Ferry Burgas – Istanbul will begin to course in the summer 2020

Ferry Burgas - IstanbulUpdated:31.03.2022

IMPORTANT! As of April 2022 the ferry Burgas-Istanbul does not run! It is unknown when the ferry service between these cities will be established.


The project of opening a sea ferry Burgas – Istanbul, and back was represented in summer 2019. At the same time, a test course took place, which became a final link to the 2-year cooperation between the Bulgarian and Turkish companies.

The first tourists should have taken a chance to go by boat from Bulgaria to Turkey in 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no single course this year.

Nevertheless, the project was not abandoned. Not so long ago Diyan Dimov, Executive Director of the port of Burgas, at a meeting with representatives of the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Embassy once again represented a draft boat service. He confirmed the great interest in the route from the port and tourists.

Mr. D. Dimov informed that after a test trip in 2019, the Bulgarian side held negotiations with the leading ferry operator IDO. In accordance with a preliminary plan, this will be the company that will provide a ship to service the route. The cost was also determined.

At present, both countries continue discussing the implementation of the initiative.


Earlier, in 2019, the Burgas seaport management introduced a new opportunity to travel from Burgas to Istanbul. The two cities will be connected by sea now. A test trip has been organized for senior authorities and was approved.

The ferry will begin to cruise for one Black Sea coast to another on June 1, 2020. An additional stop is planned in the Turkish city Ignad, known for its amazingly beautiful beaches as long as 33 km.

It is assumed that the ferry will run until September 15 and will make 45 trips with up to 200 people onboard.

Many tourists are already looking for a new travel opportunity. Four hours by ferry is enough to get to the capital of Turkey or to Bulgaria. Fresh sea air is what the tourists will get in exchange for shaking in a full bus. The duration of the cruise is expected to be one and a half day. 

One ticket will cost Euro 70. On the first stage the price will be subsidized. The Turkish administration already considers a possibility to reduce it to Euro 35. A similar step is expected from Bulgaria. 

As of now it is not clear whether it will be possible to use a ferry Burgas – Istanbul and the announced price just to get from one city to another and then in some time to get back. This would be very comfortable for the passengers from foreign countries who arrive at Istanbul and then travel to Bulgaria.

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