Where is best to buy property in Bulgaria

Which city to choose and where it is better to buy an apartment in Bulgaria – this question worries many potential buyers. The answer depends on whether you consider moving to Bulgaria for a permanent residence and want to live by the sea, or you think of getting a vacancy apartment and plan to rent it out for an additional income. Apart Estate will help you understand the nuances of choosing a place where to buy property in Bulgaria. 

Where in Bulgaria to buy an apartment depends mainly on the purpose of the purchase. 

Vacation property

Where is the best to buy an apartment in Bulgaria Apartments and houses in Bulgaria are popular among people who want to buy property for vacations and holidays. Thousands of citizens of Germany, Italy, other European countries and the UK choose real estate in Bulgaria for summer and winter vacations. 

For those who prefer beach holidays, we recommend buying an apartment in Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Sozopol, Chernomorets, or St. Vlas in the south of Black Sea, as well as in Golden Sands and Albena in the north.

Properties in resorts are offered in usual living buildings without a maintenance fee as well as in closed communities where you can enjoy swimming pools, SPA centers, facilities for relaxation, parks and alleys for walks. 

The choice of a settlement in Bulgaria where to buy an apartment depends a lot on personal preferences. In the north, there are stunning beaches with golden sand, but the water temperature is always 1-2 degrees lower. In the south, the sandy coast is interrupted by rocky shores; in ​​Tsarevo and Ahtopol, nature resembles Mediterranean landscapes. 

The infrastructure is excellently developed along the entire Black Sea coast. 

Apart Estate draws buyer’s attention to the fact that Sunny Beach is really attractive for young people and family people; this is a true mecca for those who love super holidays. The balneological resort of Pomorie is an excellent alternative for travelers who appreciate quiet vacations and an opportunity to use the SPA centers services for health recovery. Nessebar and Sozopol are unique historical and archaeological destinations. Burgas is considered to be a paradise for tourists who love festivals, for ornithologists and many others. 

Bulgaria is famous not only for the beaches and infrastructure for summer holidays. If you are a fan of skiing and winter nature, welcome to Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets. In winter, these resorts turn into a paradise for skiing enthusiasts, while in summer you can go hiking, cycling or travel by car visiting natural and historical sites. 

What is the best place to live in Bulgaria? Moving in property

What is the best place to live in BulgariaQuite different criteria are used when you make a decision where to buy an apartment for moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence. 
If you are planning to buy a flat or a studio apartment for permanent residence, Apart Estate would like to draw your attention to the following factors: 

The large cities of Burgas and Varna have schools, hospitals, commercial companies, banks, state enterprises, universities and sports clubs. Here, real estate is more expensive, but you should know that you are buying an apartment in a place well suitable for living the whole life. This will be a place where you can plan a family, raise children, work and enjoy unique opportunities for holidays. 

Real estate in the cosy towns of Pomorie and Sozopol in the southern Black Sea region, as well as in the northern Kavarna, Balchik and Byala, is great for pensioners, families with children, and freelancers. Calm rhythm of life, high level of security, shops, medical centers, restaurants, theaters, concert halls, banks and small businesses allow you to feel as comfortable as possible. 

Having chosen an apartment for permanent residence in Ravda, St. Vlas, Elenite, or Primorsko, be prepared for a quiet, peaceful life from September to May, and a very vivid one during the rest of the year. A kindergarten and a school are available for children. However, adults may have to search for a job in neighboring cities or opportunities to work online. 

Main dilemma the property buyers face is usually connected with whether to buy property in the southern or northern part of the Black Sea coast. 

Burgas region is located in the South. The choice of settlements suitable for permanent residence is wider than in the Varna region. The regional center is Burgas and this city develops very quickly and actively. Every year, thousands of square meters of new real estate is commissioned here, sports facilities are installed, modern shops and manufacturing companies are opened. 

However, for many people it is Varna that becomes something like a second home. This place attracts many newcomers as there are good schools, universities, and opportunities for professional and personal development. 

Real estate in Pamporovo, Bansko, Sandanski is another wonderful option for moving. It is beautiful here. There are many opportunities for touristic business development. Fresh air is great for recovery from respiratory diseases. By the way, for this purpose, we can recommend moving to St. Vlas as well. The combination of mountain and sea air refreshes and helps to recover the health. In each of these settlements you can find shops, schools, pharmacies, and restaurants that work all year round.

Rental property. Is now a good time to buy property in Bulgaria?

where the best to buy an apartment in Bulgaria for moving, spending holidays or rentalThe real estate in Bulgaria is an ideal option for business development and getting an additional income. In summer, studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are in great demand among tourists from Europe, Asia, and America. The season starts from May and lasts until mid-September. 

Closed communities in St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, Ravda, Sozopol, and Obzor attract travelers with children. Apartments by the sea in these communities are highly valued thanks to swimming pools, shops, sports grounds, beauty salons, and animation. 

The purchase of apartments in living complexes is recommended for the buyers searching for inexpensive real estate. Such property allows quickly returning the investments by getting high rental payments. However it is worth remembering that such property is easy to rent out only during the season (in winter mainly in the mountains, in summer – on the Black Sea coast). Another comment is a necessity to pay an annual maintenance fee.

If you consider purchasing rental properties in Bulgaria, pay special attention to the southern Black Sea coast. The great tourist infrastructure, excellent roads between towns as well as the clean beautiful sea lead to high profits in a rental business in this area. 

Apartments in ordinary residential buildings in Burgas, Varna, as well as Pomorie are demanded by those who plan to move to Bulgaria, but are not yet ready to purchase their own property. Such flats are well rented by students and those tourists who value freedom and independence. 

Taking these factors into account, buyers of apartments in large cities in Bulgaria can get a high income renting their real estate all year round and not paying maintenance fees. The key disadvantage is a high buying price. 

Contact the Apart Estate agency to learn where the best to buy an apartment in Bulgaria for moving, spending holidays or rental. We will share with you all the advantages of property in the southern and northern Black Sea coast and help to find the best apartment for families, pensioners, and investors.

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