Varna or Burgas – what city to choose for moving and buying an apartment

Lots of those people, who plan buying property in Bulgaria for holidays, permanent residence or as an investment, often ask – where it will be better to purchase real estate – in Burgas or Varna. Among other common questions – which of these cities is better for vacations, living and raising kids, where the water in the sea is warmer, and the prices are lower? The discussed settlements are the Bulgarian key maritime centers; they are actively developing and annually become home to thousands of people. Together with the Apart Estate agency, we offer to compare two of the most popular Bulgarian cities –Varna and Burgas, to weigh the advantages as well as disadvantages, and find out the prices of different types of apartments. 

Varna or Burgas – chose the city for permanent living

Varna or Burgas – what city to choose for moving and buying an apartmentThe decision of what Bulgarian city is better for living, purchasing property and moving depends on your personal preferences and wishes. Just at first glance, Varna as well as Burgas seem to be quite similar – they are situated near the sea, famous for excellent tourist and social infrastructure, and are suitable for year-round living and excellent summer holidays.

Every year, hundreds of Bulgarians, citizens of the European Union, Great Britain, and Israel buy real estate in these cities and move. 

And yet Burgas is not the same as Varna. These cities have different atmospheres. One is older and quite slow; another one is fast, bright, young. Try and stay in each city for a very short time, and you will discover the features of each of them, as well as the differences. Here are just a few examples: 

  • Varna is bigger. According to the latest census, by the end of 2021, almost 378 thousand people lived in Varna while in Burgas about 211 thousand inhabitants. Varna is the third most-populated city in Bulgaria. Such statistics is a huge advantage for many real estate buyers, as they really love large cities. Others dream of living in less populated places, thus choosing Burgas.
  • If we analyze the pace and volume of property commissioning, Varna region, including the regional center, goes third after Sofia and Plovdiv, and sometimes overtake the latter. The city is constantly renovated – you can see how new multi-storey residential buildings, living complexes, and townhouses are built. New construction projects are carried out in different neighborhoods, in every empty place that can be found, including areas close to the Sea Park. By the way, construction near the Burgas Sea Garden is really limited and practically forbidden. Most new residential buildings are built at a distance from the coast. This creates a feeling that the municipality appreciates the unique nature of the region, maintains places for recreation, sports, games with children and walks, so all the residents can enjoy living in this town. 
  • Varna can boast of more production facilities. Often small farmers, manufacturers from Burgas go to the northern neighboring region to buy machines, parts, materials at better prices. 
  • The business and industry are more developed. This is one of the reasons why the average level of wages in Varna is higher. In December 2021, the average salary here was 1,514 leva. Statistical data indicates that this number in Burgas was just 1,343 leva. 
  • Varna is famous for the quality of education. The city offers a great choice of schools, universities, which, when purchasing a flat, cannot but attract the attention of families with children and future students. From the other side, Burgas recently started paying more attention to education as well. The municipal authorities open new faculties, renovate and expand schools, launch new educational projects and courses. 
  • World-famous and local manufacturers of budget clothing, footwear are widely represented in both cities. The prices are more or less comparable. But if you look for the availability of expensive brands, Varna will definitely win. 
  • These differences often make real estate buyers look at Varna with a greater interest and attention. 
  • Still, there are many advantages in Burgas as well. Let’s check them:
  • This city develops very dynamically and quickly. As days pass by, you will see new or renovated roads, modern residential buildings, shopping centers, logistics and medical centers, gyms, hospitals. All this attracts young people and those who look for opportunities for self-realization. 
  • Local authorities support the policy of renovation of urban multi-storey and one-storey buildings. Such programs lead to constant changes of the town. 
  • Burgas is a real open-air resort. You do not need to travel anywhere for mineral waters, mud and salt baths to recover your health. It is enough to visit the so-called Burgas Solnitsy or the Vetren neighborhood to relax and undergo Balneotherapy. 
  • Due to its more southern location, it is always a little warmer here. There is less rain, less snow and sub-zero temperatures. 
  • Burgas regularly welcomes cultural, theatrical and sports events.

The city attracts outdoor enthusiasts. Where else can you see such a variety of birds, watch their migration, go sea and lake fishing and enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving the city? 

