Where to place an ad for the sale of an apartment in Bulgaria – tips for real estate sellers

 Where to place an ad for the sale of an apartment in Bulgaria – tips for real estate sellers

The majority of Bulgarian property owners who want to sell their apartment or house start to do it on their own, trying to avoid real estate agencies. Usually time passes, and the apartment is not yet sold, or it turns out that potential buyers are ready to buy it, but at a very cheap price and in installments. If you follow the Apart Estate recommendations of where it is better to publish an advertisement for the sale of an apartment in Bulgaria, there will be more chances that you will sell your property at a good price.
The advice of Apart Estate employees is based on real experience and includes effective mechanisms that we use in our daily work.

Classifieds websites

One of the most accessible places for posting information about the sale of an apartment in Bulgaria is classified ads websites. Basically, these are sites where advertisements for the sale and rental of property, different services, and job offers are published. Specialized resources that focus only on real estate are also available.

You can use local and international websites. There are also sites focused on other countries, such as the UK, Germany, or Israel.

Examples of classifieds websites:

  • alo.bg is available on the territory of Bulgaria. The web site is quite popular. Many potential buyers use it for looking for a new apartment.
  • olx.bg is a website for placing various announcements. The disadvantage is that it is not used often for searching for houses and apartments in Bulgaria. The site operates in many European countries, but ads for each of them must be submitted separately – they are not automatically duplicated.
  • imot.bg is a handy classified ads website focused on the sale and rental of real estate in Bulgaria. It is often used by buyers and sellers of property.
  • domaza.bg is not a well-known website. People experience difficulties placing ads on it. The advantage of the website is that you can duplicate the publication in several languages.
  • bazar.bg is a website where you can place an unlimited number of free ads. However, if the publications from one user are the same or are very similar, they can be deleted.

Classified websites have many benefits. You can easily and quickly make a publication on such a website, change it, make a link on social networks or on your website.

The main disadvantage is that if you advertise for free, your announcement will quickly be lost among hundreds of similar real estate offers, and it will be difficult for potential clients to find it. If you publish for a fee, then a fairly round sum can be spent on constantly updating the status of the ad.

Besides, it is necessary to have good Bulgarian language skills in order to make a good announcement and to further communicate with potential buyers.


Another way to present information about your property is to use thematic forums or forums dedicated to general issues. As a rule, there are a lot of people on such websites who are ready to read your publications and discuss them.

The announcement can be placed in a separate post or in your profile.

The disadvantage of the forums is that sales publications are considered to be a commercial and are to be paid for. 

Examples of the forums:

  • forum.imoti.net is a website where  various issues related to real estate are discussed. There is also a section for property sales;
  • bg-mama.com is a forum dedicated to a huge number of issues, including those related to real estate.

Youtube and Tik Tok

If you have a Tik Tok account or your own YouTube channel, you can place your ad on it. This is what many real estate agencies do. However, unless you have a million followers, simply posting is unlikely to grab the attention of potential clients.

When real estate agencies place video ads, they duplicate them in social networks, on their company site, and on classified websites. All means that the video will be seen by many users who are purposefully looking for information about real estate in Bulgaria.

Social media

On social media, for instance in Facebook, there are many groups dedicated to real estate sales. It is enough to type a keyword in the search, for example, "apartment in Bulgaria", and several groups will appear in front of you. After joining them, you will be able to place an ad.

Typically, you can include photos, a description, and a price in your offer. You can share it on your website or in another group as well.

Before making a publication, please note that there must be many members in the group, and that the latest posts must be fairly new. Only then will the publication work.

Benefits of the real estate catalogs 

Apart Estate and other real estate agencies are constantly investing in website promotion and attraction of potential buyers. Therefore, every advertisement for the sale of an apartment, studio, penthouse or townhouse posted on their website will be seen by thousands of visitors.

Each publication is carefully checked and designed in accordance with the corporate standards. That is why it will be much easier for any owner who decides to sell his property to conclude a sales agreement with Apart Estate and place information in the catalog of our real estate agency than to try and do everything on their own. We will duplicate it on our colleagues' website, translate it into several languages and show it to clients from all over the world.

You can sell your apartment in Bulgaria on your own, however, it will take a lot of effort, time, and money. It is better to use the help of professionals from the Apart Estate agency. We will use well-designed schemes, successful mechanisms, and all our knowledge and experience to attract maximum customers to the announcement of the sale of your apartment in Bulgaria. All this will allow you to sell real estate quickly and expensively.

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