From the second half of 2024, when selling real estate in Bulgaria, obtaining a cadastral sketch will be free of charge

On March 20, 2024, the National Assembly of Bulgaria approved the abolition of fees for obtaining real estate sketches. Corresponding changes will be made to the Cadastre and Property Register Act and a number of other regulations. It is expected that the innovation will simplify and speed up the process of preparing documents for the property sale. The changes will enter into force 3 months from the date of publication of the document in the State Gazette “Darzhaven Vestnik”. The feasibility of the project will be assessed within the next 5 years.

От втората половина на 2024 г. при продажба на недвижими имоти в България получаването на кадастрална схема ще бъде безплатноAs soon as the approved changes take effect, real estate sellers will no longer be required to order a sketch and pay for its preparation. According to Sabrie Sapundzhiev, Deputy Minister of Justice of Bulgaria, notaries will now have direct access to the Cadastre Agency's database. When completing a purchase and sale transaction, they will be able to receive documents online and free of charge.

To complete the sale of property, the seller’s package of documents will include a tax assessment certificate of a flat, studio apartment or house, a Notary Act and a sales agreement. If necessary, you will need to include a power of attorney (if the owner’s representative is present at the transaction), a marriage/divorce certificate and other documents required by law.

Apart Estate experts, however, urge you not to forget that the innovation applies only to real estate located in areas for which cadastral maps have already been prepared.

Another point worth paying attention to is that canceling the requirement to submit a cadastral sketch by the seller will not affect the property’s price. Ordering a sketch for a property for sale in Bulgaria will become free in the second half of 2024.

Let us also remind you that for now legal entities, sellers of houses, apartments, commercial and industrial premises, garages must, as before, order a diagram from the Agency for Geodesy,

Cartography and Cadastre. The price of the document ranges from 20 to 40 BGN, depending on the preparation time. A free sketch in Bulgaria is provided only at the request of the court in relation to criminal cases, determining the property’s origin, providing assistance to mothers of many children and in a number of other cases.

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