Property in spa complexes in Bulgaria

Balneo and wellness tourism in Bulgaria attracts more and more foreigners every year. The country has 38 balneological resorts, more than 700 mineral springs. Local citizens and foreigners invest in the development of modern projects in balneological resorts willingly. To buy property in a spa complex in Bulgaria means to get an opportunity to live in a country with a wonderful climate and at the same time get a chance for health’s recovery. The local real estate market offers small studios, one-, two-bedroom apartments, luxury property. Homeowners and their guests can use saunas, pools, beauty shops.

What are the differences in the property in spa complexes and regular hotels 

Ordinary resorts offer accommodation as well as restaurants, cafes and bars. Many have an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, playground, sports’ areas, and gyms.

If you buy an apartment in a spa complex in Bulgaria, in addition to the above opportunities, you will get a possibility to use mineral water pools, various types of steam rooms (Russian banya, hammam, Finnish sauna). The resorts also offer gyms, cosmetology centers, relaxation, detoxification, yoga rooms, salt and mud therapy.

Such famous centers are located in such balneological resorts as Pomorie, St. Vlas, Elenite, Varna, Bansko, Velingrad, Sandanski, Hisarya.

Advantages of buying spa property

Services provided hotels focused on health recovery are their main advantage compared to other places. Apartments’ buyers get opportunities of health recovery and treatment in the place where they live. Real estate in balneo resorts is especially interesting for pensioners, people who want to improve their health, families with children.

Another advantage of such real estate is a high rental cost. It is important for investors and those owners who do not live in the country permanently. People planning to combine vacations with balneo treatment are ready to pay more for renting apartments. 

One more advantage – wellness centers often operate year-round, thus, rental is possible not only during the summer.

Prices for the spa complex’ property

Despite the large selection of treatment and recovery procedures, property prices in spa centers are only slightly higher than the prices in other hotels.

The average price per square meter in Pomorie is 600-800 Euros. In Sandanski - 650 Euro.
However, there are exceptions. The prices of luxury real estate in Varna, Velingrad, Sandanski can reach 1400 Euro / sq. m. Such flats have their own yard, a free of charge possibility to permanently drink mineral water and use pools with thermal water.

To buy an apartment in a spa complex in Bulgaria is not always easy. We are happy to offer our agency’s assistance to choose the best option. We will provide the complete information about balneological resorts in Bulgaria, their services and prices, point at the advantages and differences of each option.