Increasing demand for houses in Bulgaria in 2022: reasons, trends and current prices

On the background of the pandemic and the possibility of remote work, a clear tendency towards buying houses in Bulgaria has been identified in 2021. Due to the great interest in country real estate, prices for cottages in Bulgaria in some towns and villages have doubled. Apart Estate carefully monitors the situation on the real estate market in Bulgaria and provides the clients with an accurate and complete analysis. 

Suburbanization in Bulgaria

The year of 2021 has become the year of suburbanization in Bulgaria. Townhouses, cottages and villas in the suburbs of large cities or villages as well as houses by the sea have become one of the most required products in the Bulgarian real estate market. 
The main reason why more and more people are looking to buy a house in Bulgaria in the countryside is the pandemic. It made people stay locked in their apartments. Adults and children were forced to work and study remotely. Due to the fear of getting infected or infecting loved ones, they were less willing to leave their homes. Increasing demand for houses in Bulgaria in 2022: reasons, trends and current prices

So, taking these processes into account, cottages with a plot of land have turned into an opportunity to live a more active life, breathe fresh air and do sports. Houses give a sense of independence and freedom; they bring people closer to the dream of a joyful and free family life that has remained since childhood. 

We analyzed the market of countryside cottages and houses by the sea in Bulgaria and identified the following features of suburbanization processes: 

  • The main demand is for houses located near large cities. These are Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. At the same time, the acceptable distance to the city is up to 50 km. 
  • A mandatory requirement is the availability of good roads and infrastructure. That is why most of the clients searching for property in Burgas region are interested in buying cottages in Kamenar, Laka or Medovo. At the same time, real estate in Debelt and Aytos are much less demand. 
  • Apart Estate specialists are often asked to help to buy a cheap house by the sea. Both new villas and cottages requiring repair are of interest. The main requirement is the availability of land and ready documents. 
  • In accordance with the data obtained, the majority of buyers are young people under 40 years old who already have families and kids. They are ready to live in cottages from spring to autumn, and come here to relax in winter. Another group of buyers are pensioners. For them, a house in Bulgaria is an opportunity for permanent year-round living, obtaining a residence permit and doing what they love.
  • Among the clients of our real estate agency there are many citizens of Bulgaria, as well as citizens of Germany, Israel, Great Britain, Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. 
  • Most often, houses are being bought as a second home. Most buyers, especially when it comes to citizens of Bulgaria, already have apartments in Burgas, Sofia and other cities. 

Prices of houses in Bulgaria in 2022: property by the sea, in villages and villa complexes

The high demand for houses and cottages has led to a significant increase in prices. A year ago villas with a yard 50 km from Sofia cost 23-25 ​​thous. Euros. Now is it being sold for no less than 50 thous/ euros. 

Цены на дома в Болгарии Here are some statistics on prices for houses in villages near Burgas from Apart Estate: 

  • New cottages under construction with a 400 sq. m piece of land near the sea and in big cities cost 1,100 euros /sq. m or more. 
  • Prices for townhouses and cottages in villa complexes in the suburbs of Burgas and Pomorie start from 950 euros per square meter. There are shops, swimming pools, playgrounds and sport grounds in such villa zones. 
  • Two-storey modern villas in the village of Ravda cost 860-900 thous. euros /sq. m. The property is ideal for permanent residence of families with children. In these villages, there is a school and a kindergarten as well as all the necessary shops. The distance to the beach is no more than 400 m. 
  • Cottages in villages where many citizens of Great Britain, Austria, and the CIS countries live, can reach a price of 2 thous. euros /sq. m. Property here is distinguished by modern style, landscape design, high-tech heating systems and good furniture. 
  • Houses in small villages of Bryastovets, Goritsa, Medovo and Polski Izvor cost much less. The average price per square meter varies from 500 to 800 euros. 
  • The cheapest options in the real estate market are houses requiring major repairs or located in villages at a distance of more than 50 km from Burgas. The price of such villas start from 300 euros /sq. m. An example is property in Bulgari, Brodilovo and Stoilovo. 

Great offers for inexpensive houses in Bulgaria, luxurious cottages and villas by the sea can be found in the Apart Estate catalogs. Our specialists are always ready to help you choose the right property and to offer the options that best suit your requirements.

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