Urgent sale and buyout of property in Bulgaria

Urgent sale and buyout of property in Bulgaria

If you need to quickly and safely sell your property, leave a request on our website or call the Apart Estate specialists.

Urgent purchase of studios, apartments and houses by the sea in Bulgaria (from Sinemorets to Varna). We buyout apartments in Burgas, Nessebar, Sozopol, Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach, Ravda, Elenite. Urgent sale and purchase of real estate in Bulgaria

We guarantee that you will get advice on issues of interest, find out an approximate price for which we can sell your property.

Urgent sale of all types of residential and commercial property in Bulgaria, buyout at our own expense is our main business.

Reasons to choose Apart Estate for the urgent sale of all types of real estate

  • We render services for the urgent sale of all types of real estate in Bulgaria (property from developers and retail property, houses, apartments, commercial properties). 
  • Our agency does not just take real estate for sale, put it in a database and offer it to potential buyers. For each apartment and studio apartment, etc. we develop advertising projects, actively promote offers on Bulgarian real estate websites and on major overseas property portals. 
  • We cooperate with many agencies in Germany, Israel and around the world. That secures a steady flow of buyers. In addition, we have our own representative in Israel. 
  • The agency's specialists speak Russian, Bulgarian, English, German and Hebrew. 
  • Multilingual site with good traffic – each ad can be viewed in Russian, Bulgarian, and English. 
  • If necessary, we will show your property to potential buyers at any time of the day as well as organize an online visit. 
  • We assist in preparing all documents necessary for the sale and we will help you solve all the related issues.
  • We will organize selling property remotely!

How to urgently sell a flat or other property in Bulgaria?

Many people are engaged in sale of their property themselves. They do not trust real estate agents, feel scared of selling too cheap. Looking for buyers takes several months, years. There are situations when money is required urgently. The Apart Estate agency is ready to come for assistance then.

Cooperation with real estate sellers is carried out based on the exclusive agreement, an intermediary agreement, or a property urgent buyout contract.

Exclusive sales contract

The peculiarity of the exclusive contract is that the owner of the housing grants the right to sell it only to the Apart Estate agency. The agreement is signed for a certain period, for example, 6 months. In some cases, the contract does not specify the validity time. Remote sale opportunity!

The contract defines the following terms:

  • The price that the owner plans to receive. It is not reduced during the sales process. Discounts are possible, but they are initiated by the seller. There is no competition between several agencies that seek to get a buyer by lowering the owner’s price.
  • Terms. The agreement regulates the sales period, terms of payment, a possibility of personal participation of the property owners in the deal, and availability of a power of attorney authorizing the agency’s representatives to collect documents, to participate in a transaction at a notary.
  • Agency commission. To be agreed on a case by case basis.
  • Commitment of Apart Estate to conduct an advertising campaign on the Internet, the media, focusing on the buyers most active groups - residents of the CIS countries, Ukraine, Israel, Europe, Canada, Turkey.
  • Cooperation with other real estate agencies without changing the seller’s price.
  • Regular displays of the apartments to potential buyers.
  • The key remains only with our specialist. This is a guarantee that unauthorized persons will not get an access into the apartment. Information about any malfunction, problem immediately becomes known to the owners.
  • Reports on displaying the apartment, the status of the sales process. Prepared by the agency.

Exclusive agreement is a guarantee of the highest possible price, and a quick sale of an apartment.

Regular sale

If the owner is not ready to sign an exclusive contract, we offer to conclude an intermediary agreement. The difference is that the seller provides the right to sell his/ her property to several real estate brokers. The negative point of this is that it can create conditions for an undesirable price reduction. A regular brokerage agreement also provides for the possibility of distance selling!

What is included in the intermediary agreement:

  • The seller’s price.
  • The contract validity is not less than 6 months. It is possible to sign a contract which will be valid until the property is sold. 
  • Conducting an active advertising program on the Internet, the media.
  • Organization of property displays.
  • Reporting on displays and a deal status.

The seller himself provides and regulates the access of agencies and potential customers to the property. It is the owner who is responsible for cooperation with many real estate agencies, solving the issues on paperwork for the deal.


Urgent buyout of the property in Bulgaria

There are not many companies in Bulgaria that are engaged in urgent buyout of real estate. Basically, these are individuals or credit institutions who can offer a price of 30-50% of the housing market value.

We can buy your property at the highest price possible for an urgent buyout - up to 70-80% of the market value.

Urgent buyout of apartments and houses in Bulgaria

Another opportunity to quickly sell Bulgarian housing near the sea and in other areas is to sign a buyout agreement with Apart Estate. In this case the agency is the buyer, and acquires any types of real estate at its own expense. We quickly prepare all the documents, and organize a deal at a notary. You do not need to wait for other buyers’ decision, discuss payment terms, prices, wait until they find the full amount, get loans. There is no risk of canceling the deal.

The process of urgent property buyout involves several stages:

  • Identifying an approximate price of the apartment, house. It is based on information about the location, condition, year of construction of a residential building, complex. The details about the maintenance fee, area, floor, furniture, and renovation are also important. The preliminary price is indicative and to be confirmed. At this stage it is based on the words of the owners. For this preliminary assessment, a call, an e-mail from the seller is sufficient.
  • Actual inspection of housing on site. The parties visit the facility together. If necessary, the seller provides access to it.
  • Evaluation. Depends on the information obtained during the actual inspection. Unlike banks, ordinary appraisers, we do not underestimate prices and buy real estate at up to 70-80% of market prices. Analysis of the banks and credit organizations’ activities demonstrates their tendency to form prices based on 30-50% of market value.
  • Agreeing the terms of the deal. The terms and responsibilities of the parties are determined. In case of absence of the necessary documents for the deal, Apart Estate, with the consent of the owner, prepares the documents. This usually takes no more than 3 weeks. In complicated cases, more time is required.
  • Agreeing the date of the deal. To agree on the date when the deal at a notary will take place.


Who benefits from the urgent buyout

Urgent buyout of property is beneficial to sellers and buyers. The former gets money fast, opportunities to invest it in a new project, not wasting time on formalities, waiting for regular buyer’s decisions. Our agency gets a great opportunity to collaborate with new customers.

Why do we offer the highest prices for buyout of apartments, houses, business facilities

Apart Estate is a company specializing in real estate. We have a great experience in concluding property sales deals. We well understand all the minor details of the Bulgarian market and can offer an adequate price, not its half.

Apart Estate buys real estate at our own expense, we are not limited with loans, and therefore can discuss the price that will be interesting both to us and the client.

Advantages and disadvantages of urgent buyout

The only disadvantage of the urgent buyout is the discount that the seller makes.

Do not forget that there are reasons for this discount. In case of a regular sale, no one knows when the property will be sold. The deadlines are often delayed: buyers make their choice slowly and meticulously. In addition, buyers often do not have the necessary amount at once; they wait when their apartment will be sold, etc.

The main advantage of an urgent buyout is the saving of time. You quickly receive money, and solve the problem with the sale of property. You no longer need to look for a buyer, arrange displays or hold meetings and negotiations.

With an urgent buyout by Apart Estate, everything is simple, transparent and fast.

Buyout of property in new buildings

If you are an owner of the real estate in Bulgaria which is still at the construction stage, we also can buy your property. If the living building does not have Act 16, then the buyout takes place based on a rights transfer contract. This agreement is concluded in the office of the developer.

If the residential building is put into operation and Act 16 is available, the transaction is concluded in the usual manner, i.e. at the notary.

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