The Sarafovo neighborhood in Burgas turned 100 years old

In the spring of 2022, Sarafovo, which is one of the most prestigious and rapidly developing neighborhoods of Burgas, celebrated its hundredth anniversary. On May 27 and 28, concerts, sports events, games and entertainment for children were held in the center of culture, as well as in the church and on the embankment. People who were born in Sarafovo and those whose relatives once founded this place came from all over the world to a specially organized event. And the festival ended with incredibly beautiful fireworks. The Sarafovo neighborhood in Burgas turned 100 years old

Few people know that Sarafovo was originally founded as a place where refugees from the Eastern Thrace found salvation. They began arriving in 1912. It is interesting to note that in Sarafovo, as well as along the entire coast, those refugees who did not have special skills and connections were settled. At that time, living near the sea was not valued as highly as it is now. 

In 1922, the village received the status of an independent settlement, and in 1929 it became officially known as Sarafovo – in honor of an engineer named Sarafov, who projected it. Thanks to him and his ideas, the streets were designed to have houses and cottages built, park areas arranged, and a school open. 

The village stayed independent until 1987, when it was joined to Burgas and became a city neighborhood. From this moment a small settlement began to turn into a unique place, perfect for both permanent residence and as a tourist destination. 

Today it is impossible to find a person in Bulgaria who has not heard of Sarafovo. For many residents of other Bulgarian regions, Ukraine, Russia, the countries of the European Union and England, the neighborhood has become a second home. 

According to the Apart Estate analysts, prices for apartments and houses in Sarafovo are constantly growing, but this does not frighten property buyers. High quality of life, excellent infrastructure, a wonderful 4-kilometer strip of beach, opportunities for yachting and various sports are the key factors that make people desire to live by the sea and make their dreams real. 

In Sarafovo you will finds: 

  • Modern yacht port with the possibility of storing boats, catamarans and yachts.
  • Football and tennis fields, dance and art centers. 
  • Library and Center of Culture. 
  • School and kindergarten. 
  • Shops and pharmacies. 
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars. 
  • Direct bus to the center of Burgas, excellent road and a bike path. 

According to the Apart Estate statistics, thousands of square meters of properties are erected in Sarafovo every year. Apartment buildings, residential complexes with swimming pools, SPA-centers, and recreation areas and playgrounds are being built. Property here is suitable for those who have chosen this neighborhood for permanent living and vacations, as well as for investors. Many people buy apartments in luxury complexes of Atlantis, Burgas Beach, and Diamond Beach and successfully rent them out all year round. 

The latest trend in residential construction includes building cottages and townhouses in Sarafovo. For families with children, a house by the sea is an ideal type of real estate. It is here, where you can live for your own pleasure, enjoying freedom and luxury. You can install a swimming pool, plant a garden or arrange a recreation area on your own small courtyard. 

The prestige and convenience of living in Sarafovo contributes to the constant increase of the real estate prices. Just a few years ago a square meter here did not cost more than 500 euros. Now prices are confidently approaching 1,000 or more euros. 

If you want to buy a studio apartment in Sarafovo today, you need to count on an average of 1,095 euros per sq. m. This type of property as far as 150-200 m from the sea with repair and an excellent design can cost up to 1380 euros/sq. m. 

One-bedroom apartments are somewhat cheaper. The average price of one square meter is 935 euros. The main reason for the lower cost of this property is connected with the availability of a large number of options for sale. At one time, 90% of real estate in residential buildings was represented by one-bedroom apartments. 

The average price of a two-bedroom apartment is 1,015 euros/ sq. m. This is the price of new real estate from investors at the construction stage as well as on the secondary market. Luxurious properties today reach prices of 1,200-1,300 euros / sq. m. 

For more than 100 years, the Burgas neighborhood of Sarafovo has been growing and developing. As years pass by, it becomes more beautiful and popular. If you are looking for real estate by the sea, Apart Estate recommends you to take a closer look at buying an apartment or a house in Sarafovo. From our side, we will prepare the most advantageous offers.

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