A new lockdown in Bulgaria due to the COVID-19 spread

The second wave of coronavirus headed Bulgaria at full force. The Government prolonged an emergency epidemiological situation till the 31st of January 2021 and quickly voted for new restrictions. New measures come into effect from 23.30 on the 27th of November and will be valid till the 21st of December 2020. These restrictions will affect all the spheres of life.


covid-19The educational process till the 27th of November was held face-to-face and remotely. From Monday, November 30, all the students will be transferred to online education.

Lessons, seminars, exams in schools, colleges, universities, private and public educational centers and clubs will be held remotely. Face-to-face conferences and congresses are forbidden.

Kindergartens are being closed. The parents, who will be forced to take a vacation to take care of the children, will be able to apply for a daily compensation equal to BGN 24.

State exams in Medical Colleges and Universities can be organized in presence providing safety measures are taken.


Companies executives are to organize the working process in a way that no more than 50% of employees are in the offices and factories. Others are to be transferred to online mode. Competitions, contests, team buildings and trainings planned in advance will have to be postponed for at least 3 weeks. 

If organizations work on a business to people principle, the management should make sure that for 1 person there is available at least 3 sq. m area.

Real estate agencies are not forbidden, this is why Apart Estate offices will keep on working on a usual basis taking all the preventive measures. We can render assistance on buying apartments and houses in person and online.

Medicine and social services

Many medical services will not be provided while the anti-epidemic measures are in effect.
Exceptions are:

  • Transplantation of tissues, organs and cells.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases.
  • Psychiatric treatment.
  • Obstetrics and gynecological assistance.
  • Rehabilitation measures. 
  • Durable and multi-stage treatment.

Visits to medical institutions are limited and allowed to patients in the terminal stage only.

If a child or an adult resides in an orphanage, retirement home, the visits are possible only subject to the Director’s permission. Preventive masks are obligatory. Visitors must provide declarations that have not had contacted people infected with COVID-19. People with symptoms of influenza or cold are not allowed in institutions.


Based on the new decree of the Health Minister aimed at prevention of the spread of coronavirus, Malls and shopping centers will be closed.
Following enterprises will continue working:

  • Grocery shops.
  • Markets.
  • Pet shops.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Opticians.

Banks, insurance companies, payment offices, postal and telecommunications companies will stay open. Clients and employees are to wear protective masks. The distance between customers must be at least 1.5 m.

Grocery store executives are required to make sure that no clients under 65 years will go shopping from 8.30 to 10.30. This time is meant only for people 65 years old and above. Note that till the 28th of November the shopping time for elderly visitors is from 13.30 to 16.30.


Half an hour before the 28th of November you still can go training in gyms and fitness centers. After that time all the group and individual training for children will be suspended. There is one exception – the international competitions which would have started before this day can be completed, without public only. 

Fitness centers and gyms are being closed. However, there is a provision that people over 18 years old can train and participate in competitions without spectators.


This is sad, but it is not a time for entertainment. Only theaters will remain open until new restrictions fall. The distance between the spectators must be at least 1.5 m. Theaters can be filled up to 30% only. All the visitors must have masks.

Museums, art galleries, cinema theaters, casinos, and gambling halls are closing. A ban on holding arts and music classes is introduced. Participation in such classes is not allowed either.

All the weddings, birthday parties or other types of events with the participation of over 15 people must be postponed. 

There will be no group excursions, hikes, visits to tourist sites. The ban is valid for both home and foreign trips. Shopping in Turkey, so popular in Bulgaria, will have to be postponed.

Unlike the spring lockdown in Bulgaria, parks, beaches, and playgrounds remain open and are free for visits. This means that you can continue walking, jogging, or cycling. 

According to the officials, anti-epidemic measures against coronavirus in Bulgaria comply with the restrictions taken in Israel several weeks before. The Israeli government’s actions proved efficient. So, we hope that Bulgaria will cancel the lockdown soon, and we will travel, visit friends and live as usually.

Apart Estate agency will help you buy property, apply for a residence permit even within the lockdown timeframe. Note that there are good discounts for apartments and houses in Bulgaria before Christmas and the New Year.

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