Bulgarian real estate terminology: plot of land in regulation

When purchasing a plot of land in Bulgaria for construction, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that its status is regulated and that it is suitable for the construction of living property. Apart Estate will help you understand what the term “plot of land in regulation” means (Bulgarian – “UPI”), what are the requirements for land in regulation, and what you need to pay attention to when purchasing a plot.

Plot of land in regulation – what does it mean?

In Bulgaria, you can buy finished houses, but they may not meet your wishes, dreams and goals. In this case, even though the process takes longer and requires more resources, it is better to build your own cottage. The first step in the construction process is purchasing a plot of land.

Bulgarian real estate terminology: plot of land in regulationBulgarian legislation imposes a number of requirements on land sold and purchased. The main one is that its status must be regulated. This means that it must be suitable for construction, located in a specific populated area, for which a detailed site development plan or general development plan has been developed.

Regulated plot of land or plot in regulation (“UPI” in Bulgarian) is a plot of land which has boundaries defined in the detailed site development plan (“PUP” in Bulgarian), access from a street or road, specific purposes, and a way and method of construction.

Typically, the document contains the following details:

  • Boundaries along all sides of the site.
  • Purpose – to build a house, the site must have the status of suitable for living construction.
  • Type of construction – private cottage, multifamily living building, and a number of stories.
  • Construction density.
  • Building restrictive and mandatory lines. In accordance with these lines, it is determined where construction can take place, as well as the boundaries within which the house or building should be erected.
  • Minimum percentage of construction area.
  • Mandatory landscaping area.

The document may also contain other terms. The main thing to remember is that the terms of regulation are determined only once, and changes are registered only in cases strictly defined by law. This is a court decision or a change in the status of a plot of land.

Other requirements apply to land used for construction. For instance, the minimum plot of land in the city can be 300 square meters, while the border facing the street must be at least 14 m. In resort areas, these figures are respectively 500 sq. m and 16 m, in cottage villages – 600 sq. m and 18 m.

An important note – land regulation is the only legal way to build a house in Bulgaria.

What to pay attention to

If you have to check whether a plot of land is regulated, you can order a cadastral scheme from the municipality, the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency. This can be done in person or online.

You need to check:

  • Availability of regulation and terms in accordance with which construction can be carried out. If the site is not regulated, it is recommended to talk with the chief architect of the area, city or region regarding what kind of document can be submitted to do it. For example, this could be a partial plan of a populated area.
  • Technical status of the site. This item includes checking the availability of communications: electricity, water, and sewerage. If the site includes underground space, a geological survey must be carried out.
  • Legal status of property. The former owners and all transactions and deals related to the site should be verified. It is necessary to check documents about inheritance, marriage, as well as legal companies’ papers confirming if the land has ever been owned by them. Verification is carried out through the Property Registration Agency.
  • Financial check. The possibility of any debt should be excluded.

Verification of documents. Additionally, it is worth making sure that the plot of land has a cadastral scheme, and it fully corresponds to the land being purchased.

Plot of land regulation

To regulate the plot of land, you need to submit the following documents to the municipality at its location:

  • Application;
  • Site drawing;
  • Document confirming ownership or a preliminary purchase and sale agreement;
  • Certificate of heirs, if we are talking about a plot inherited;
  • If the construction impacts neighboring areas – permission from their owners;
  • Payment receipt;
  • A description of the owner's intentions regarding what the site is planned to be used for.

Apart Estate real estate agency will help you understand all the intricacies of buying and selling land in Bulgaria. If you dream of your own house, call or write to us, we will help you choose and buy land for construction or a ready-made cottage in Burgas, Sozopol, Pomorie and other resort towns and villages in Bulgaria.

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