Tourist season in Bulgaria 2020: when the borders will be open

The season 2020 in Bulgaria is not like others. Hotel and restaurant owners, real estate sellers will remember it for a long time. It is summer on the calendar, but there are fewer people on beaches than usual. Troubles are mainly caused with the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone is keen to know when Bulgaria will open borders for tourists. 

One should not think that because of coronavirus pandemic, Bulgaria and its opportunities have become inaccessible. 

Tourist season in Bulgaria 2020We would remind that earlier, on June 1, amid a decrease of the incident rate and the adoption of strict measures to ensure health security, the country opened its borders for a number of countries. From this date citizens of 28 EU member countries can visit Bulgarian cities freely without 14-day quarantine. Residents of 8 other European countries were allowed to come but subject to 2 weeks self-isolation. 

The possibility of free travel between EU countries and the opening of internal borders has also been confirmed by the European Commission. Per its recommendation, the Bulgarian government issued a Decree # RD-01-334/12.06.2020. Based on this Decree, from the 15th of June, citizens (tourists, real estate buyers and businessmen) of EU countries, Great Britain, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro can come to Bulgaria. Citizens of Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium, Portuguese, Netherlands and the majority of countries not included in EU, are placed for 2 weeks’ quarantine upon arrival. Based on this Decree, Directors of Bulgarian regional health inspections cancel quarantine notifications issued between the 2nd and the 14th of June 2020 to the citizens of Ireland, Spain, Italy, Malta.

The European Union external borders are planned open from July 1, 2020. 

There is no final decision yet when citizens on non-European countries will be able to come to Bulgaria freely. However, it does not mean that Bulgaria is closed for them, and they have no possibility to come for a vacation or to buy sea property. People with temporary and permanent residence permits, seasonal workers are welcome. One can visit the country also on medical, humanitarian issues. 

beach_bulgariaRestaurants, cafes are open at resorts and in big cities. Their owners are well-prepared for the touristic season and try to keep health safety measures (safe distance between the tables, permanent disinfection, etc.). So, in the morning, after swimming in the crystal clear sea, doing yoga or fitness, you can enjoy a cup of flavored coffee on outdoor terrace. In the afternoon, take a shelter from the sun inside one of the cafes, taste delicious salads, meals of freshly caught fish, sea delicacies and unforgettable desserts. It is planned that discos and bars will be open in the nearest future, so you would not be bored in nights as well.

Beaches are clean and prepared for arrival of tourists. Prices of sun umbrellas and sunbeds are reduced. They are even free of charge on some of the beaches. 

The restrictions left will hardly make buyers of apartments in Bulgaria upset. There are more property offers than ever. It is the buyers who dictate prices. The weather in Bulgaria is not hot this June. The sea is warm, though it often rains after lunch. Fresh air after a good summer rain allows seeing as many property options as possible, choose the best one and relax on the beach after that. 

For the clients who have no possibility to come to Bulgaria, Apart Estate organizes online visits and virtual tours to the property clients liked. If needed, we will help complete the sales deal without personal participation.

The situation related to the pandemic in different countries is constantly monitored. So, as soon as the number of cases decreases, direct flights to Burgas and Varna will be immediately open. Buying real estate, relaxing on the Bulgarian beaches will again be available for anyone. 

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