Apartment without repair in Bulgaria – is it worth buying?

People looking for property often consider buying an apartment in Bulgaria without repair or renovation. If you are one of them, you can find such a flat from a developer or an owner. The real estate can be new or resale. The latest option probably had been repaired a long time ago, so there is no identification left that it has ever been beautiful or stylish. If you are at a crossroads and doubt whether to buy an apartment in Bulgaria without renovation, Apart Estate offers to consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying apartments without repair and think seriously about whether it is worth repairing the property yourself. Apartment without repair in Bulgaria – is it worth buying?

Advantages of buying an apartment without repair

You can get a stylish, beautiful, and well-decorated apartment in Bulgaria if you repair it yourself. This does not mean that you will put up the ceilings or paint the walls with your own hands. We are talking about choosing wallpapers, colors, tiles, and laminate, or that you will actively participate in the implementation of a project prepared by a professional designer. 

The ability to choose, design, and take part in creating your own home is one of the key advantages of buying an apartment without renovation, especially if you buy it for permanent residence in Bulgaria. 

Another big plus of acquiring real estate without repair is the price. Such apartments are cheaper regardless of whether you buy them from the developer or on the secondary market. Market analysis shows that the price difference when buying property with and without renovation in Burgas can be 10 to 30% on average depending on the quality of work and materials, participation of designers and the use of a unique design project. 

This price variance becomes very significant if you take out a loan or see that there is very little money left after buying an apartment. Carrying out repairs on your own will help spread the associated costs over several months. On the other hand, you can purposefully wait for discounts on construction materials, look for cheaper options and, thus, get an additional price gain. 

Due to the price difference, when buying an apartment without repair and selling it in a while, you can get an additional income. For some buyers, it has become a kind of business. They buy real estate in cities or popular villages in Bulgaria near sea resorts, such as Medovo or Aleksandrovo, move in, make repairs and then sell it to cover their costs and receive benefits. 

The next advantage of buying a flat without renovation is that you can see construction defects. You will notice roof leakages, mold under the windows, or that the floors need leveling. Knowing these problems will help you do a high-quality renovation and avoid the risk of having to redo everything in a year or two.
In general, if you have time, ambitions to create the perfect home, or if you are facing short-term financial problems, buying an apartment without renovation is a great option.

Disadvantages of buying an apartment without repair in Bulgaria

Choosing property without renovation, it is always worth remembering about the shortcomings and problems that you may encounter. 

  • If you buy an apartment on the sea in Bulgaria for holidays and at the same time live in another country, you may simply not have the time and possibilities to repair it. Your dream is to relax in your new property where everything is ready for living instead of running around the shops in search of building materials and checking ads for workers. 
  • You can’t immediately move into the purchased property and have to wait until all repairs are completed. If you have your own real estate for this time, it is ok, but if you rent an apartment, it becomes expensive to make repairs and pay rent. 
  • In addition to performing repairs, you will have to deal with additional matters, such as removing construction debris, installing air conditioners and chandeliers. 
  • Often, it is families with children who want to make repairs on their own. Their goal is to adapt the acquired property to their needs in the best possible way. But it is this category of buyers who usually does not have time to engage in repair work. 
  • Pensioners also consider it inconvenient to buy an apartment without repair. Many of them want to move to their comfortable ready for living studio or one-bedroom apartment. And all they would like to do is to make it cozier using accessories and decorations. Therefore, most of them are trying to buy a “turnkey” apartment. 

Doing repairs on your own can result in higher costs. It is this problem that makes many buyers look for ready flats or order repairs from developers.

Apartment with renovation from a developer

When purchasing a new flat, it is a good option to order a repair from the developer. As a rule, all the work is carried out by a team of professional builders. By the time Act 16 is received, the apartment is ready to move in. All you will have to do is to buy furniture and housing appliances. 

Usually, the developers’ services are inexpensive. They do their work quickly and efficiently, use quiet cheap materials, follow standard projects, so you should not expect a luxurious repair. 

Developers of residential complexes in Sveti Vlas, Sozopol and Sunny Beach usually demonstrate a different approach. Often there is a designer on staff who develops a design project or presents ready-made solutions for studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. All you have to do is to choose the best option. 

Using the developer’s services, you can receive a luxurious apartment without spending extra time and effort.

Apart Estate offers apartments with and without renovation in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast and in the mountains. When purchasing a “turnkey” property, you will receive an apartment ready for living. Buying a property without renovation will help save money and create a flat answering your best dreams.


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