The program of restoration and repair of old living buildings and houses of historical heritage will soon start in Burgas

The historical center of the city of BurgasOld buildings and houses of historical and cultural value are a special type of real estate in Burgas. Most of them were built in the first half of the 20th century, but due to their elegance, style, location, and famous architects’ work, they keep on being very expensive and popular among property buyers. Recently, the mayor of Burgas announced a new program for the restoration of these buildings.

Apart Estate invites you to get acquainted with the nuances of this idea, to learn about the location of the relevant real estate and to see prices for apartments in old Burgas houses.

Property in Burgas old living buildings

A walk in the center of Burgas makes residents of the town and the tourists feel ambivalent. On the one hand, there are modern cafes, new and stylish residential buildings with offices, as well as renovated houses from the beginning of the 20th century. They all look as if they came out of a fairy tale. 

On the other hand, there are half-destroyed, grey and useless buildings with peeling plaster and broken glass. They have lost their good looks and now make local people feel really sad. Once, these houses created the look of the city, its style and beauty. They were considered to be elite real estate and were very expensive. Today, they look like wounds.

A lot of such terribly looking constructions are located on Aleksandrovskaya, Bogoridi and small neighboring streets, which form a quiet, calm and very friendly center. Sometimes these are cozy one-storey or two-storey single-family houses. In other cases residential buildings with several spacious apartments which have really convenient layouts. Most of them are classified as belonging to a cultural heritage. In total, there are 140 such buildings in the Vazrazhdane neighborhood and in the downtown. By the way, in Burgas, 223 constructions have been classified as cultural heritage architecture. 

All old houses and apartments have owners. If this property is offered for sale, it has a high price. But even this is not enough for someone to start really taking care of them. Looks like no one wants to coordinate restoration projects and invest money in expensive repairs and recovery. 

Restoration of old houses in Burgas – what the mayor offers 

A program for the restoration and repair of old residential buildings and houses of historical value will soon be launched in BurgasRealizing a quite passive approach to the restoration of old living buildings from the side of their owners, the mayor of Burgas decided to start saving architectural heritage. Recently, a new program was offered. Based on it the municipality will allocate money for restoration and repair, and upon completion will oblige the owners of buildings to compensate for the corresponding costs. In addition, the municipality will facilitate getting the approval of the Ministry of Culture for relevant restoration work and changes to the structure and design of the building if required. 

However before real actions will start, each owner will be sent a notification containing an offer to independently engage in restoration. If a response is not received, or the owners do not start taking care of their property, the municipality will oblige them to cover the repairs. 

The projects will start with restoration of 7 living buildings which are in critical condition. 

Prices for apartments and old houses in Burgas 

The old center of BurgasThe Burgas old houses real estate market offers property of 1920-1940 years of construction. These are mainly large two-bedroom apartments. Less often you will see one-bedroom flats. There are no studio apartments offered for sale. 

The most expensive apartments in renovated living buildings cost 2,500 euros/sq. m. An example of such a proposal is luxury property in the very downtown opposite the municipality. The apartment is located in a wonderful and very beautiful residential building. It is modernly designed and has fashionable furniture. 

The average price of two-bedroom apartments in Burgas old houses that require renovation is 1,430 euros per square meter. Such real estate is sold for 100-160 thousand euros. 

When planning to buy a one-bedroom apartment in an old living building in the center of Burgas, you need to count on a price of 1,300 euros / sq. m. 

In the near future, implementation of a new program for the restoration and repair of old residential buildings of historical heritage will start in Burgas. Buying such an apartment is an opportunity to touch the history and culture of the city as well as to feel its atmosphere. Real estate in old living buildings in the downtown is expensive, but after restoration and repair, prices will become even higher. Therefore, Apart Estate experts offer you not to postpone buying property in old living buildings, but to purchase an apartment in the center of Burgas profitably right now.

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