Winter in Bulgaria: types of heating systems in apartments, tariffs in 2023

Despite the fact that Bulgaria is a southern country, due to high humidity, winters on the Black Sea coast are cold and dank. A variety of heating systems are used to avoid freezing in an apartment or house. Apart Estate real estate agency experts will tell you about all types of heating, as well as tariffs for heating.

Types of heating systems in Bulgaria

When choosing and purchasing an apartment or house in Bulgaria, it is important to pay special attention to issues related to heating. If the problem is ignored, then either the apartment will be cold in winter, or heating costs will be too high.

  • Winter in Bulgaria: types of heating systems in apartments, tariffs in 2023The simplest and most common heating system in Bulgaria is electricity. Air conditioners, oil, infrared, and convection heaters, fan heaters, and heated floors are used to warm up a flat or a studio apartment. The device is connected to the network, the temperature is adjusted, and when it is reached, the device turns off. It becomes warm and cozy inside. Electric heating is especially convenient in apartments with windows facing south and west. The generous sun perfectly warms the rooms during daylight hours. Electric heating is also effective in houses built using energy-saving technologies.Electric fireplaces are often installed in large apartments, cottages and villas. They are environmentally friendly, beautiful, and stylish, fit perfectly into the interior, and create a feeling of coziness and comfort.
  • More and more often, gas heating systems are being offered as an alternative to electric heating. A gas running boiler and a heated floor can be installed in a house or apartment.
  • Some living buildings in large cities are connected to a central heating system. It is very comfortable. As soon as it gets colder, the local thermal power plant releases heat into the residential buildings, and, despite the high humidity and cold outside, it becomes pleasant and dry in apartments. Special valves that allow you to regulate the heat supply and the temperature are installed in flats and studio apartments, so it rarely becomes hot there. Residential buildings with central heating in Burgas are available in the neighborhoods of Slaveykov, Bratya Miladinovi, Zornitsa, Lazur,and  Izgrev. These are mainly living buildings built about 30-40 years ago. However, recently some newly constructed buildings have also been connected to thermal power plants. Apartments in living buildings under construction with central heating are available for sale in Lazur and Zornitsa.
  • The next type of heating in Bulgaria is wood. It is used mainly in houses in villages throughout the country. Along with ovens and fireplaces, a water jacket is installed in the cottages, and that ensures a comfortable temperature in all rooms.
  • Firewood is also used in apartment buildings in cities. People install an oven or a fireplace in their flat, make an exit for the pipe to the street, buy firewood for the winter and store it in special rooms in the basement, on the balcony, on the stairwells.
  • Pellets are being offered today increasingly. They are used for fireplaces in cottages and townhouses.

Recently, it is recommended to use heat pumps for warming up houses and apartments. This effective method does not require much cost and does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Heating tariffs

The most expensive type of heating in Burgas is electricity. The daily tariff for the population in 2023 is 0.248 leva/kWh, and the night tariff is 0.1425 leva/kWh. In winter, the cost of heating an apartment of 60 square meters can be about 300 leva per month. If energy sources are used inefficiently, monthly costs can rise to 450-600 leva.

Central heating is cheaper. Monthly expenses for a one-bedroom apartment are about 160 leva. When staying in a two-bedroom apartment, the bill can reach 325 leva.

Monthly expenses when using pellets are about 270 leva. Heating a large apartment or house costs an average of 400 leva.

Wood remains the cheapest heating option. Taking into account the purchase and transportation expenses, 10 cubic meters can be bought for about 800 leva. This volume can be used for two years. Providing that the wood is used for heating 5 months a year, monthly costs will be 80 leva.

When purchasing an apartment in Bulgaria for permanent residence, the Apart Estate real estate agency recommends paying attention to the location of the apartment or house, as well as the type of heating used. Our catalogs include apartments in residential buildings with central heating, cottages with wood-burning fireplaces, pellets, and gas boilers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offers published on our website or by contacting us by phone or convenient messenger.

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