Property next to the sea in Bulgaria

Sea property in Bulgaria is an excellent investment for those people who chose this country for permanent living, vacation and business development. Real estate is being built of high quality materials and corresponds to European standards. Still, the prices are much lower than in France, Spain or Italy.

For many years, Bulgarian Black sea shore resorts and towns have attracted attention of people dreaming about living near the sea. The climate here is soft with many sunny days. Mountains are adjacent with beautiful sandy beaches, modern cities – with tiny villages preserving charm of Bulgarian national traditions. Fresh air, splendid nature, many architectural sites are the main factors of tourism development. 

Two large Bulgarian cities are located on the coast – Varna in the north, Burgas – in the south. Both settlements are developing dynamically and have an excellent transport infrastructure. Two international airports connect Black sea resorts with England, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the majority European countries. Numerous local and international buses and trains go from Varna and Burgas to big cities, small towns and villages.

Arise of the great interest to the Bulgarian property market dates back to the beginning of 2000. Attracted with housing low prices, high quality construction, a wonderful climate and stability, foreigners began to buy sea real estate in Bulgaria. Citizens of many countries bought apartments in the resorts of Albena, St. Konstantin and Elena, Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Sozopol. The most popular options are studio, one, two bedroom apartments, townhouses, family houses. 

An increased attention to the sea property caused growth of construction speed and volume. The construction fever grasped coastal resorts as well as Burgas and Varna. New living complexes, hundreds of residential buildings have grown for last several years. Irrespective to the big number of offers, the prices keep on growing or stay stable. The prices increase for new construction, building on the resale market. Sea apartments are considered as a reliable investment.

How to buy property near the sea in Bulgaria

Sozopol, Abena, Sveti Vlas, Elenite, Pomorie, Chernomorets, Rusalka, Sinemorets, Sunny Beach… One can get crazy of all these names. These locations are different, but have something common – all of them are located on the sea shore in Bulgaria. Any on them can offer your dream property. 

Real estate purchase is not a simple process, it consists of two important steps: 

  • Choosing an apartment or a house. A settlement, cottage, apartment can be chosen based on the feedback from other people, from reading pamphlets with advertising information. However it is better to travel around and see how the resorts, living buildings look in reality.
  • Property registration. As soon as the apartment or cottage is chosen, one applies to a Notary for registering it. The Notary registers a Notary Act – a document which contains basic information about the buyer, the seller and the real estate. Based on the Notary Act, the person becomes the apartment owner, registers it in the tax authority, water, power supply companies. 

What sea property can be bought in Bulgaria

It is possible to buy any type of property near the sea in Bulgaria. The choice will depend on the budget and requirements. 

The most popular are:

  • Studio apartments. These flats have one room, a bathroom with WC and a balcony. If the studio is located on the ground floor, it has an exit to the yard. The area varies from 22 to 60 sq. m. Studios are designed for accommodation of 1-2 persons. In some cases, when the area is big enough, the studio can be turned into a one bedroom apartment where a family of 3-4 persons can live year-round or spend vacations. Large luxurious studio apartments with spacious terraces and sea views can be offered for the people who love space, comfort and freedom.
  • Apartments with one or more bedrooms consist of a living room, one or several bedrooms, bathroom and a terrace. The smallest flats near the sea can be as big as 40 sq. m. There are 100 sq. m. and larger apartments with several bathrooms and balconies in new residential buildings and on the secondary market.
  • Houses and townhouses. A new tendency on the market of the property near the sea in Bulgaria includes private family cottages and townhouses. They can be bought in big cities and coastal resorts. Townhouses, houses are sold with land where one can arrange a garden, meet friends, organize family holidays. The latest trend is a house with a large living room with panoramic windows unveiling amazing views of the sea.