The best living complexes on the Black sea coast of Bulgaria for holidays and residence with children

The best living complexes on the Black sea coast of Bulgaria for holidays and residence with childrenWhen buying a property on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, it is important to choose a good residential complex, especially when it comes to the issue of holidays and residence with children.

Modern apartments are offered in closed communities with a huge territory, several swimming pools, restaurants, and SPA centers. You can also buy a flat in a cozy aparthotel by the sea. The best living complexes on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria for vacations and residence with children are represented in the analysis of the Apart Estate real estate agency.

Large gated complexes with good infrastructure by the sea in Bulgaria

Many buyers of real estate on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria are purposefully looking for apartments or cottages in large residential complexes. This requirement often comes from those who plan to use properties for living and spending holidays with children.

Advantages of large closed communities: 

  • On a vast territory of gated complexes, there is always a place for outdoor games, sports, walking with baby strollers, cycling and rollerblading. Here, you will find many playgrounds, neat alleys, fields for playing football, volleyball, and tennis. One of the brightest examples is the complexes of the Fort Noks group in Sunny Beach, Elenite, and Ravda, or the Victoria Residences cottage village in Pomorie. 
  • Several swimming pools, some of which are equipped with water slides, are an ideal alternative to relaxing by the sea. You can find them in Cascadas Family Resort.  Here, children of all ages can enjoy a mini-aqua park which is a real paradise for them. In many complexes, for example in Vigo, there are indoor pools, where one can swim at any time of the year. Atia and Sunny Island in Chernomorets are another great opportunity for wonderful holidays and permanent residence in an aparthotel by the sea. 
  • Maintenance of residential buildings and internal territories of large complexes is well organized. The pools are always clean, the alleys in the parks are tidy, and the playgrounds are bright and spacious, with lots of swings and slides. If you dream of living by the sea in a small town, we would be happy to invite you to visit Green Paradise in Primorsko or Casa Real in Sveti Vlas. It is always cozy and clean in their green and beautiful gardens. 
  • Animation, art sections, courses, and discos are regularly organized for children. Every summer, the already mentioned Fort Noks organizes children's football tournaments, table tennis and volleyball competitions. 
  • The territory of the complexes is carefully secured; an access for an outsider without a special invitation from the property owners or their guests is forbidden. In addition to the security, there are video surveillance systems installed everywhere. They would allow you to restore everything that happened in any part of the complex. Reliable security is available in Vigo and Odyssey in Nessebar, SunSet Resort and Aivazovsky Park in Pomorie, Harmony Suites in Sunny Beach. 
  • In each large gated community, there are several cafes and restaurants where you can feed restless children. Ice cream, pizza and other tasty things are available at any time. You can also even order a festive evening with a cake for your birthday kid. 
  • Many complexes, for example, the Oasis Resort and SPA in Lozenets, have gyms, beauty salons, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, and massage rooms. Both adults and children can use these services. 
  • In large complexes, there are always a lot of kids. Boys and girls make up companies, rush around the playgrounds, look forward to new meetings, and go to classes and school together. There is no place for loneliness here, children always have something to do, and this undoubtedly pleases their parents. 
  • Large complexes on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria are convenient for adults as well. Here, everyone knows each other, so parents are not scared to let the child go for a walk around the territory. 

And if you want, you can always go to the beach with your family and enjoy the golden sand coast, water sports and all kinds of marine entertainment. The distance to the sea from Sunny Island and Atia is 150 m. Green Paradise is located 400 m from the excellent beach in Primorsko. Fort Noks in Sunny Beach is situated 800 m from the unique beach pleasures. 

Though there are many advantages in buying property in a large living complex, many apartment buyers see negative points. One of them is a large number of tourists, especially in summer.

Cozy family living complexes on the Black sea coast in Bulgaria: features and benefits

Cozy family living complexes on the Black sea coast in Bulgaria: features and benefitsFor real estate buyers who do not like large complexes, Apart Estate can recommend small and cozy aparthotels with their own yards, a swimming pool, a bar, and a place to relax. 

When choosing property for a family with a child, we recommend that you take a closer look at Villa Astoria in Elenite, Etara network complexes, Helios, or Malkata Vodenitsa in Sveti Vlas. There are many similar closed communities in Sunny Beach. Pleasant and friendly Aphrodite, elegant Avalon, graceful Anastasia Palace, green and beautiful Sunny Gardens are perfect for living and relaxing with children. 

Residential complexes of this type are very neat; many resemble fairy-tale castles, entwined with greenery and flowers. Here, you can walk along the shady alleys, admire the landscape, enjoy relaxing by the pool, meet friends, play with children on the playgrounds and really relax. 

In small cozy complexes everything is in front of your eyes. You can look out of the windows of the apartment and see how children are having fun by the pool, parents are sunbathing or a company of friends is preparing a delicious dinner in the barbecue area. 

It is safe and comfortable here, there are no strangers, and the number of residents is not big. A real calm family atmosphere reigns here. According to Apart Estate clients, among complexes with such an atmosphere, there is Villa Sofia in Sunny Beach, Lost in Paradise in Sveti Vlas and many others. 

In the Apart Estate catalog, you will find excellent real estate options for holidays and residence with children on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. We will help you choose apartments in large closed communities with a huge territory and good infrastructure, as well as in cozy aparthotels, where it is always calm and quiet.

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