Property in Elenite

The Elenite resort complex is located on the southern slopes of the Stara Planina mountains right near the Black Sea. The air here is filled with the freshness of the sea and the crystal purity of the mountains. This combination is considered ideal for the people of any age suffering from diseases of the respiratory system. Real estate in Elenite, Bulgaria, matches the beautiful nature. There are luxury apartments, gorgeous villas and comfortable studios. With the Apart Estate agency you can profitably buy an apartment in Elenite in a new building or on a resale market. 

Advantages of buying the real estate in Elenite, Bulgaria

One of the newest resorts of the Bulgarian Black sea coast is Elenite. It was formed where the Stara Planina mountains come close to the Black Sea. Wild sandy beaches get in touch with coniferous forests here, while the mountain range protects them from cold winds and creates a unique microclimate. The air is amazingly clean, full with a healing power. Those people who ever come here feel a surge of new strength, breath freely, getting rid of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergies. 
The opening of a balneological clinic in 1985 was the first step towards the development of this wonderful healing place. It stayed unavailable for free access for several years, until 1993. Active development of the area started in 2000s.

Today Elenite is

  • several complexes with apart hotels, villas, townhouses;
  • fresh, life-giving air;
  • clear sea;
  • a beach with fine golden sand;
  • a chance to improve one’s health, get rid of allergies, respiratory diseases;
  • water sports;
  • hiking in the mountains following specially organized paths;
  • a modern water park;
  • restaurants of Bulgarian and European cuisine;
  • SPA, massage centers, gyms;
  • shops offering a good choice of goods;
  • various entertainments for children;
  • the opportunity to buy inexpensive apartment in Elenite both new and on a resale market;
  • a good selection of luxury property.

The place, once quiet and hidden from people’s eyes, has turned into a unique Black sea resort, offering excellent opportunities for leisure and health recovery. 
There are no schools, year-round kindergartens in Elenite, thus many people do not consider the village for permanent living. Still there are people who prefer to live here all year round. The fact is that the village is just a few steps from Sveti Vlas  and only 20 km away from Nessebar. Both towns have all the conditions for permanent residence. So, Elenite becomes a quiet haven where one can come back from a hard working day, on vacation and enjoy a good rest.

Key points in selecting in Elenite

Property in EleniteIt is possible to live in the resort village all year round, however property in Elenite is purchased mainly for summer holidays. Many citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Bulgaria, European countries come to the Black Sea resort with their families at the end of May and stay until September.

Property in Elenite is diverse. It satisfies a taste and meets requirements of the most fastidious buyers.

Spacious studios with large windows unveil views to the sea and the mountains. Such a studio will be comfortable for a couple. Providing furniture is well arranged, it can be good for families with children as well. A large room combines the kitchen, living room and bedroom. If there is a large balcony, one can arrange one more room, and it will suit for living in summer.

One bedroom apartments have a convenient layout. There is a corridor, living room with a kitchen, a bathroom, one or two balconies. If the apartment is located on the ground floor there might be a porch with an exit to a yard instead of a balcony.

Large apartments with several bedrooms usually have several bathrooms and WC. Some have so big balconies, that one can put sun umbrellas and lounges or even arrange a swimming pool. Many apartments offer a gorgeous, breathtaking view to the sea.

Villas. Luxury cottages and villas for permanent residence are being built and offered for sale in Elenite. They are located in closed complexes with security, swimming pools, water slides, playgrounds, yards and gardens cared by professional landscape designers. The shadow from the trees creates a cool protecting walking people from the scorching sun. There are shops, restaurants, cafes, sport facilities in the resort complexes. The villas have two stores; they all are built in one and the same architectural style. Each can comfortable accommodate 6-8 people. One can buy a whole villa in Elenite. There is also an option to buy separate apartments in them.

All the resort complexes are located no more than 800 m from the sea. In some other areas such a distance is considered as an inconvenience, here it is perceived as an advantage. Many people prefer to buy property in Elenite on some distance from the beach to enjoy silence, daily walks along shady alleys, breathe the air filled with the flavors of pine trees and the sea.  

When buying a real estate in Elenity, one should remember that the maintenance fee here is mandatory. The amount is calculated based on the area of the apartment and varies from 7 to 12 Euro/ m2. The money is used to maintain the territory of the complex, swimming pools, elevators, to create comfortable living conditions. Some complexes, such as the Privilege Fort Club, have their own access to the beach, exciting entertainments. There is also a slow river carrying its waters around residential buildings.

Apartments in Elenite are not only perfect for living and summer vacations. They are a great investment. During the touristic season they are good for rent, thus bring their owners regular and tangible income. To sell property in Elenite will not take much time.

Prices for property in Elenite in 2022

The average price of the real estate in Elenite is 650-800 Euro per 1 sq. m. However this average estimation does not take into account the features of the apartment, the complex in which it is located and proximity to the sea.

The price of VIP cottage in Elenite with its own yard, first-class interior repair and designer furniture is 900-1200 Euro/m2

Apartments located on the first line of the sea just 20-80 meters away cost 700-800 Euro per sq. m.
At the same time one can buy a very inexpensive apartment in Elenite at 500 Euro/ m2. Such options are available in some ready complexes as well as in some resort complexes which have not got Act 16 yet.

Property in Elenite near the sea is a great opportunity to enjoy life and rest close to the beach and to the mountains. Houses, studios, one bedroom apartments or flats with several rooms are well rented. At the same time they are inexpensive and can be afforded by people of different income. 

The managers of the Apart Estate agency will select you the real estate in Elenite which will perfectly meet your requirements. They will advise on the issues connected with both purchasing and forming the property you like, and provide full support for the deal.