Due to the sanctions more and more Russians who plan to sell their Bulgarian real estate turn to agencies with a request to repurchase their real estate

In recent years, the number of requests to repurchase Bulgarian property has increased. The main reason is that possessing apartments in Bulgaria becomes a financial burden for some people due to the inability to live in their apartment near the coast and regularly come on vacation. Every year one needs to pay taxes, and if the apartment is in a gated community with a swimming pool, SPA and other amenities, then a management fee also has to be paid. The maritime climate, the lack of constant supervision and timely repair leads to a deterioration in the general condition of the property. Due to the sanctions, citizens of the Russian Federation have become one of the main sellers of Bulgarian real estate.

One of the key business branches of the Apart Estate agency is repurchasing property. We also have a possibility to help you urgently and remotely sell a flat in Bulgaria by the sea or in the mountains.

We have a possibility to acquire your Bulgarian property for the price maximum for urgent repurchase. It is near 70-80% of the current market value. Remote sale is possible. Payment can be made in cash or on with a card in EURO or in Rubles, as agreed with the seller.

We will organize the purchase of your apartment located in Sunny Beach, Burgas, Ravda, Nessebar, Sozopol and other Bulgarian Black Sea resorts. You can stay in Russia, Israel, Ukraine, or even in the UK, and still can get a high price for your real estate and sell it quickly and without coming here. 

Bulgaria – benefits of repurchasing property 

Due to the sanctions more and more Russians who plan to sell their Bulgarian real estate turn to agencies with a request to repurchase their real estateChanged plans and new opportunities often become the reason why someone decides to find a buyer for his or her studio apartment or a flat in Bulgaria.

It is very difficult to sell your property, while being outside of Bulgaria or working all the time. It is easier to do it through the Apart Estate agency. We ourselves will become your buyer and will buy your studio apartment or a flat on transparent and clear terms.

In a partnership with our experts, you will receive the following benefits:

  • You can quickly sign a contract and get paid. The sales price is agreed between the parties in accordance with the market conditions. The agency, as a buyer, will pay the entire amount without attracting loans and mortgages. Apart Estate will apply to a notary for a deal approval, and if required, will get the documents for the deal ordered and prepared.
  • You, as a seller, can come to the deal whenever it is appointed if you have the desire and opportunity. If not, it will be enough to make a power of attorney, so the transaction will be processed remotely and without your direct participation. If this is the case, you will receive the transaction amount to the bank account you specified.
  • By selling a Bulgarian property that you don’t actually use and that for some reason cannot or do not want to rent out, you free yourself from unnecessary expenses and headaches. You no longer need to think about repairs, ways to pay taxes, management fees, and utility bills.
  • A quick repurchase of an apartment by our agency will allow you to receive available money that you can invest in a different property, education, travel, and some other purposes.

The deal within which you will sell the apartment to our agency will be conducted in accordance with all legal regulations. There is no danger that after the transaction is complete, there will be some questions about paying debts and taxes. All papers will be prepared correctly, as per a checklist and on time. It is our responsibility to notify the tax authorities, water supply and electricity institutions about the sale.

Sale procedure in Bulgaria

As soon as you decide to propose for sale a real estate in a Bulgarian resort, in Burgas or villages by the sea, contact Apart Estate. The well-educated and experienced specialists will explain the details, advise what to pay attention to, and arrange a visit to a studio or an apartment. And, most importantly, we will buy your property.

The whole process of the repurchase transaction includes several stages:

  • Visit to a studio apartment or a flat. It is a very important step in the process. It will be impossible to determine the price as well as to arrange a repurchase deal without it. If you are the seller and stay permanently in a country different from Bulgaria, just provide keys for the flat to our employee or your authorized representative. If you are right on the spot where the apartment is located, you can show it to us yourself.
  • Market analysis. At this step, our experts will analyze the current offers available at the local market. It is our responsibility to check the options that are as close as possible to your apartment in terms of location, quality of repair and construction, and additional infrastructure. You can be sure that the price proposed by us will not be too low or too high.
  • Contract preparation. Our lawyers will make up a contract with transparent terms of sale. It will indicate the responsibility for payment, preparation of documents, the timing of signing the deal at the notary, as well as additional conditions. The contract can be signed remotely or on the spot.
  • Preparation of documents for closing the transaction. Usually, all the documents required for selling the real estate are submitted by the seller. This is a Notary Act, certificates of the absence of tax debts and encumbrances, and a cadastral scheme. If necessary, Apart Estate specialists will take care of these papers and make them ready.
  • A visit to a notary for closing the transaction. At this step, you must be present in person. If impossible, prepare a power of attorney for a person you trust or for our expert. We will get a meeting with a notary appointed, and you or your representative will need to come to the specified place and sign the documents on the sale.
  • Money transfer.

If there is a non-standard situation, the procedure for repurchasing property in Bulgaria may include additional steps. However, if your flat or studio apartment has all the proper documents, you will not need to spend time, money, or nerves on any other issues.
The most important thing in selling your apartment is to find a reliable and solvent buyer, and the Apart Estate is exactly this type of a buyer. We will not just buy your apartment, but also will assist you deal with the legal intricacies, and advise on the sale terms. Contact us by phone, email or fill out an application on the site to get the best offer.

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