Urgent car sale in Bulgaria

The business portfolio of the Apart Estate company includes an option of the service of the urgent car purchase in Bulgaria. We are the professionals who will help you sell your car in Bulgaria profitably and quickly, being your reliable buyer. To have the deal closed, we will prepare all the necessary documents, make a technical examination of the car, appoint a meeting with a notary to close the transaction and quickly pay in full. 

You are welcome to offer us to buy your car in Bulgaria or get a piece of advice connected with the vehicle sale, contacting us by phone / Viber / Whatsapp +359 89 498 28 14 or leaving a request to apartestatedrive@gmail.com 

Procedure for urgent car sale in Bulgaria

Urgent car sale in BulgariaBuying and selling cars is usually planned in advance. However due to moving, unplanned expenses for education, treatment or buying an apartment, it may be necessary to quickly sell a car in Bulgaria. At first you will surely search for buyers yourself, spend a long time browsing websites, waste time placing your ad and eventually sell the car for nothing. 

Apart Estate specialists are sure that it is not worth spending time and money on posting ads, waiting for buyers and showing the car to those who watch it more out of idle curiosity than out of a real desire to buy. It is better to call the Apart Estate agency at once – we will quickly buy your car. 

The procedure for a car urgent sale in Bulgaria includes several stages: 

  • Contact us by phone, any available messenger or email and tell us about your car. If possible, prepare information about the model, year of manufacture, mileage, where and when the car was serviced, and when the last technical inspection was carried out in advance. We will agree with you on a place where we can see the car and make its technical assessment. At the meeting, our technical specialists will conduct a test drive, check the condition of the main components and the body, and assess what work will be required to restore the vehicle’s appearance and functioning. The technical inspection can be done in your garage or where you usually park. Vehicles older than 10 years may require a more thorough inspection. 
  • Based on the technical examination results, we will indicate the car buying price in Bulgaria and, if it suits you, will set the date and place of the transaction at the notary. By this time, you will need to prepare documents for the sale in accordance with the list below. 
  • On the appointed day, we will meet at the notary and sign the necessary documents. You transfer us the car and keys, we make the full payment of the agreed amount without installments or deferred payments. 

The whole procedure of urgent car sale may take 1-2 days, depending on the readiness of the documents and your desire to sell the car. 

What cars we buy

Apart Estate is considering all kinds of vehicles in Bulgaria. It can be a car (sedan, CUB, hatchback, SUV, minivan, pickup, coupe or minibus) or a truck. The vehicle may be left hand drive or right hand drive. It can be in perfect condition or show signs of damage in an accident. We are considering buying Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes, Renault and any other brands. The main thing is that you really need to desire to sell the car in good hands at a good price. 

When buying a vehicle, we are guided by the following requirements: 

  • The car must be registered in Bulgaria and have Bulgarian license plates. 
  • We do not buy cars older than 15 years. 
  • Documents must be legally clean. This means that if there is a suspicion that the car is stolen, we will refuse to buy it. 
  • Vehicles with modified engine and body numbers are not considered.

In all other cases, we will be happy to buy your car in Bulgaria. 

Apply for car sale

Documents for car sale in Bulgaria

The deal for urgent car sale in Bulgaria is closed by a notary. The procedure usually takes no more than an hour. During this time, the notary draws up a sales agreement and prepares a notification of the ownership change for the tax authorities and the transport police. 
However, before proceeding with the legal registration of a car sale deal, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents on hand. 

If the owner is an individual, following documents are to be provided:

  • Original vehicle registration certificates (both parts – a large and a small ticket).
  • The seller’s ID card. It also can be some other document which confirms the seller’s identity, i.e. passport.
  • Annual tax payment confirmation. It can be confirmed by a municipality or issued by it. In cases when the seller is exempt from paying taxes, a special confirmation is required. 
  • Power of attorney, if an authorized person participates in the deal instead of a seller. The P/A is issued by the seller and is to be notary legalized. 
  • Current year car civil liability insurance card.
  • Car market/ insurance value certificate. It is issued by an insurance company and is a document which allows getting the market value of vehicles and identifying the tax basis. 
  • Declaration that the seller has no debts due to bankruptcy and late payments or unimplemented liabilities to the state. 
  • Seller’s marriage certificate or a certificate issued by the municipality confirming the seller’s marital status as of the date of buying a car.
  • If the vehicle was purchased by a married person, both spouses must attend the deal. If it is not possible, the absent spouse makes a notarized power of attorney. 

The purchaser carries the costs of registration of the notary deal which includes a sales tax and a notary fee. 

If the vehicle belongs to a company (foreigners most often buy vehicles for the name of legal entities), the list of documents is slightly different. 

Apart from the standard documents, the company owner submits to the notary following: 

  • Company current status certificate (this can be checked with a notary when making a transaction). 
  • A written solution confirming the sale of a vehicle signed by the company Manager.
  • Invoice for the agreed sales price. 

The notary has the samples and forms of the necessary declarations. From our side we will help you prepare the necessary documents. 

The indicated list is approximate, and the notary may require additional certificates confirming the vehicle ownership, testator’s rights in case the car was acquired by inheritance, etc. 

The process of urgent car sale to Apart Estate is fast, clear and simple. We will consult you at every stage and help you draw up all the necessary documents for the deal. If you decide to sell the car in Bulgaria, please contact us, we will tell you the details of the sales process, make an assessment of the technical condition of the car and quickly buy it. Apart Estate guarantees a clean deal with full payment of the agreed price for your car.

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