Russia resumes flights with Bulgaria and 8 other countries from June 28

Russia resumes flights with Bulgaria and 8 other countries from June 28

Long-waited news – Russian citizens can fly to Bulgaria, starting from June 28. On June 18, Tatyana Golikova, Russian Federation Deputy Prime Minister issued an official notification about the resumption of flights between the two countries. 

In total, Russia will have air flights with nine countries. Flights to Turkey are announced from 22.06; 6 days later, on the 28th of June, Russian citizens can plan visits to the USA, Belgium, Bulgaria, Jordan, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, and North Macedonia. An increase in the number of flights to Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Greece was also announced.

The opportunity to travel to Bulgaria in 2021 from Russia is important for many people. Previously, the borders were open only to certain categories of Russians. Among them, there are owners of property in Bulgaria and those who have close relatives in this country. Russians, who undergo treatment here, could also visit the sunny Black Sea country. The main problem was how to travel from Russia to Bulgaria.

From June 28, air traffic resumes on the routes Moscow-Sofia, Moscow-Burgas and Moscow-Varna. S7 and NordWind flights have been announced on the Burgas airport website. Varna airport has planned charter flights of NordWind, NordStar, and RusLine airlines. However, for now, tickets are sold only through aggregators such as aviasales and skyscanner. You can buy a tour to Bulgaria (an air ticket with a hotel) from such travel giants as Pegas Touristic.

According to T. Golikova, flights are expected to be launched from other large Russian cities. The final list, however, has not yet been presented. It is assumed that these might be flights to Bulgarian sea resorts from St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg.

Hereby, the issue of when one can travel to Bulgaria from Russia has been resolved. At the moment, there are all conditions for Russians to visit Bulgaria for buying property or for a vacation. The Bulgarian Embassy and Visa Application Centers have started issuing visas in mid-May. In Bulgaria itself, the tourist season is in full swing – hotels, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, and shops work. 

For Russians planning to visit the Republic of Bulgaria, it is important to know, that:

  • There is no requirement to wear masks in cafes and restaurants. Protective masks must be worn in shops, public transport and cinemas. This limitation is in effect at the time of publication of the article. The anti-crisis committee is discussing easing these measures. 
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all the shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Russians can travel to Bulgaria in 2021 with a vaccination certificate (the country allows tourists and property owners with Sputnik V). The document must indicate the vaccine name, batch number, vaccination date. The last dose must be made 2 weeks prior to the date of crossing the border.
  • If a person has had coronavirus, he has to present a positive antigen test. Entry to Bulgaria for Russians is possible with a document issued 15-180 days before the date when border crossing is planned.
  • In the absence of a certificate for antibodies, and a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test is required. It is valid for 72 hours.
  • All documents must be in English and contain a full name, birthdate, medical examination date and all the information about the laboratory where the study was conducted.
  • Children must provide positive antigen test results or a negative PCR test.

It is planned that restaurants, bars and hotels where all the employees have been vaccinated, will have special identification signs.

Today Bulgaria is a country where vaccination goes on actively. One can get a vaccine not only in hospitals and clinics but also in specialized mobile centers on the beach in Burgas and Varna, as well as in large shopping centers.

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