Property in the suburb of Burgas – overview of cottage villages and towns

People in the modern world more and more often look for ways to escape from the bustle of the city to start living in comfortable conditions. Members of one family can work and study in a large city and use the benefits of civilization, while in the evenings they gather at home and enjoy their time. Real estate in the suburbs of Burgas meets all these requirements. Cottages, apartments and townhouses are being sold in settlements located near Burgas. Buying a cheap house near Burgas has become one of the most frequent requests recently.

The advantage of the property in the suburbs is not only a lower price, but also the absence of city noise, good ecology, and the opportunity for children to spend more time outdoors. Apart Estate offers you an overview of the settlements located in the suburbs of Burgas, where you can buy real estate at affordable prices. 

Marinka – comfortable houses in a picturesque location only 10 minutes from Burgas

The village of Marinka is located to the south of Burgas. Despite the fact that the distance to the sea is 5 km, real estate in this beautiful and cozy village is a dream for many Bulgarian citizens and foreigners. In the village, there is a kindergarten, school, food and grocery shops. A bus goes from Marinka to Burgas on a regular basis. 

Thanks to the great interest from the citizens of Europe, Ukraine and Russia to this suburb of Burgas, Marinka is constantly developing. New houses are being built here, it is planned to build a cottage complex, a tennis court, and a stadium. 

Prices vary greatly depending on the year when the property was built: 

  • Old houses cost an average of 680 euros/sq. m. A cottage can be bought at a price of 80 to 160 thousand euros. 
  • New houses built of modern materials based on the latest technology are offered for 1,200 euros /sq. m. The price for luxuriously furnished cottages reaches 1,600 euros /sq. m. Villas without finishing and without furniture cost from 1,050 to 1,200 euros /sq. m. 

Businessmen, architects, and IT-specialists buy houses in Marinka. Good, high-quality internet and a possibility to quickly get to Burgas allow property buyers to work remotely and be always in touch. 

Lahana – cottages and townhouses on the first sea line

Property in the suburb of Burgas – overview of cottage villages and townsA beautiful area of Lahana is located on the sea coast to the north of Sarafovo, the Burgas neighborhood, on the way to the town of Pomorie. This is where a comfortable villa complex Majestic Sea Village is built and where Apart Estate will help you buy a townhouse or your own villa. 

The village is a complex of cottages on the first line of the sea. There is a swimming pool which everyone can use, a small shop, security, and video surveillance. 

The distance to the downtown of Burgas is 11 km, to Pomorie – 4 km. It is equally convenient for local residents to work, study, buy food and have fun in both of these cities. 

Cottages and townhouses in this suburb of Burgas are built in a modern style. They are painted in light colors and decorated with columns. Inside, there are cozy fireplaces and a modern heating system. Thanks to this, houses in the suburb of Burgas Lahana are suitable for year-round living. They are often offered for rent. 

A typical cottage layout includes two floors with three bedrooms, a large living room with areas for relaxing, dining, and cooking. Depending on the layout, the house has two or three bathrooms. Near each cottage there is a parking lot and a private courtyard where you can enjoy long summer evenings, grow grapes, or admire roses. 

Houses in Lahana can be bought for 145-160 thousand euros, townhouses - for 110-115 thousand euros. The average price per square meter is 1,070 euros. 

Rosenets – property near Burgas close to a forest and a picturesque Otmanli beach

The cottage village of Rosenets is located about 15 km south of Burgas. This is a cozy place, lurking in the forest close to the sea. Only the locals and indigenous residents of Burgas know about the sandy beaches hidden here from prying eyes. Rosenets is famous for the

Fisherman's Village (Ribarsko selishte) which is a completely unique place where tourism has been actively developing recently. This area is also known thanks to the Otmanli beach and a pier. 

There are thousands of forest paths along which you can walk with your pets, relatives or alone. Neat tourist bases have been built between these paths. There are comfortable barbecue areas, volleyball and football fields in this park. 

Not so long ago, the Utopia Beach restaurant was opened in Rosenets. It quickly became a cult place for recreation for residents of Burgas, other regions of Bulgaria and foreigners. In Ribarsko Selishte, there is a fish restaurant and a cafe. 

Many people living permanently in Burgs buy cottages in Rosence for permanent residence or use them as summer houses. Cottages and villas here do not come up for sale very often. Their price varies depending on the location, the availability of documents, the quality of construction, the area and the availability of a garden. In general, cottages are expensive. The price of a house with a sea view and a yard reaches 1,900 – 2,100 euros / sq. m.

Cheap options can be found in Ribarsko selishte, but when buying a house in this suburb of Burgas, Apart Estate experts recommend that you carefully consider the property documents. The price of small cottages is about 800 EUR/ sq. m. 

Rosen – cottages and houses near Burgas

The village of Rosen is located 5 km from the sea and 21 km from Burgas. Like in Rosenets, only family houses are sold in Rosen. New fashionable cottages with a garden cost from 1,100 to 1,750 euros/sq. m. Old renovated houses in this suburb of Burgas are cheap; the price does not exceed 257 euros/sq. m. Apartments in Rosen are not offered for sale. If desired, you can only buy one store in an already built cottage. 

Rosen is located at the foot of the Strandzha Mountains, where the fresh sea air becomes richer thanks to the special atmosphere of the mountains. The village has a shop, a secondary school, and a kindergarten. There is a regular bus to Burgas. 

Apart Estate agency offers real estate in the suburbs of Burgas. Townhouses and cottages by the sea are sold in small villa villages and settlements. A complete overview of the suburbs of Burgas will help you choose the property that best suits your desires and requirements. Contact us and we will help you buy a house or townhouse near Burgas.

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