Temporary residence permit through property ownership in Bulgaria

Every day specialists of our agency hear the question whether it is possible to get an automatic temporary residence permit buying property in Bulgaria. A similar opportunity is available in many countries. Bulgaria is among them, but to obtain such a visa, certain conditions must be met.

Getting temporary residence permit buying property in Bulgaria

The main condition is the purchase of an apartment or a house worth at least Leva 600,000. For most applicants this is a huge amount of money, thus, they do not consider the opportunity. As a result, it is widely believed that housing owners cannot get a right to live in Bulgaria. However, Apart Estate specialists familiarized themselves with the migration documents and found a confirmation that the widespread opinion is wrong. 

The next condition – even if someone purchased an flat worth over Leva 600 thousand, the long-stay right is provided for a 6-12 months period only.  So, it needs to be updated on a regular basis. If housing is sold, the ex-owner needs to find another reason to stay in the country.

In any other case the person applying for a temporary living visa still must own or rent housing. Corresponding documents should be provided along with the application form. The real estate price does not matter. 

The main requirement to any property is that it must be intended for living. This is important irrespective to the price. All the applicants to pay special attention to this matter.

Property may have following status:

  • Residential. There are no issues to apartments and houses which correspond to this status.
  • Atelier. These are workshops, working premises. There is a balcony, a bathroom in such a flat. Often it is not different from flats intended for living. Recently, as a result of the proceedings, it was allowed to use ateliers.
  • Warehouse. Such premises are designed for storage. They also have a bathroom and visually correspond to living requirements. Long-residence application can be issued upon receiving transferring obtaining a residential status.  
  • Attic premises. In principle they are suitable for living, but the ceiling height does not comply with standards. It is not always possible to transfer this real estate to comply with residential norms.

Another important requirement – all the real estate taxes are to be paid.

Getting permanent residence buying property in Bulgaria 

Long-term residence right is issued providing the person has lived in the country for more than five years. There are no special price requirementsThe applicant chooses an apartment or a house based on his/ her wishes. 

The choice is rich:

  • It is possible to buy a cheap studio apartment in Burgas, Nessebar, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach;
  • There is real estate from developers and owners. You can buy luxury apartments with one, two, three, four bedrooms ready to move in, without furniture or renovation. Pensioners can be interested in cheap real estate with sea views.
  • Houses and townhouses. They are available in Burgas, Pomorie, Sozopol. Excellent offers near the sea are suitable for families with children. The yards are good for barbeque, leisure, playgrounds, or a swimming pool.

There is one condition which must be fulfilled to get a long-term residence visa. Housing from developers and owners should have a status of an apartment or an atelier. In all other cases, you will have to take care of obtaining the living status for your housing.

Visa to Bulgaria for property owners

The procedure of obtaining a visa for property buyers and owners is much simpler. The real estate owners can get a 3-year visa. At the same time they can stay in the country 180 days a year.

There are no strict requirements t flats, houses. The conditions that must be observed are similar to the terms when obtaining a residence permit. The premises must suit for living. All taxes to be paid.

The Apart Estate database includes a big choice of apartments, villas, townhouses complying to any wish and budget. We will select the perfect option, upon purchase of which you can apply for a visa or a long residence permit.

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