Burgas is becoming very popular among buyers of vacation property in Bulgaria

Recently Burgas has become the center of vacation real estate in Bulgaria. In summer, thousands of tourists come here for holidays by the sea. People are attracted by the excellent resort infrastructure, a huge number of festivals, and gorgeous opportunities for relaxation and travelling. If you are still in doubt where to buy property in Bulgaria, let the Apart Estate agency experts be your guides on this interesting and exciting journey of choosing a new vacation home. 

Burgas is the center of vacation property in Bulgaria

Burgas is becoming very popular among buyers of vacation property in BulgariaJust a few years ago, Burgas was perceived as a kind of transit point only. This is not surprising, as the city has a large modern airport, where hundreds of charter and regular flights arrive every summer. Tourists used to come to Burgas and then travelled to the Black Sea resorts. The final destinations were Pomorie, Sunny Beach, Saint Vlas, Sozopol, or Chernomorets. While enjoying a vacation, tourists were buying vacation property in these locations planning using it for relaxation, rental and even for further relocation for permanent residence. 

At these times, Burgas was a grey and annoying industrial town for many people. They considered it as a regional center, where tourists tired of beach holidays went shopping and recalling what city life was and then plunged into a sea of ​​​​pleasures with renewed vigor. 

However, recently more and more vacationers started staying in Burgas for holidays. Having appreciated the advantages of the city's infrastructure, tourists began to buy apartments and townhouses in Burgas for holidays. The apartments turned into a kind of vacation property, where you can come at any time, relax, and enjoy the sea and rest. 

It is easy to buy a vacation apartment in Burgas – just contact us on your way to the sea, or while relaxing in a coastal restaurant, visiting a supermarket or having free time at home. We will offer you the best real estate options. 

While you still doubt, we would like to draw your special attention to one thing – If you buy a resort property in Burgas, you can always rent it out and receive a stable income. Just check websites containing real estate rental offers to make sure that a huge number of tourists are looking for apartments for the summer in Burgas. 

Resort infrastructure of Burgas

What attracts buyers of vacation property in Burgas? The most frequent answer which Apart Estate specialists hear from our satisfied customers and buyers of apartments and houses, is a well-developed touristic infrastructure: 

Burgas has excellent beaches. Several kilometers of fine clean sand, sun loungers and umbrellas, summer showers, cafes and bars – all this is perfect for a wonderful beach holiday. The sand is not golden like in Primorsko, Sozopol or Sveti Vlas. It is dark, with a high content of magnetite, which has healing properties. Such Burgas neighborhoods as Lazur, Sarafovo and Kraimorie stretch along the beaches and are more reminiscent of separate resort towns, then simple city districts. 

Burgas wonderful parks, including the Sea Park, are unique places for relaxation and walks. There are many playgrounds, cozy corners and benches. You can play table tennis, chess, or backgammon. The Lake Park has tennis courts and places for festivals and concerts. 

Vacation property in Burgas is great for those who want to improve their health. On the so-called Solnitsy, you can swim in open salt pools, use therapeutic mud to restore joints, treat nervous system diseases, or take a massage course. 

Burgas has everything for sports. Imagine yourself or your child doing sports, arts or dancing regularly. You really would be happy to relax on the sea longer in summer, but you are afraid of losing your shape. In Burgas, you can easily find sports and dance clubs, art studios and perfectly combine your vacation at the resort with your usual schedule and intensity of classes. Burgas can also be a place where you can try something new or practice sports that are considered an integral part of seaside resorts, such as windsurfing or kitesurfing. 

Life in the regional center does not stop for a moment. Supermarkets, pharmacies, Malls are open daily. All around the city, there are ATMs and currency exchange offices. If needed, professional medical assistance can be provided in clinics and hospitals. You can always buy fresh tasty fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood in local shops. 

The choice of restaurants and cafes is huge. In Burgas, you can enjoy Chinese food, Italian pizza, national Bulgarian and Mediterranean cuisine, American burgers and Turkish duners. 

Every summer, a huge number of festivals and concerts are held in Burgas. This is a festival of sand figures, ice cream, and young wine. Theater groups from all over Bulgaria and many European countries arrange exciting theatrical performances.

Summer Burgas is a real seaside resort. Having bought an apartment in Sarafovo, Lazur, Zornitsa, Kraimorie or downtown, you can have a great vacation and recharge yourself. And if you want new experiences, just rent a car, pick up a bus and go to the beaches of Sozopol, Rosenets, Chernomorets, the salt lake of Pomorie or the water parks of Ravda or Sunny Beach. 

Vacation property in Burgas

It doesn't matter what kind of vacation property you are interested in. In Burgas, you will find options that were created as if especially for you. There are multi-storey residential buildings here. Recently, construction of townhouses and gated complexes with swimming pools, park, playgrounds, cafes and even SPA-centers has started. 

Studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with sea views, flats in the downtown and cottages in villa zones appear on sale permanently. Buying a resort property in Burgas, you get the opportunity not only to enjoy your vacation at home, but also to receive income from renting it out to numerous tourists at any time of the year. 

Prices for vacation property in Burgas

One of the key factors when choosing real estate for a vacation by the sea is its price. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that apartments and houses in Burgas are more expensive than in St. Vlas, Pomorie or, for example, Sunny Beach. 

The city is a regional center, it is quickly growing and developing. Every year, it becomes a new home for students and young employees of banks, commercial and state enterprises. The current average price per square meter for real estate in Burgas is 800-1,000 euros: 

The cheapest options are apartments in living buildings under construction in the neighborhoods of Meden Rudnik, Sarafovo, and Slaveykov. If you are lucky, you can buy an apartment for 650-700 euros / sq. m. In the course of construction, prices rise, and by the time the residential building is ready, a square meter can already cost 900 euros. Renovation and furniture is not included. 

Real estate in the Zornitsa and Izgrev neighborhoods, in old living buildings  in Vazrajdane and Lazur has higher prices. A square meter costs 800-950 euros. These flats are repaired and furnished, but new owners prefer to renovate the apartment in their own way and buy new furniture. 

In new residential buildings in the center of Burgas and in Lazur, prices per square meter start from 1,100 euros. Apartments with sea views, stylish design, and designer furniture cost up to 2,000 euros/sq. m. 

If you have a question about vacation real estate in Burgas, ask it to Apart Estate employees by phone,  messengers or through the request form on the website. We will help you choose a cozy studio apartment, an apartment with a breathtaking sea view, a townhouse with a private courtyard, a cottage by the sea or a comfortable flat in a quiet city center.

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