What to pay attention to when accepting an apartment from a developer in Bulgaria

The pleasure and joy that a new building in Bulgaria, in which you bought a property, is ready, and you can move into your apartment, can be overshadowed by construction defects and issues. Here are some pieces of advice from Apart Estate experts that can help you accept an apartment from a developer in Bulgaria and avoid possible problems. Using our expertise, you will learn what to pay attention to, and will get a possibility to finish your apartment and move into it asap. What to pay attention to when accepting an apartment from a developer in Bulgaria

Legal issues of accepting an apartment from the developer

The key moment when you can start preparing for the acceptance of an apartment from a developer in Bulgaria is when the construction company gets permission to put the residential building into operation. This document is called Act 16. It is issued after the special committee confirms that the residential building was erected in accordance with construction regulations, complies with project documentation and is suitable for people to live in safely.

Do not sign any documents that you accept the apartment until you see Act 16 with your own eyes. Some unscrupulous developers, in an attempt to save themselves from expenses and reduce current liabilities, offer investors to accept real estate in advance. Do not fall for such offers.

Upon receipt of Act 16, the construction company sends notices to investors with an offer to take over the property. You may be asked to come to the place of acceptance at a certain date and hour, or to additionally agree on a time. There is no point in delaying signing the documents. As a rule, the developer begins to rush and gives no more than a month for you to accept the property.

If you live in another country and you do not have the opportunity to come to Bulgaria, a person you trust can take over the acceptance of a flat or studio apartment in Bulgaria. It can be your relative, friend or a representative of the Apart Estate real estate agency. In this case, you must prepare a power of attorney, legalize it with a Bulgarian notary or at the Bulgarian consulate in the place of residence.

If you find defects and inconsistencies with the terms of the contract, indicate them in the acceptance document. Additionally, write down the deadlines for elimination. The document is drawn up in two copies. In some cases, it is advisable to prepare an additional copy for the lawyer.

Accepting an unfinished apartment

Before you go to accept the apartment from the developer, carefully read the contract along with all the appendices that describe its characteristics. It is better to take the document with you.
In your new apartment, check:

  • Compliance of the characteristics specified in the contract with the real conditions. For example, the contract states that the window should be three-chamber with the ability to open it for ventilation, or the front door should be metal with a double lock. Make sure that this is indeed so.
  • Availability of slots for installation of sockets and switches.
  • Availability of electricity and water.
  • Compliance with the designed area of rooms, balconies, and bathrooms.
  • No leaks or mold.
  • Connection points for sewerage and water pipes.
  • No cracks and holes.
  • High quality of the floor.
  • Glass seals.

If possible, ask the representative of the developer to provide you with documentation for building materials and information about the warranty period.

If you feel like you might be missing something important, come along with a professional or someone who is a construction or repair expert.

Acceptance of a turnkey apartment

The principle of accepting turnkey real estate is the same – read the contract and make sure that everything that was written in it corresponds to what you see in front of you.

In the apartment check:

  • The area of all rooms.
  • The floor, ceiling, and walls are even; the corners have no bumps and are straight.
  • If the contract provides for painting or wallpapering, make sure that the work is done well, the paint has not peeled anywhere, and the wallpaper has not peeled off.
  • The laminate, tiles and parquet have no gaps, uneven areas and cracks. The plinth must be installed evenly, and not fall apart.
  • All the communications are done correctly. Cranes, shower cabins and a toilet are installed. Turn on the water, make sure it is there and there are no leakages in pipes, taps, or sewers.
  • Availability of electricity. Take some electrical appliance and plug it into all sockets to check whether they work.
  • If additional equipment such as a boiler or air conditioner is installed, turn them on, and make sure they work in all modes.
  • Balconies. There should be no cracks on the floor. If glazing is provided, the glass must not be broken or have traces of condensation.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of construction and finishing, indicate all the issues in the acceptance document and the time when they should be fixed. This document is mandatory, because otherwise it will be very difficult to correct the shortages.

Apart Estate experts recommend accepting real estate in Bulgaria from developers very carefully. In order to avoid problems, buy an apartment from a well-established construction company which has a good reputation. Take a look at our catalog – we will also offer you apartments from reliable developers.

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