Where it is better to live – in Varna or Burgas – this dispute has been going on for a long time. In our opinion Burgas is still preferable for buying real estate and moving. Living and buying a good apartment here, you can work, study, do sports, art and live a full life in a modern, comfortable European city near the sea with a good climate. 

Holiday property – Burgas or Varna region 

In which city to buy a house in BulgariaPurchasing real estate for vacations in Bulgaria is no less difficult step than selecting property for permanent living. In this respect, undoubtedly, the Burgas region really wins. 

  • A warmer sea, many resorts, including Sunny Beach, Sozopol, St. Vlas, Primorsko, Nessebar, Tsarevo, and hundreds of unique historical as well as ecological routes – all this is the Burgas region. 
  • You can also buy holiday real estate in Burgas itself. Irrespective of the fact that this city is not a resort, more and more people choose to spend holidays here. The best neighborhoods for this are Lazur, Sarafovo and Kraimorie; they have a wonderful location – next to the sea and the great park. A little further away is situated Zornitsa. This neighborhood is adjacent to a beautiful park, the alleys of which lead to the coast. 
  • Restaurants, beauty salons, banks, sports and playgrounds, shops are open all year round. You can come to enjoy good food and free time here any time of the year. 
  • However, Varna is also a great place to relax. With golden sandy beaches, museums, walking streets, quality properties and developed tourist infrastructure, you will surely want to return here again and again. 
  • There are a few less resort settlements in the Varna region. However, you definitely heard about the well-known resorts of St. St. Constantine and Elena, Byala, Albena, Balchik. Every summer they become a desirable destination for tourists from all over the world. 

Both in Burgas and, of course, in Varna, it is reasonable and profitable to buy an apartment for holidays and rent it out for numerous travelers. Investments can be quickly returned, so you will start getting a good profit. 

Varna or Burgas – prices for property

Traditionally, prices for apartments and houses in Varna are higher than in its southern competitor – Burgas. It is known as the sea capital of Bulgaria, offers incredible opportunities for business, work and education. Thanks to this, investors and residents from other regions of Bulgaria and EU express desire to buy properties here. 

Still, we would like to note that the real estate prices in two cities are often driven by such factors as neighborhood, repair, furniture, and construction quality.

Apart Estate specialists compared several similar options in different neighbors of Varna and Burgas. So, these are some conclusions: 

  • Studio apartments in Lazur, which is the most prestigious district of Burgas, cost about 1,170 euros per square meter on average, while in Briz, Varna – 1,075 euros/sq. m. If we compare the most expensive options, the prices for renovated property with furniture in Varna reaches 1,350-1,400 euros, in Burgas – 1,200 euros. 
  • To compare one-bedroom apartments’ pricing, Apart Estate offers to consider the neighborhood of Meden Rudnik in Burgas and Vazrazhdane in Varna. The flat in Meden Rudnik costs 873 euros, in Vazrazhdane – 1,095 euros. The most fashionable, premium class expensive flats in Varna reach the price mark of 1,400 euros, while in Meden Rudnik they vary at the level of 1,200 euros. 
  • If you look at two-bedroom apartments in the downtown, then you will see that the square meter of the corresponding property in Varna cost about 1,730 euros, which is 19% higher than in the downtown of Burgas, where you will be able to find a flat at 1,400 euros/ sq. m. It is interesting to note that in Varna, near the famous cathedral, premium-class, expensive apartments are sold for 2,900-3,000 euros per square meter. On the Burgas pedestrian street, Aleksandrovskaya, luxurious real estate costs up to 1,500 euros /sq. m. 
  • One more comparison will be made between three-bedroom apartments in the Zornitsa neighborhood of Burgas and Levski, Varna. A square meter of the flat in the southern city costs an average of 1,400 euros, in Varna – 1,320 euros. In this very case Burgas properties are more expensive for a completely understandable reason – there are mainly new luxury brick buildings in Zornitsa where you can buy large flats. These are Lazuren Bryag, Perla. 

We tried to cover many aspects related to moving and acquiring property in Burgas and Varna. It is only you who can answer the question of what city can be considered as the best for living and spending super vacations. For our part, we are always ready to support you purchasing studio apartments and apartments with several bedrooms in Burgas and the region, Varna and other Bulgarian cities.

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