Transfer in Bulgaria: order a van. Burgas - Istanbul, Sofia, Sunny Beach private transfer of groups of people

We are pleased to offer you the Bulgaria transfer services which include moving, delivery of personal belongings and transportation of groups of up to 8 people by van (Burgas airport – Sunny Beach, Sofia, and the whole Bulgarian Black Sea coast), as well as Istanbul airport – Burgas transfer. We have reasonable transfer prices and new comfortable vehicles. 

Contact telephone number / viber / whatsapp: +359 89 498 28 14. 

What vehicle can we offer?

Transfer in Bulgaria: order a van. Burgas - Istanbul, Sofia, Sunny Beach private transfer of groups of peopleThe new Ford Tourneo Custom (8 + 1) van from Apart Estate is almost at the price of a car. This is a unique option for a transfer and for a pleasant trip for up to 8 people. We also work with other transfer companies and can offer you the cars of our partners. 

Most popular transfer directions and prices

Transfer Burgas – Istanbul airport: 260 €.
Transfer Burgas – Varna: 130 €.
Transfer Burgas – Sofia: 240 €.
Transfer Burgas – Sunny Beach: 50 €.
Transfer Burgas – Sveti Vlas: 55 €.

* Transfer prices are valid for 2024 and are for the entire minibus for a company of up to 8 people inclusive.

What is private transfer?

The transportation of passengers and their personal luggage in a car, which is ordered in advance and driven by a specially assigned driver, is called a transfer. The route of the trip, as well as its price, and other terms (for example, one way or round trip) are agreed in advance. 

The decision to book a transfer has many advantages for travelers, businessmen, ordinary passengers, and owners of property in Bulgaria. 

This service allows you to get to the airport, train station, or a hotel in any city quickly, timely and without problems. You do not need to waste nerves, money, and time searching for convenient transport, route and disputing prices. Neither do you need to look for the best way to deliver luggage.

Taxi service – transfer in Burgas by van

Apart Estate provides transfer services to different destinations. The most popular option is a Burgas – Sunny Beach transfer, as well as a transfer from Burgas to other Bulgarian resorts. 

Our company organizes a fast and comfortable transfer to Istanbul Airport. 

We recommend ordering a transfer from Burgas Airport to the Black Sea resorts of St. Vlas, Elenite, Ravda, Nessebar, Sozopol, Chernomorets, Kiten, Tsarevo, Varna, and Primorsko. This will turn your traveling into an inexpensive exciting trip. 

img-20220402-wa0003_0.jpg img-20220402-wa0006_0.jpgimg-20220402-wa0004_0.jpgТакси Трансфер Бургас How many days in advance do I have to book the transfer?

If you plan to use the Bulgaria transfer service and want to get from Sofia airport to Burgas, Ravda, Chernomorets in a small company or order an Istanbul airport transfer, leave a request or call us a few days before the trip. We will be happy to offer you the best transfer options to and from Bulgaria.

When planning a trip in the summer, book a Sunny Beach transfer as well as a Burgas transfer in advance. In the period from May to September, when thousands of tourists choose Bulgaria as a travel destination, the number of people wishing to order a van for 6-8 travelers increases dramatically. 

We offer enough cars and vans for transfers to Sofia airport and Burgas transfers. This allows us to fulfill all the requests. However, if you place an order for a transfer in advance, we will be able to propose not just any car, but a car that best meets your wishes in terms of comfort, requirements and budget. 

According to customer surveys, the best option to order Burgas – Istanbul transfer and transfer in Bulgaria is to use our services. Traveling with Apart Estate is the choice of thousands of tourists in Bulgaria. 

Is it possible to order a transfer from Bulgaria to Turkey (Istanbul) and back?

One of the most popular destinations for group transfers in Bulgaria is a route Burgas – Istanbul and back. However, please note that we organize trips from other cities in Bulgaria to Turkey. 
Apart Estate offers an inexpensive transfer from Istanbul to Sunny Beach, transfer from the Burgas airport. Cars for these routes can be provided upon a preliminary request. As for transfer services from Istanbul to Burgas and Sofia – Burgas transfer, we recommend ordering them in advance. 

Bulgaria transfer prices

Our unique offer is a wonderful comfortable van from Apart Estate almost at the price of a car! This is the best transfer option for up to 8 travelers. 

Many people are sure that transfer is an offer that fits only wealthy people. It's time to dispel this myth. Transfer is a pleasant, convenient and comfortable way to get anywhere. It is also a cost-effective solution. You can’t do without a transfer if there is no direct air or train connection with the town you need to get to. Transfers are crucial for big companies, parents with small children and large luggage.

A trip by public transport can be cheaper, but it certainly will not be comfortable, fast and calm. You will need to get to a bus stop, learn the schedule in a foreign language and, possibly, make up a route using buses, planes, or trains. All this increases a chance to get confused or to schedule arrivals in a wrong way.

If you think that you can order a taxi right at the resort, that it will be cheaper and more convenient, then you should remember that taxi services in tourist destinations have extremely high rates. All the cars are often busy and it is impossible to count on a quick and peaceful trip. 

Taking the above into account, it is easier and more reliable to order a transfer from Apart Estate at a reasonable price. 

You can find out prices of Bulgaria transfer for a specific date and route by leaving a request or calling us. 

What is the best – a Burgas – Sunny Beach bus, a bus from Istanbul to Burgas or a transfer? Arriving at Burgas or Istanbul airport, many people start looking for a bus traveling to Burgas and Sunny Beach or a regular bus from Istanbul to Burgas. 

Our offer is much better. It is more convenient and faster. You don't need buses to Burgas, Varna or a Sofia – Burgas bus. We will fulfill your order offering our company's van at an affordable price and will drive you directly to the door of the hotel or your apartment. Doing this, we guarantee a high quality of services.

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