The former shopping center was demolished on Alexandrovskaya street in Burgas. A modern residential building will soon be erected instead

The former shopping center was demolished on Alexandrovskaya street in Burgas. A modern residential building will soon be erected instead

The demolition of the former shopping center has recently begun on the Burgas main pedestrian street, Alexandrovskaya. Just recently, there was an old one-store building filled with small shops and the El Dorado casino here. Today, the erection of a new luxury residential building has begun in its place. For those who are interested in new construction in the Burgas downtown, the Apart Estate agency has prepared short information about the living building being erected.

In recent days, the corner of the Burgas famous Alexandrovskaya street and the quiet and cozy Lyuben Karavelov street has been boiling not only with pedestrians, but also with construction equipment. In mid-May, the demolition of a one-store shopping center suddenly began here. Demolition works have been continuing for several weeks before official information about construction of a seven-storey modern residential building with offices in its place has been unveiled. 

Active sales of apartments have not yet started, construction itself has not yet begun as until mid-September there is a ban on construction work in Burgas, but it is already clear that private investors and people who dream of living in the downtown area are interested in real estate in a new residential building. 

Новое строительство БургасThere are several reasons for the great interest to the new property: 

  • First of all, it has a unique location. The new residential building is located in the very center of Burgas on a quiet pedestrian street, where there is neither constant hum of cars, nor dust and dirt. In the morning, you can wake up listening to a bird song and seagulls’ cries, while in the evening you will enjoy the silence and beauty of the sleeping city. Comfort, tranquillity, and shade on a hot summer afternoon are given by numerous trees planted along the street. 
  • Unique social infrastructure and business opportunities. There are many restaurants, shops, walking spots, sports and medical centers around. Nearby there are several business centers, parking lots and bus stops. 
  • Closeness to the sea. It is just 15 minutes’ walk to the Burgas unique Sea Garden with a kilometer-long beach. 
  • A few steps away, there is an elite natural-mathematical gymnasium, an innovative school with an in-depth study of information technology, several other schools and kindergartens. 
  • Convenient layouts. The project information says that you can buy apartments ranging from 50 to 160 square meters in the new living building. These are one- and two-bedroom apartments, as well as spacious maisonnettes with panoramic terraces. 
  • High quality construction and beautiful design. The developer has rich experience in construction and renovation works in Burgas. The project documentation declares a stylish modern residential building constructed of high quality materials. 
  • Excellent opportunities to rent out real estate both in the summer to tourists and on a permanent basis to those who live, study and work in the city.

Commissioning and receipt of Act 16 is planned for 2024. The fact that the building company has already commissioned several objects in Burgas allows us to believe that this project will be completed on time. 

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to buy an apartment in a new living building in the center of Burgas. It is expected that the price per square meter at the initial stage of construction will be at least 1,600-1,800 euros. This means that even the smallest apartment will cost no less than 80,000 euros. 

If you dream of living in the center of Burgas, but are in doubt about buying an apartment in a new residential building on Aleksandrovskaya str., Apart Estate experts suggest you consider other real estate options nearby. 

Recently, a large number of living buildings have been erected on Gladstone, General Gurko, and Lyuben Karavelov streets. All the new investment projects are located in cozy, pleasant neighborhoods of the central part of the city. Here, your kids will find a safe place to play, you will get a parking lot, enjoy shopping, sports, and a well-developed infrastructure. 

We also can offer you great property in a residential building on the blvd. Democracy – Chantrer Residence. Apart Estate offers premium apartments with sea views from 41 to 155 sq. m for permanent residence and rest. 

Check out our offers on the website or call us by phone or any messenger. We will prepare the best offers for buying property in Burgas for you.

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