In 2023, a demand for rental and purchase of houses and cottages continued to increase in the Bulgarian real estate market

According to an analysis conducted by the Apart Estate agency experts, more and more tourists and people moving to Bulgaria are looking for rental houses for holidays and permanent residence. Cottages in Burgas, in nearby towns and resorts, in villages in Strandzha and near the Stara Planina mountains as well as close to the sea became very popular. Rural tourism is becoming a wonderful alternative to holidays in resort complexes. It is for this reason that in recent years the demand for the purchase of houses in Bulgaria has increased significantly. Apart Estate real estate agency offers to buy cottages and villas in the Burgas region by the sea and in the mountains for rental and permanent residence.

Rental houses in BulgariaIn 2023, a demand for rental and purchase of houses and cottages continued to increase in the Bulgarian real estate market - News

Many tourists and people coming to Bulgaria on vacation and for permanent residence, choose houses for living and recreation. These are cottages in Burgas neighborhoods, for example, in Sarafovo and Vetren, villas on the seashore in Sozopol and Chernomorets, and houses in villages hidden in the mountains and along rivers.We can highlight the following real estate options suitable for rental:

  • Villas in the Strandzha villages of Krushevets, Yasna Polyana, Stoilovo, Brodilovo, and  Izgrev. The villages are located at a fairly large distance from Burgas – from 28 to 80 km. Such a location is convenient only for retirees and freelancers who can live there permanently. Therefore, long-term rentals are not very popular. But there are plenty of clients interested in short-term hiring. Families with children, companies of friends, hunters, and outdoor fans who enjoy relaxing holidays in beautiful places go to the so-called guest houses. Many of the villas offered for rent have been renovated in the Bulgarian Revival style. Others are equipped with a sauna, swimming pool, and fireplace. Rental payments are mainly offered on a daily basis and amount to 90-150 euros for the entire house or floor, depending on the layout.
  • Cottages and townhouses in the Burgas neighborhoods – Sarafovo, Vetren, Kraymorye, and in villages of Sozopol and Marinka, as well as in the Victoria Hills and Lakhana cottage villages. Thanks to its convenient location, the presence of social infrastructure, public transport stops, and comfortable layouts, real estate in these places is in stable demand for permanent residence. As a rule, long-term lease agreements are signed. But there are also clients who choose such cottages for summer holidays and rent them for a period of from several days to 3 months. Rental prices per month range from 1,500 to 4,500 euros.
  • Houses in the villages of Ravda, Kosharitsa, and in the city of St. Vlas are another interesting rental option. Each of these locations has excellent tourism and social infrastructure. In summer, there are a huge number of tourists here. During the rest of the year, shops, pharmacies, schools, kindergartens, commercial and municipal enterprises are open. Therefore, cottages, including those located in gated complexes with swimming pools, alleys and restaurants, can be rented out on short-term and long-term terms. Monthly rent ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 euros.
  • Pensioners and families with children are interested in mainly long-term rental of houses in the villages of Polski Izvor, Lyka, and Kamenar. These settlements are located near the cities of Burgas and Pomorie. There are convenient bus routes and shops. For short-term rentals, the cost of an overnight stay ranges from 100 to 200 euros. Monthly payments for permanent residence reach 1,500 euros.

Among the people interested in renting cottages and houses in Burgas and the surrounding area, the people who prefer rural tourism, there are many citizens of Bulgaria and foreigners – residents of Great Britain, Germany, and Israel.

Buying a house in Bulgaria for renting

Purchasing a house in Bulgaria for rent is a complex and painstaking process that differs from buying an apartment. Before you start looking for a cottage, it is recommended to identify the purpose of buying it. Will it be used by your family for permanent residence or for vacations, or do you plan to rent it out?

When purchasing real estate to generate rental income, Apart Estate recommends paying attention to the following details:

  • Year of construction and time when major repairs were carried out. This affects the condition of the main structure. Many experts remind that the owners, and this is usually one family, are responsible for the condition of a house.
  • Availability of documents for the house and land. Please note that foreign citizens are not eligible to purchase land. The purchase is carried out through a legal entity.
  • Villas layout. Typically these are two-story houses with an additional basement room, where there is space for a sauna, storage room, and a small gym. The layout includes an entrance hall, living and dining room, kitchen, 3-4 bedrooms, a bathroom, and 2-3 balconies.
  • Finishing and furnishing. When purchasing a modern cottage from a developer, you can order the finishing in accordance with the agreed designs. Purchasing an old village house risks lengthy, expensive repairs and a necessity to buy new furniture.
  • Availability of a yard and garden, area for a barbecue, children's playground, sports ground, swimming pool, and flower beds.
  • If there are mineral springs nearby, it is worth checking whether you can supply water to your home.
  • A possibility to arrange a sauna or banya.
  • Availability of garage or parking.

It is recommended to make sure that infrastructure nearby is available year-round – shops, cafes, hospital, pharmacy, municipal and social services.

Apart Estate offers houses and cottages for sale in Burgas, resort towns and small villages of the Burgas region which can be used for rental. With a reasonable approach, even an old cottage can be turned into a beautiful modern villa – a guest house intended for recreation and permanent residence. 

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