the fields, forests, and mountains charm and attract the attention of everyone who comes here for a visit or just passes by. You can fall in love with them not only at a first glance, but also at a first sound. The name of Medovo creates feelings of home coziness, traditions, and warm family evenings.

The village is located 26 km away from Burgas near the Kableshkovo town at the foot of the Stara Planina mountains. Having reached the Biberna mountain, you can see the sea and several Black sea towns – Nesebar, Pomorie, Chernomorets, Sozopol, and Burgas. Historians say that this is the place from where Tsar Simeon led his famous battle against Byzantines at Aheloy in 917.

Today, Medovo can boast of an actively developing infrastructure, construction of new cottages, living complexes. A kindergarten is built, shops, cafes, restaurants are open, the church is constructed. Thanks to this, more foreigners, young couples and pensioners from Israel, Europe, UK purchase cottages and land here, move for permanent living or use cottages for summer vacations.

However, do not think that only elderly people and family couples buy real estate in the village. Young people are attracted to outdoor activities. The landscape is perfect for such extreme sports as hang gliding and paragliding. Lakes Aheloy and Poroy attract fishing fans searching for a pike, carp, or perch trophy.

Nine km away from the village there is a protected area Koriata famous for its old trees. In summer, a walk along the oak forest will give incredible feelings. 

Another attraction is the Aqua Paradise water park. It is located just 10 km away and is one of the largest water parks in Bulgaria. Crazy slides, attractions for children and adults, and animators will let you relax and have fun.

The village is famous for mineral water. Healthy characteristics of these springs and clean air help develop SPA tourism.

What property to buy in Medovo

Medovo village is only getting popular. Today, it is more known to the people who used to live here for years, new real estate owners, their relatives and friends. Thanks to this, property prices are less than in the nearby and more popular villages of Kamenar and Laka. You can buy a house with a yard just at 350 Euro/ sq. m. In accordance with Bulgarian traditions, there will be a garden, vegetable beds, a barbeque, and a shady patio. 

Many property owners get used to a new life very quickly. If not working in the town, they start growing vegetables and fruits for sale and sell bee products, eggs and fish at local markets.

Another business opportunity is real estate rental. The good touristic infrastructure and SPA opportunities contribute to interest for long and short-term rentals in Medovo.

Today, you cannot purchase apartments in the village. The market only offers houses, modern cottages and plots. One can’t even buy property in the well-known complex Old houses. 

The prices of cottages start from 40,000 Euro. You can buy a one-story house with an area of more than 100 sq. m at this price. It suits living but requires renovation. The price includes 2,000 sq. m of land. 

New cottages with Act 16, PVC windows, modern design, and a garden with plants cost about 75,000 Euro. Additional investments are required only in case you want to make an internal renovation at your taste or to get other furniture.

Land in Medovo suits individual housing construction, agriculture and business development, as well as vineyards growing. Sales of plots with pre-approved golf field construction projects tell about big plans of developing the village. 

Land prices depend on a plot’s quality, location, and purpose and cost from 1 to 5 Euro per square meter. The price of the land in Medovo will be about 26 Euro/ sq. m.

You will easily find a property in Medovo, Bulgaria, with the Apart Estate agency. We offer a wide choice of cottages and houses. Our specialists will help consider all the advantages and benefits, compare different options, and choose the best.